[QUOTE=caperjack;1756428]use the f8 key on bootup to access safe mode and see what happens .if you can get into safe mode ,go to control panel /users and create a new user boot to it and see if programs works[/QUOTE]

Safe mode worked, and I just had to remove a file from my start up that was causing the issue, the file was called wpbt0.dll


I can't access any folders (control panel included), or certain programs (most programs, only windows based programs such as media player still work).

The programs and folders are actually running, as they are showing as running when I open the task manager, but I can't access them anywhere. They do not show on my task bar, or anywhere else.

Also, when I load up my computer, all the programs that normally start are running (they show on task manager), but they do not show in the bottom right hand corner of the task bar, nor can I access them.

The only time when I see these open folders/programs is when I click 'shutdown'. My computer the reverts to normal quickly before shutting down.

I can't access the control panel so I can't work out what I can do...any suggestions?