Nearly 4 months time for getting your keywords in the serp
but it will take some years for getting page rank for your site

I can say that Off-page is one part of SEO, includes bookmarking, forums, directory, pdf, article, press, video. These are helpful for making your site visible to the audience or users in the search engine results page

you can provide the details in for sitemap generation.

Thanks spyindiaizhar for sharing us huge off-page activities. Let me try one by one technique at leisure time.

To reach the target people then give them best content in the most understandable way. No matter how beautiful the site is, but people have to spend about 1 minute on the online site.

First try to build as much as quality backlinks for the site.

SEO is the method which can be used for making the site known Globally.
SEO are of two types such as on-page and off-page
On-page is being done inside the page

You can get all the site details from the Sitemap, it will be easy for user to find out.

You can not delete your posting from bookmarking, it may depend on the some bookmarking sites

You can use any seo forums but it should have high Page Rank.

Hi friends, please tell us SEO benefits of Pinterest and how it is helpful to us.

type shorten url in the google hence it gives plenty of relevant searches. You can use google shorten url too

Certainly you are right. You can change the description for every directory submission

Wordpress blogs and youtube are used as Social media for business development. Social media sites like facebook which allow users to interact.

You can use high PR bookmarking sites so your site will be crawled better rather than using blog comments, forum, directory.

Certainly you can promote the site in the socialmedia sites too.

You can use latest social bookmarking sites which have got special features otherwise you can try imgae bookmarking site if youre site is ecommerce one.

Certainely Schema is an HTML markeup which can be easily understood by Google Engine.

Link exchange also vey useful in SEO for generating page rank and backink.

Include header tag
Check keyword density for every page
Add inbound links

If your site is low content and not seach engine friendly then Google will throw the site in to sand box temporarily.

Good content, fiendly website, quality link juice etc are improving page rank site

Certainly Google easily index all url with the helpp of RSS feed.

Their suggestions are true. Try bloggers and wordpress, web2.0 lists

Can i look some better internet marketing techniques for me than SEO. Please suggest if any techniques available in the search engines

From my point of view that Google is always best for me. It is seo friendly as well as user friendly for using.

I do directory submission hope that it gives me good traffic rather than backlinks

I suggest that Bookmarking and web2.0 lists are best link building methods.

Probably you are true

Keep doing it. Include bookmarking lists, web2.0 list

No matter whether it is panda update or any Google update. Avoid illegal techniques then you won't wory about such things. Always write fresh and informative content for Google as well as users