---sorry previously posted also same i unfortunately did n`t saw that---

select record from database that have the same value as username and pwd if it returns record user authenticated else invalid user

where user name

hey man saw your connection string where your username & pwd and provider

[QUOTE=poojavb;1755080]I have done the following to get the custom ids like DOC1, DOC2, DOC3 and so on....

I have create a table which will store the number in it....

and the master table will just save the value in database with string


I have a table as IDvalues with one field that is DOCValue and datatype number with value 1

in the DOctormaster table I have the ID field as the primary key and datatype as text....

when I click on save I first take the max value from IDvalues table and the value is appended with "DOC" string and saved in Doctormaster table as DOC1.....

Soon after saving I have incremented the value in IDvalue by 1.....

I have done it this way since when I had created a field as ID in doctormaster table with datatype as Text it used to get appended correctly till DOC10 but after that it showed problem....

So I opted for this long but safe method....

U can give it a try....even if u dont get it....just post again....[/QUOTE]

You can try manually increment the numeric value for example get the string after first 3 letter (ie., Doc10 => "10") convert to integer then increment one then concatenate (ie., "doc"+"11")

[QUOTE=stbuchok;1755218]You can't put code in the web.config file, it is just an XML file. However, I believe you can have your path as follows (and please, someone correct me if I'm wrong):

<node attribute="~/folder/file.ext" />

The tilde I believe works the same way as having server.mappath, but again, I'm not 100% positive on this, but at least it's something you can look into.[/QUOTE]

thank you

both are have equal potential but i suggest Ruby

Hi friends.,

         I need one help from you all. Actually i am working asp.Net 4.0, i need to specify path in different folder in my project.so, i think if i place server.mappath in web.config is very useful for me how can i place it.

tell me any sample or code
Thank you

[QUOTE=Pgmer;1755034]Get the MAX(ID) from table and then append 0000 to it and show.[/QUOTE]

Forgot the one thing to find the length of ID there only easy when you add 10,11...,100,101,....,1000,1001...

for(int i=0;i<(5-id.lenth);i++)


Hi frnd.,

     do you know Google instance search engine how many records it show in first page it may show some lack record discovered in some specified time span but it shows only 1000 results (100 pages) so try to load some record 

     you can split up that some 10 or 20 pages and show it it will be best way

why you use strcat() method....you can try use loop read char by char and place in third string

Hi friends.,

                I am now try to study LINQ in C#.net which book can i refer and that is easy to learn and give perfect example code snippet

try it your self we can help when you struggled in half way

i can tell what control to use use datagrid or gridview to develop

what is your connection string

simply use try and catch

         i think u get db null exception. if u got this error use isnull() method and replace that null value to double you can easily get what you want

try Google

       java script of rtf get script and use it that will work i got same solution some months back

try ajax with web service or ajax with wcf

where sp

you can use as Json it`s more over easy for you

use this will help you

[CODE]System.IO.FileStream(server.MapPath("~/Images/" + imageFileName + ".gif",System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read);[/CODE]

use session.abandon() method will destroy your session

[QUOTE=denmarkstan;1735207]Hello good people, I need to make a debut in hosting asp.net 4.0, please i am looking for asp.net 4.0 free hosting to try out my new asp.net 4.0. please if you know any good one that can give me free trial, do help me here please. Thank you.[/QUOTE]
try [URL="

try search in Google java script image slider or jquery image slider lot of example you will get

You can us following code
sqldatareader reade=cmd.ExecuteReader()
//put loop here
<td><%= reade[row_index].getvalue(col_index or col_name)%>


use LINQ to get what you want

[QUOTE=Christos 696;1733768]Hi again my friends... as i said in my first post, i have done the database... for my website, and now i must create the webpage!!

the language i must use is "xml", so if you have some sites or pdf files, that i can read to learn how create a site in microsoft web developer with xml, post it.[/QUOTE]

you can use xml for data inter change between module and application only you can`t able to develop page with script in .net you able develop in .aspx or cshtml or vbhtml only you can do

try to get nblog-v1.0-beta2 project from "code project" site that is blog using Json that will help you

Ya hercles told correct use server.mappath my notification is don`t forgot "~" symbol in front of path
string path=server.MapPath("~\your_file_name.Extension");

i think you trying to put your on our shoulders.Its your work you only want to work.
try module by module that will help you.for any more help try Google or use this forum place your question(Any small or complicate work not full project) we will help you try try keep on try

try WCF concept

the following link show when you use both [URL="