I am new to WP (trying to help my partner), and looking for an easy to use theme that kind of looks like what I have at pritaeas.net. Basically I want the homepage to feature images (text optional) pointing to a section on the website. I have been searching but there is so much out there, I have no idea where to start or what keywords to use when searching.

Basically you are building Google Alerts, but for more sources and with more restrictions. You'll need to integrate with news sources, or search engine APIs to extract the information you'd want to see. You need to build a service type application that runs daily and intelligently.

Is this technically feasible to do?


who is the type of person that can do it?

IMO you'll need a software engineer and a data analist.

Before other people start whining, can you please fix your HTML, the snippet has unclosed tags (probably a copy/paste issue).

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The following should match:

/[\w ]+/


/^[\w ]+$/

You are missing a repeater, so your regex only checks the first character (J). The regex above matches one or more word characters or a space.

You might not get an answer, since this post is 6 years old, and he hasn't posted since.

You can get the list of customers to collect with something like this:

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE ActivationDate = CURDATE()

If you add a new column, say NewDateToCollect, then you can just add that to the query:

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE ActivationDate = CURDATE() OR NewDateToCollect = CURDATE()

You haven't specified how your output should look like.

What have you tried? I'm here to help, not do your work for you.

Missing colon after c I guess.

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So, what does it output?

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Looks like you need to register for an account (according to their dev docs).

No, echo the variables instead of trying to download the file, so you can see if they contain the correct values.

If you echo all your variables ($id,$name,$type,$size,$data) what do you see?


The result of the intersect of both arrays, should be an array identical to array("newemail", "firstPassword", "secondPassword")

So, if you do an array_diff() on those two next, you should have an empty array.

Hope it makes sense.

I am still getting a Sql error

Which one? Type is a reserved word. Put backticks around it.


html += '<option style="width:90%" value="'+v.country_id+'">'+v.nam+'' +'</option>';

What exactly are you looking for? Something like Xamarin?

Date format for SQL is Y-m-d

As opposed to XML, JSON is another option. Both are easy to read when debugging, JSON is only a little less bulky.

The last unanswered, from 6 hours ago (as of this writing) is hardly something to worry about. It might be urgent for you, but everyone here has stuff to do and devote their free time answering. So be a little patient.

Not sure about the other one.

Just download the new version and link it, or link directly to the online version. I wonder why you are still using such an old version, the latest is 3.1.0

forecolor mu value of stocks in listview in a column stocks

In C# this works for SubItems. Am sure you can convert it to what you need in VB.NET:

lvItem.UseItemStyleForSubItems = false;
lvItem.SubItems[2].BackColor = Color.Orange; // 2 should be the right column index

while($results = mysql_query("$sql") or die("Invalid query: " . mysql_error());

That's rather messy. Try:

$result = mysql_query($sql) or die('Invalid query: ' . mysql_error());
if ($result && $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
    $doc = $row['doc']; // This is your filename, not $results

Another option is to generate a password, and email it to the receiver after he downloads the file successfully.

help write a program

What have you got so far then?

They detect the request of file copy/remove and they then do the required task

Are you looking for a file copy hook?

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See the FileSystemWatcher Class

Do note, that it works for copying, but does not work as expected when moving files.

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