there is no problem to do backward or frontward in single linked, as long as it is only one way to go needed, is more needed is both or one ? or you just go from start agayn to that spot you need. Or depends how much back you whant to go if it is by one to delete then you delete element-next not element and you good to go

use g++ on linux if those ide are too hard to understand with g++ you will have full control

dont use questions like that, use printf to make shure :) make some test array to test and make it smaller maybe and if it will work in smaller it will work in bigger.
You wrote something , you should understand what you wrote, assumptions is not very good thing in programming and it's not about compiler.
To make code more readable for you and other people name variables to something meaningfull like Schol sayed i dont want to read code where something is l then something does s1 + s2 what is that and no comment
to normal human s1 doesent mean anything
hope this will help you to debug your code :) if no understand comment every line explay what it is and print results out till you have something that you cant explayn and it doesent work

have you considered java ?

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