I'll answer my own question then, since i figured it out ..
i rebooted my machine, that's it, to check i used ruby -v and gem -v in cmd..
it's quite confusing cause there were no pop-ups when i installed them so i'm not sure about it, heck, i don't even know if the setup was executed, good thing i rebooted my machine

though i still don't have rails..
if you know a good site of Aptana tutorials on Rails/Javascript that would be a big help

it's been awhile ..
it's my first time using ruby(on Rails), and i've downloaded what is needed(i think, based on my searches), Ruby, Rails and gem, but i'm not sure if they are properly installed because they don't seem to appear (?)

Also it's my first time using Aptana, i have all these to create a project using Ruby on Rails as server and JS for the coding .. hopefully i can finish this by tomorrow ..


you can set it up in vb.net by following this
or follow this example

good luck,

i've tried doing this as well, but in the end i changed my approach into encrypting the file instead.. but what you're trying to do is different, anyway
hope this helps

nah, i think they're just moody ..

how about trying this first ?
there are a lot of tutorials regarding vb.net and access so it won't take you long to find a good start.. good luck

i think it's just like when you're opening a file using file stream that's why it prompts the message that it's being used..

try this
then after closing, delete the file

hope this helps,

whenever i read "blood of a virgin", Supernatural always comes to my mind.

that's an exaggerated meme on how your suppose to create a password and a reminder that you can't be so sure .. it's funny though, XD

create a variable that will hold the text in texbox1 in Form1
Dim x as String = TextBox1.Text

then on Form2 you can import
Imports ProjectName.Form1

with that you can
Label1.Text = Form2.x

or simply
Label1.Text = x
though i always include the form name as to not get confused ..

well i'm not particularly sure with the Import thing but that's what i learned from a certain site, or perhaps its not actually needed, anyways its not that hard so you can do it :) plus you can always use modules when you have functions that are used repetitively or to maintain the orderliness of your program.good luck

First you should know this
then show us some effort that you did your part, don't just expect that someone will do the work for you

you can easily find decent and good php tutorials with just a few search by yourself
and if there are some other things that you can't understand you're always welcome to post a thread here

I then run a quick UPDATE WHERE query and it still alters the data.

isnt't that the purpose of UPDATE?, to alter the data in the database.

I'm having this kind of error: Could not find a part of the path.

For Each subfolder As String In Directory.GetDirectories(sourceDir)
            Dim destDir As String = Path.Combine(destinationDir, Path.GetFileName(subfolder))
            If destDir = destinationDir & "\peanutButter" Then
                'do nothing
                Directory.Move(subfolder, destDir)
            End If

I suppose i get this error because the folder hasn't been made yet in destDir, but i assumed that if vb doesn't found the path it will create the folder by itself..

and i've tried adding a code to check if the folder doesn't exist, it will create then, but i get an error that this time it cannot create because the path already exists.

what i want to do is to transfer all files/folder to another folder excluding the \peanutButter folder
i've tried different approaches into making this but i always get this error


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or you can use masktextbox so that you can set the inputs to numbers only so you dont have to worry about variable types or mismatch and edit the max value as Jim said

and you should limit the number of digits that can be entered to prevent overflow.

just saying ..

Well, if you really want to, you can just include the famous names and the common ones just like in ms word.

you're not clear with your question

Is it possible to have string in a richtextbox checked for pronouns ...
... and I want to check for any person's names

and i agree with Reverend_Jim, there can be tons of names and you'll never know if the name is just made up. Whereas in pronouns you can list them then scan for them in the richtextbox

is this what you're looking for?

try this

Let me take you there - Plain white t's

I just watched "21 Jump Street", it was pretty funny :)
i've watched that along with my friends and it was hilarious ..
i saw rurounin kenshin, i was impress by the stunts

or you may want to use
TextBox1.Text &= Environment.NewLine & "New line" or TextBox1.AppendText(Environment.NewLine & "New line")
to make it look like a list

i hope this helps

you know you could actually find your answer with a few searches..

how about this

string GetContentAsRTF(RichTextBox rtb)
    var range = new TextRange(rtb.Document.ContentStart, rtb.Document.ContentEnd);

    using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
    using (var reader = new StreamReader(stream))
        range.Save(stream, DataFormats.Rtf);
        stream.Position = 0;
        return reader.ReadToEnd();

though the file type is RTF

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how about
Dim i as integer = ListView1.Items.Count - 1 ? i think it's more appropriate to do that

you might also want to read this

won't omitting rdr("count") from ListView1.Items.Add(New ListViewItem({rdr("count"), rdr("Name")}))be enough ?

how about this

if RichTextBox1.Text = "yes" Then
    RichTextBox1.Select(RichTextBox1.TextLength - 3, 3)
    RichTextBox1.SelectionColor = Color.Red
    RichTextBox1.SelectedText = "no"
End if

granted, but your so weak that you'll be annihilated fast

i wish i was fast as Flash

welcome !

welcome Brian ! you've got an interesting introduction and site, i enjoyed the photos :)

welcome to daniweb Jasonmark !