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Well, what sort of activities does your girlfriend like? By the sound of it, from what I have read, you should take her hiking. Sadly, i have not been to Finland, so I don't know what activities are fun there :P

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The majority of US presidents have been Republicans.

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the Quran not only calls Muslims to submit to Allah, it also commands them to subdue people of other religions until they are in a full state of submission to Islamic rule.

Well, not exactly like that. Muslims don't "command" others to change into islam, if so, no one would be muslims.

The Myths of Islam

Please don't refer to them as myths, it kind of is offending. No one should refer to a faith as a "myth", it kind of is disrespectful... sorry, but i have to point that out...

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Volkswagen- Vwhat, ol lowvers keel sat wagen. Andz getz eh notes! (i went a little creative, and did it an accent, i think it is german :D)


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i can only imagine how many of the REAL engineers of India are even any good...

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@Jim, you can do that in a lot of countries... it doesn't cost very much.

So i would say that roughly 50% or less of the engineers from india are real?

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you can get arrested for that, you know...

At least he got his point through to him...

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There are 2 methods: Get a lawyer and pursue this case from there... this method is a little more expensive (unless you have a cousin that is a lawyer).

or method 2 is to approach them with a bat... your call :)

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I believe the suspect has not been caught yet... Anyone want to have a guess who it was?

I would say it was a dude who couldn't pay his taxes or the North Koreans trying to get Muslim countries guilty for what the Koreans did.... Sorry, i am playing the finger pointing game now.

Also, the injury amount i believe is 144 and the death toll is 3, amongst them was an 8 year old.

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