One ) too much.

Before other people start whining, can you please fix your HTML, the snippet has unclosed tags (probably a copy/paste issue).

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The following should match:

/[\w ]+/


/^[\w ]+$/

You are missing a repeater, so your regex only checks the first character (J). The regex above matches one or more word characters or a space.

Missing colon after c I guess.

The result of the intersect of both arrays, should be an array identical to array("newemail", "firstPassword", "secondPassword")

So, if you do an array_diff() on those two next, you should have an empty array.

Hope it makes sense.

I am still getting a Sql error

Which one? Type is a reserved word. Put backticks around it.


html += '<option style="width:90%" value="'+v.country_id+'">'+v.nam+'' +'</option>';

You display the entire div. Either use:

alert($('#allcountries option:selected').val());


alert($('#allcountries option:selected').text());

It's strange that allcountries is a div and not a select

It should be possible to write a wrapper assembly in C++/C# and use that in VB.NET. I doubt you are the first one looking for it. Check CodeProject/GitHub or similar sites.

They detect the request of file copy/remove and they then do the required task

Are you looking for a file copy hook?

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See the FileSystemWatcher Class

Do note, that it works for copying, but does not work as expected when moving files.

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what is the mean by the error produced when i try to install using pip

Means that pymongo is not compatible with python 3.5 (or so I think).

PyMongo supports CPython 3.3+ and PyPy3.

No mention of 3.5

I see an if statement that checks whether you have a result, but no loop to handle more than the first result.

The second is the projects default config, where the appsettings gets it's values.

Missing comma between regtime and odds.

So I am 12

You just violated our Terms of Service, which state you need to be over 13.

A downvote with an upvote will register as zero on the posts page, so won't be visible.

Is conn perhaps a global variable? When you are trying to access the same variable over multiple threads, such errors are bound to happen. It would be more straightforward for every thread to have it's own connection.

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It depends on what you have. In some cases, redirecting to a different page after the form post can prevent the issue, because they would be refreshing the page to which they were redirected.

But if you go back with the browser, then that can be circumvented as well. In that case, storing a session token can help. After you post, store a token. If you refresh and the token is set, do nothing. When you access a certain page, you can clear the token if you want.

Posting through AJAX might be an option too, because refreshing the page wouldn't trigger the event, only clicking a button would.

Hmz. Works fine here.

Perhaps this link can help:

Not sure why it is installed where you indicate, never seen that before.

Sounds right to me.

You can use the mysql.exe command line tool, download mysql workbench or any third party tool to administer your database. Personally I'm a fan of Navicat, but it isn't free. IIRC Toad is a respected free tool.


You can write a stored procedure that uses a cursor to loop through your query result. Is that what you are looking for? What exactly is your requirement?

MySQL server is the database part that stores the information and lets you retrieve it. The MySQL client library is the interface between your program and the server, making it easy for you to communicate with the MySQL server.

WAMP/LAMP installations come with both, a MySQL server version and the client library needed to communicate with it. What is different is that you need the .NET client library to be used with your VB.NET application, the (W/L)AMP have different ones to be used with PHP, Python, etc.