Because google is the most popularly used search engine used by the internet users. About 75% to 80% of the website users use google

The best way to increase the page ranking is through increasing the number of backlink, providing fresh and quality content on your website, adding new features that attracts users to the website.

White hat technique is nothing but any legal technique used to increase the page ranking of a website which are accepted by search engines

Continous implementation of SEO process helps in maintaining the website ranking

Anchor text are nothing but th clickable text in a website which points to another website related to the text.

Search Engine Saturation is a measure of how effective you are in getting search engine listing. That is how many pages in a website is indexed by google.

The best way to increase the website traffic is through SEO process.

Sitemaps are nothing but the clickable list of pages in a website. It helps in easy navigation through the website by the users and the search engines. It makes the site more user friendly

Press release is used when a company introduces new product or services in the market or when something great is achieved by the company.

Article is used to describe the products or services offered by the company

To get good backlinks On page optimization is necessary. A quality website gains a quality backlink. Place a fresh and quality content on the website, add new features which gains the attention of users. SEO is the best method to achieve it.

Keyword stuffing is one of the method of black hat technique in SEO which is used to increase the page ranking of the website. It is nothing but unwanted or too much usage of keywords in the website. That is spamming of website content

Meta tags are nothing but list of keywords which are commonly used to search the content of your website by the users.

Doorway pages are the webpages which is created for spamdexing the search engines. It is the method of spamming the key phrases on the index of the search engine inorder to redirect the visitors to different page

Social Bookmarking is nothing but a website where one can bookmark their favourite websites which can be accessed from any computer present anywhere in this world.

Link juice is nothing but search engine trust or/and ranking is conveyed by a link from one website to another.

Yes. At present trend SEO is the best method for increasing the traffic in internet marketing.

White hat SEO- any legal technique used to increase the pageranking of the website which is accepted by search engines.

Black hat SEO- any illegal way or technique used to increase the page ranking of a website which is not accepted by search engines.

All SEO methods are best methods. But the fastest and easiest one is the forum posing and social bookmarking

PR not only depends on number of backlinks but also on quality of the backlinks, quality of the website, bounce rate, etc...

Both mozilla firefox and google chrome are best for SEO. But i love to use mozilla firefox.

In my point of view Forum posting, Social bookmarking are best backlink building methods

Google penguin is the latest updated algorithm of google which is used to prevent spamming