I'm really out of touch with WP, being used to building CMSes myself. Just too much info at once to get where I want to be. I have a theme installed, but am struggling to get the images on the homepage. Can't remember the name now, will look it up. Probably need to do some reading to get the basics first.

The sections needed will be for (cooking) recipes, book lists (maybe) and categorized information on animals and minerals for example.

I am new to WP (trying to help my partner), and looking for an easy to use theme that kind of looks like what I have at pritaeas.net. Basically I want the homepage to feature images (text optional) pointing to a section on the website. I have been searching but there is so much out there, I have no idea where to start or what keywords to use when searching.

are the experts who can do this rare?

Any decent software engineer should be able to build this. I mentioned a data analist, because they have a clearer understanding of how to generate the results you need, using the bulk of news available each day.

It would be great if you could provide the name of companies or individuals that provide this service

I doubt we are in the same region, but any software house or freelance software engineer could build this if you have clear specifications.

Basically you are building Google Alerts, but for more sources and with more restrictions. You'll need to integrate with news sources, or search engine APIs to extract the information you'd want to see. You need to build a service type application that runs daily and intelligently.

Is this technically feasible to do?


who is the type of person that can do it?

IMO you'll need a software engineer and a data analist.

One ) too much.

Before other people start whining, can you please fix your HTML, the snippet has unclosed tags (probably a copy/paste issue).

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Line 5 and 6 defines:

type: "Get",
data: { "code": data },

so line 3 should be:

$d_f = $_GET['code'];

I want to get the result of webservice methode as a Table;

Not sure how to put XML in a Table component.

but it raise a run time error

What's the error?

Next time, create a new thread, instead of replying to a 6 year old thread.

Add a div (or other container to your page) and set the left or right border with CSS.

The following should match:

/[\w ]+/


/^[\w ]+$/

You are missing a repeater, so your regex only checks the first character (J). The regex above matches one or more word characters or a space.

IIRC a DataSet has a LoadFromFile method which you can use to read the returned XML.

What is the PQDatabase class? Does it automatically connect? Add error handling, it might be a connection error or something else database related.

Can you show the code that is returning the XML?

What is that linking to?

You might not get an answer, since this post is 6 years old, and he hasn't posted since.

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You can get the list of customers to collect with something like this:

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE ActivationDate = CURDATE()

If you add a new column, say NewDateToCollect, then you can just add that to the query:

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE ActivationDate = CURDATE() OR NewDateToCollect = CURDATE()

You haven't specified how your output should look like.

What have you tried? I'm here to help, not do your work for you.

You'll need to show your table structure, some sample data and how you want your output.

it is an alternative to SQL Server


It is a MySQL database client administration tool, so in order to use it you need access to a MySQL server. If you don't have one, it needs to be installed as well.

Missing colon after c I guess.

Toad for MySQL is cheap.

The files need to be put together in a project, so VS knows they belong together.

This is a seven year old thread, and the user hasn't been active in five. You probably won't get an answer.

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What size is the downloaded file?

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So, what does it output?

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Make sure that your code returns a result from your query first. So, make this work:

$query="SELECT * FROM tentb";
$row = $result->fetch_assoc();