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Sorry for you PlayStaion fans out there, but the PS3 SUCKS!!

it's a piece of crap, has crap graphics crap bluray crap, crap HDD, crap everything. and crap price.
I would never, ever buy a PS3.

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[QUOTE]Consider this as your first informal warning. [/QUOTE]

More like my tenth.

R0bb0b commented: Yes actually, it's one thing to speak your mind but to degrade people for not sharing that same opinion, I get enough of that from my wife. +0
Ezzaral commented: Really making yourself look the fool here. -2

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this is probably the worst thread ever.

Daniweb has really lost quality in the last couple years.

Aia commented: Let's see. Jul 2006, we are in Aug 2008. Just about when you came then. -2

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it's bullcrap. if you're gonna post something funny, make sure IT IS funny.

jasimp commented: BOOL! -1

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how is this funny? it's not even real.

Ancient Dragon commented: You need to get a sense of humor -7
sarehu commented: Blark +0
iamthwee commented: I agree +15

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There's a difference between leet speak and just flat out not knowing the english language...

why don't you just go back to your geek's lounge threads and leave the linux forum alone.

Sturm commented: Why don't you shut up. -1
joshSCH commented: haha.. you have more posts in the Geek Lounge than any other forum too.. -2

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22 cd's is too much. you have asked here first if you needed all of them.

Aia commented: Read how old the threads are. You are too late with your silly comment. -1

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how are you a moderator? you only have 345 posts and have only solved 5 threads? what the heck? i want to be a moderator.

Sturm commented: wow +0
John A commented: Stop acting like a spoiled child. -2
~s.o.s~ commented: Hehe +20

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I want a 360 elite with guitar hero 3 and rock band. A new imac, mac book pro, zune, socks, slip-ons, i'll probably just get socks though.

joshSCH commented: MACs suck -2

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you are both idiots.

Sturm commented: wow, you are retarded. +0

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and what is that supposed to mean? You freaking rep nazi, just because you don't like my post I get bad rep.

jwenting commented: don't call people nazis... It only shows what you are yourself -3

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this isn't a tutorial, it's nearly a list of software used in dedicated servers, and unless you've done it before, this will take days to complete.

John A commented: Please read people's posts more carefully. Thank you! -2

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do yourself a favor and get a new computer

jbennet commented: unhelpful -4

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At my age I need to focus on one new thing at a time.

how old are you?

John A commented: My post was relevant to the discussion. I'm afraid I can't say the same about yours. -2

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You cannot get citizenship, if you entered the country illegally!

yeah you can. it just takes forever.

Sturm commented: You're a rep nazi +0

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The perfect solution is summary execution of anyone helping them knowingly...

that is inhumane. you don't even live here so shut up.

They get jobs (the few illegals that want to work that is, most just want to get easy money from crime)

not really, most crimes are committed by other minorities.

jwenting you are a sick person, these are people we're talking about here, not animals. this sounds similar to world war II and the jews. I can't believe there are people in the world like you.

That is the perfect solution!! I am e-mailing my representative to the house, and my senators right now!

what is wrong with you?

What the hell is that supposed to mean? They're criminal trash that reproduce like rabbits.

they're people, and if you were in their situation, what would you do?

Thats only a small minority (a few %). and the same thing is done by nationals. Dont lay it all on immigrants.

finally some one with common sense.

Yeah, that's complete bull shit. We won that war fair and square.. and if we wanted to we could beat the hell out of mexico again.. their country is crap. Mexico is one of the shittiest countries in the western hemisphere. Their government is corrupted, guerrillas own the country, the police are corrupt, the economy is in shambles, the people are dirt poor, and criminals run amok untouched.

what the crap is wrong with you?

My ancestors who came from Germany had a ...

joshSCH commented: Hey man, succa D.. damn liberal -2

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It seems like once they arrive then it's like paradise.
in what way? they have to work so hard for everything, life is really hard fro them.
yet they contribute nothing to society
they take all the jobs lazy americans don't want. they come here to work, and amercians are here to be lazy.
Why the hell should we, the American taxpayers, pay for these criminals? It's wrong!
they are NOT CRIMINALS. they're looking for a better life in the land of opportunity.
Why the hell should we, the American taxpayers, pay for these criminals? It's wrong!
and how the heck do you propose we do that?
I am also tired of seeing mexicans parading about talking about how much better mexico is than America.. If you like it so damn much, then get the hell out of here!!

so you speak spanish too? i thought they didn't speak english. i've never heard a mexican say that.

about your story, how many americans do that? i've heard of so many people, non mexicans, hit and run. my friend was longboarding, got hit by a car, and was injured pretty bad. the car that hit him just took off.

Don't you think that's how the native americans felt when we invaded their lands? i've always thought that this was the land of opportunity, but i guess it's canada. i know there are some illegal immigrants that are criminals, and shouldn't be here, but a lot of them are just looking for ...

joshSCH commented: Not criminals? They are breaking international law by crossing the border dumbass -2
Ancient Dragon commented: Got to agree with Josh here -- illegals are by definition criminals -4
scru commented: Bad rep because you disagree? Come on... +1

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they have plenty of mirrors.
also try [url][/url] for a more complete list of most distros.

John A commented: Instead of giving links to random distros, why don't you just read the question carefully? Your second link did not offer any download mirrors for OpenSUSE. -2

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John A commented: Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber... -2

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Ok, so I'm trying to bridge two wireless routers together. one router is some wierd brand, and it's currently the only router on the network. I have a WGT624 netgear router that is in a separate network and i'm trying to bridge it to the other one, or at least make it an access point. Can i make the netgear router an access point? and if i can, does it have to be connected to the other router by a network cable?

or can i bridge the two together? and how?

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In the US, it's illegal, in Canada it might not be, so go to Canada

John A commented: I'm afraid that the burden of truth lies on you for this one. Can you prove that the actions of the original poster are illegal? If so, then do so. If not, then you can bloody well shut up. -2

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[quote]Making your own image of the operating system that is configured and running on a computer is not necessarily illegal. The company I worked for bought a license from Microsoft that allowed them to do just that so that my company could install it on a couple hundred other PCs, making them all run exactly the same identical version of the os. This was legal because Microsoft sold them a license to do it. But its not very likely that an individual at home could afford to buy a similar license. It would be a lot cheaper to just buy another retail license.[/quote]

One of those licenses can cost up to a few thousand dollars a year, depending on how many computers you'll use it.

And Joeprogrammer, he did buy the license when he bought the comptuer, but the way he reinstalls the OS has to be either with a legitimate manufacturer CD, or retail version of the OS.

John A commented: You fool, don't go bad-repping people just because you don't agree with them. Reputation wasn't designed to be a popularity contest. -2