Yes, definitely. Twitter and Facebook are the popular social networking sites among the people today. You would definitely end up getting more traffic to your website using these networking sites.

Try to avoid auto backlink generator tool. It is not recommended in SEO. You get more weightage to the submissions you do manually.

No, submitting your website to Alexa is not that important. You can do without it.

Social bookmarking plays a vital role in ranking your website on SERPS. Opting for do follow social bookmarking is the best option.Bookmarking brings traffic to your website.

This does not go with the rules and regulations of article submission websites. But, you can promote the products and services you offer.

Share your blog on social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Google Plus etc. This would draw traffic to your website.

Ezinearticles, articlesnatch, sooperarticles, articlerich are good article websites. If you search in Google, you would come up with a huge article website list.

Link juice the major factor in SEO. It drives your Google Rankings and brings more traffic. Greater the links you have, more credibility you earn and you have higher probability to come up in SERPs.

SERPs stand for Search Engine result Pages. The result that comes up when we enter our query in Google is SERP.

Both On Page and Off Page activities are important factors for growing Rank.On Page involves complete website analysis and off page involves the off p age activities that include various submissions and social networking.

Promote your blog on social networking sites like Stumble upon, Dig, Delicious. Go for social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter. This would prove to be helpful.

Sitemap enables the crawler to crawl every page of your website. XML sitemap is for crawlers or bots and HTML sitemap is for users.

Social media marketing is making use of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In etc to promote your business online.

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Go for article submissions, press releases, social networking as these also help you get backlinks.