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Not in the same script. It is possible to start another script asynchronously.

If it doesn't exist you have to create it first. See is_dir and mkdir.

Do both folders exist?

Does the user/ folder and it's sub-folders have write permissions?

The problem is that an unchecked checkbox does not get posted. You need a way to match the checkbox with the textbox, which can be done by using the index as a value (instead of the email), starting at 0. If you need the email you can create a hidden input array for them, similar to the textboxes.

Do you have this online somewhere so I can view this? If not, post a screenshot explaining what's what.

Your loop loops 17 times, while the email array only holds 3 items. That's the problem.

Am I correct in saying the array's should only contain the information of the textboxes having checked checkboxes? And why does the first array contain only empty values?

Just before your if ($elements > 0) add the following code, and show what it outputs here:


The simple fix would be to use:

if (isset($email[$i]))
    echo $email[$i];

But you need to find the cause, not fix the effect.

Then the length of those two arrays differ. Output the content of both and check what's wrong.

Change line 12 to:

for ($i = 0; $i < $elements; $i++)

You are processing one element too many.

Lots of functions available:


You cannot just post variables to that page. You need to store the information somewhere in between (database, file). The display script just gets it's information from there. The admin script updates the database or file, not the page itself.

Create a page that uses AJAX to poll for new information every N seconds/minutes.

Without Javascript you can add a meta tag to refresh the whole page.

how can I determine merchant id and sum the weight base on product ID??

Hard to say without knowing the table structures you're using.

If you do not specify the columns in an SQL insert query, you'll need to specify values for ALL columns in that table.

$("#layout_select").val() should contain the selected value.


Note that's just a demo. If you choose dots, change the CSS. It also supports fading.

Just test it. If you notice a performance issue, you can always insert a (temporary) index.


Shouldn't you be passing input.value ?

From the mysqli_affected_rows manual: "Returns the number of rows affected by the last INSERT, UPDATE, REPLACE or DELETE query."

From the mysqli_num_rows manual: "Returns the number of rows in the result set."

How about using sys.stdout.write(item)

IIRC using print should be this: print(item, end="")

I found this, basically it triggers an application error.

You are trying to read that from the GET, but you haven't specified it anywhere. I'd expect it to be in the form's action.

So where does token come in?


You haven't defined a GET parameter called token anywhere.