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We can't really help you if we can't see your work. A screenshot of an output doesn't really help if there are many ways to come out with the same output.

<M/> 170

its a lung disease... or basically Silicosis

<M/> 170

I am pretty sure pixel's solution is pretty effective...

<M/> 170

Even if I was told to pass it, I would have just run it and ignored the coach despite consequences

<M/> 170

I still can't believe they didn't run it...

<M/> 170

Thought XLIX was some porn thing. Glad you set me straight.


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to be honest, I am very disappointed in the Patriots due to the recent scandal but even then, I always disliked Brady, Belchick, and Kraft. I don't hate the pats, because I always liked Gronk and a few other of their players... So go Seahawks. (I own a football jersey from the Seahawks, got it as a gift from my aunt last month)

<M/> 170

Well... despite my age, i am not much of a gamer... all i get to do on my laptop is just write some code and do my reports for ap classes.

<M/> 170

Well, dad or not, please avoid bs-ing around... it doesn't benefit you nor will it benefit anyone else...

<M/> 170

But my "Dad" is a programmer and gives me lot's of "Complex" code to look at. I say that in quotes because I have never seemed to find any code hard to understand unless it was in a language I'm not familiar with. (Or LOLCode)

Did you also put "dad" in quotes because your dad is someone who is a person that is not really a programmer...?

Lets be honest here, if your gonna just stay here and just call yourself a "gifted" programmer, why don't you actually prove it and actually help people on the forums... everything you answer seems to be something that anyone could google for.

Also, I have a few friends and a few cousins who attend MIT, they don't know anyone as young as you attending their school...

It's difficult for my computing standard to be affected, because it just feels impossible.

Just as impossible it is to believe anything you say? I mean, your own bio page on daniweb says your a member of Mensa... I am not a Mensa member (I will admit, I am smart but I don't call myself a genius) but I know a few people who are Mensa members (I have a few neighbors and my youngest brother are). Plus, you say you went MIT and graduated in 2013... you might as well show us your diploma...

<M/> 170

Yep, I agree with the OP. Sadly, people will continue to take credit for minimal amounts of work while the person who did the work will not get much out of the other person.

<M/> 170

Do you have any more questions regarding your code? If not, you can mark it solved.

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Well... a bloke just refers to a man... or a fellow...

Anyways, when I get home, I will try to make an effort to getting involved with your question... I am stuck at a wedding... and it won't end until 2 or 3am... hopefully it ends sooner

<M/> 170

He actually didn't say anything wrong to start any argument. He just said that you have some of the top people helping you out with your problem and that he can't help you (implying that the 2 that are helping you are better assistance). He didn't say anything bad.

Your next post, which came right after his, was talking about the fact that you were dissatisfied with something about posting here and then the problems started from there.

Its the little details that matter. Either you read almostbob's comment as an insult or you just didn't understand what he was implying.

So relax. If something like this happens and it offends you, just flag it. Daniweb's admins will make sure your problems are resolved. Don't look at the posts as a way to discourage you from posting on this forum, or any, just look at it as advice. Attacking fire with fire typically doesn't help anyone.

JorgeM commented: +1 for peacekeeping. +12
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Only difference is that's just one variable. I want two things to select which is displayed.

I maybe wrong, but are you asking if you can create a way where if you press one button, both videos/images show?

<M/> 170

Your link redirects us back to this thread, do you have the correct link by any chance to the fiddle?

<M/> 170

Ben, you have to understand that people are very sensitive to tone. Saying things like "happy now," "keep telling yourself that," I don't believe your helping" really just shows disrespect to those who help you. You have to remember that the people here who are helping you are experienced at what they do, so show some respect. Imagine talking to your parents like that, do you think they will like it? They most likely will not.

You are on a forum working with someone to solve a problem (every forum is the same), your not texting your friends. Just keep that in mind.

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You can try the purifier, i mean they work, but I am not too sure if they are 100 percent effective against smokers. Also, even if he gets a new tenant, i am sure they will move out soon with a smoker as their neighbor.

<M/> 170

I know you live in an area where the area is not smokefree, but can't you tell the landlord to get the other tenant to not smoke/control his smoking or you will leave/are getting sick from it?

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Well, i noticed that a lot of people, on the envato marketplaces, get other people's templates and just quickly modify them. They just buy/download a complete template, and then make a few quick changes and use as their own. Idk if that is even allowed, but thats what they do.

If you want to build sites faster using templates, make sure you have created a few sites of your own and use those as templates.

<M/> 170

can anyone make me a working login system, like login, register, and send all files + the Database file (Test DB file)?

We can make it. But we are not going to make it for you.

if anyone have some old codes!

Most old codes end up on the internet... in fact, at this time and age, its almost 2015... you can basically google your needs...

How is it insulting you, waow!?

It is insult to ask someone with experience to do what you want without a reward.

Please be kind, it doesn't take long to made...

Then why not spend the time and learn it... if it doesn't take long, of course.

currently 5 downvotes - which is spectacular


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Spongebob, everyone loves me despite whatever stupid thing I do.

<M/> 170

My bathroom, 2 minutes ago.

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I have no idea what it is like... I am not even an official junior in high school yet but i can tell you one thing... and that is that senior year is going to go by fast and you better have a university picked out ;)

Warrens80 commented: clever +0
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@Warrens, well... that must have came out before disney was even involved with anything George Lucas did

<M/> 170

... they already throw in star wars into other disney shows, have you guys seen the latest Phineas and Ferb?

<M/> 170

Disney will probably add "based on a true story" to the intro.

Or they might throw in a mickey mouse in there somehow... or maybe some form of a disney character in there...

<M/> 170

Ford never liked playing Solo in the original trilogy so I just can't see him doing a good job of it.

I am pretty sure a fat check will make him happy enough to play the role.

First of all, JJ Abrams doesn't know shit about Star Trek.

I wouldn't say he knows nothing... he may surprise you... also, i am not sure who else should direct the new film, he may be the best pick.

1)Trying to explain the force.
2)Shoehorning a romance in the unlikeliest of places.
3)Comedy relief character(s) that only pissed us off.

1)They didn't too bad... but yes they could explain more like they do in their video games.
2) I am not into romantic scenes in movies, so I don't really have anything positive about it.
3)Hopefully they don't bring back Jar Jar Binks as an important character...

Harrison Ford actually wanted the role of Han Solo but was refused by George Lucas.

He would be a good pick when you think about it... only if he played a retired version of him...

I kind of wished Star Wars VII was about the Old Republic... but oh well, lets hope for this best for this one...

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  1. Go to basic settings for your app
  2. Select Add Platform
  3. Select Website
  4. Put URL in the Site URL

The "Add Platform" button isn't immediately apparent when you get to the basic settings page.

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I personally had a bad experience with the latest nexus phone. It shattered within the same week i purchased after it fell off my bed. i kid you not, the whole screen was basically done... i later got the iphone and after a week, the phone wouldn't turn on... as a last result, i ended up with the latest galaxy. that phone out performs any phone i ever owned, even the nexus.