Your Search Phrases should be emphasized in a natural way for both the visitor and the search engine spider. Do not "KeyWord Stuff" your web page, by repeating the search phrase over and over again in your webpage

yes you can say SEO is everything but there are manny other factor also invole in internet marketing like SEO SMM SEM SERM ORM IMO etc bassicly SEO is the main Branch OF Internet marketing

How to use face book for traffic
here is some feature where you can drive traffic to your site

Creating your Facebook page
Promoted ‘Hot Facebook Status Updates
Reader Involvement in Shaping the Site
Landing Page

profile link one the way to get backlink but you have make sure it cache or not because profiles are often not crawled by Bots...

article and blog posting...

i think your sub domain are not indexed....

its the linking between two or more site of same owner, just to gain popularity in search engine.

Internal Linking is the element of on page factor...this linking done with in site for user and crawler to go through other link in your site. And if internal links are broken than it make bad impression on crawlers.

i found the best seo moderators have answer to questions..which help you a lot...

promote your blog post in social media....try to reach to your target audience.

if your site appeare in google index that it issue of low quality back links...

Google Bot haven't crawl your web site, secondly generate some backlink of your domain name..

just follow one tip this would make your alot your easier....only select High Searches and low compitition keywords or keyword which have high rate...

i agree PCC is most effective way to get relevant tarffic...pcc also gives you good conversion rate...which is up to 5%

keyword search is improtant element of miss it...

You have direct approach to your costumer and people send more time on social networks instead of search engine.... that's one of the reason.

link bleeding might refer to the PR lose on the linking pages when they don't use nofollow attributes to prevent this from happening.

This will not happening at all. Google won't allow facebook to do so.But Yeah Google is giving a hard time to Facebook by Google+.

Yeah obviously. Linkedinn is one of the best sites to use as a Socail media platform.

Share your posts on Social Media sites.

Multiply is also integrated with Livejournal.

Yeah! it seems that digg has changed its total format and now becoming more better than past design.

Most of the fake followers sends you the messages of their products.That is a way to identify a fake follower.

keep one thing with you that In SEO you have to be practical without being practicle there is nothing in SEO. Read Blogs like SEO MOZ etc daily basis. it would help you.

Well Newsvine is a kinda a World wide press release site.

i think we should all go for the Demoz Submissions... without it you won't get the best link from directory.

One more tip from me is that "Don't Sell Just Tell"
This is one of the best techniques to keep with you while indulge in marketing.

1) Google Webmaster
2) Backlinks Watch
3) BackLinks Analyser
these three can do the trick of showing your Backlinks....

Relevancy is one of the factors to get likes. Join Groups which are relevant to your page and post your page post there regularly .. this is anothet good way to enhance target visitors..

i do not go for the free followers . Becaue all are fake .. we should go for original followers ...