i added authentication make user just to read from the directory , but still can open the file

i have this line in my Web.Config
<add key="localhost2" value="http:\\export\" />
in vb Code:
<a href='" & ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("localhost2") & TransactionNo & "\" & fi.Name & "' target='_blank' >" & fi.Name & "</a>"
the Publish URL :
How i can encrypt the 803 value or prevent the user from change the value in address bar?

the scenario as the following, after the user login , the application returns he/she visiting numbers for example :
i preview the value on TextView , how i can make it clickable, and open pdf file like when user click on 150 open the pdf file the located on server 150.pdf????

what i need is to move to other activity when click the button , which in the patientdata.Xml
and setContentView(R.layout.gridviews), Any Suggestion plzz??

my activity is load a grid view from xml file and the controls from other xml file

     public class ResultActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
    GridView gridview;

    ArrayList<String> arrayList;
    String ip, db, un, passwords;
    Connection connect;
    PreparedStatement stmt;
    ResultSet rs;
    Button TButton;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        TButton = (Button) findViewById(R.id.btnTrans);
        TButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener(){
            public void onClick(View v){
                Intent intentLoadNewActivity = new Intent(ResultActivity.this,MyResultsActivity.class);
  try {
            connect = CONN(un, passwords, db, ip);
            Statement statement = connect.createStatement();
            rs = statement.executeQuery(query);
            List<Map<String, String>> data = null;
            data = new ArrayList<Map<String, String>>();
            while (rs.next()) {
                Map<String, String> datanum = new HashMap<String, String>();
                datanum.put("A", "Patient Number: "+rs.getString("PatNumber"));
                datanum.put("B", "Welcome " + rs.getString("PatName"));
               // datanum.put("C","Transaction:" + rs.getString("trano"));

           // String[] from = { "A", "B","C" };
            String[] from = { "A", "B" };
            int[] views = { R.id.txtPatNumber, R.id.txtpatName};
            final SimpleAdapter ADA = new SimpleAdapter(ResultActivity.this,

                    data, R.layout.patientdata, from, views);
        } catch (SQLException e) {

i have crated a job to backup automaticly my database , when procees happen failure message appear , anyone can help me ?? thx

TO DISK = 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup'

how i can check if text box value exist in data base or not plzzz helppp

how i can make my crsytal report show the data depend on Supplier name , any help plz ???

i have 6 Suppliers on each report

hey every body , i need to know how i can create an automatic back up for my database step, i am using sql Enterprise server 2008 R , what i need is the steps of how to do thats and how i can check if the job start or not , thanx

i get this error message when i try to connect from clinets pcs to login with the crystal repor but the forms is correctly connect to the DB srver but the server not

this is the error :
Crystal report viewer
login failed
detail : ADO error code: 0x80040e4d
Source: Microsoft OLEDB, Provider For sql server
Descrition : login failed for user sa
Sql state : 42000
Native error : 18456

Any suggestion could be help please ???

hi all , when i install my vb project on clients machine and runing it its show this error :
Cant generate SSPI Context , what should i do

i have a server called OAS-VB and a network pc what i need is the sql that installed on pc see the OAS-vb server to reach the database file ???
or some one can tell me how to configure the sql server for network to reah the pc ??
i need is to connect an application of its database that installed on server

thnx in advance

how i can do this , did you mean the report file if yes it is on pc, what i can do ???

not in browser i need it to install a vb6 project when i run a setup file its give me ana error missing ActiveX tools.dll
is there is a problem

hi all , from where i can install or enable the ActiveX tool.dll ??
anyone can provided to me anylink to download it ??

when i need to install the vb6 project to network pcs this error is show :
The program cant start because ActiveX Tools.dll is missing from your computer. Try to install the program to fix this problem.

i search on internet for the dll required but i am not find it , some one help me please ??

thnx all , i make the execution file with the connection of the server name , but when i installed the .exe on the network machine it gives me this error "sql server dosnet exist or access denied" . what should i do ??

when i Make Exe of same project the compile procces give this error "method or member data not found " CRviwer.report , what should i do ??

i have vb6 project with cr8 and 10 , its correctly run on one pc what i need is to run this project on local netwrok , how i can do this and how i can edit the connection string and make .exe file ????

Help me plz

how i can added to vb project it gives me an rabesh data

i uesed vb6 with crystal report 10 , when i try to open report.rpt file in crystal report this message appear to me : Invalid report schema , cant open the document,, anyhelp plz??

i dont know a java to write a code but i need this code to implement on other project after that what i can do ??

hey everybody i need an answer of this question plz as soon as possible ,
write a method named season that takes two integers as parameters representing a month and day and that returns a string indicating the season for that month and day. Assume that months are specified as an integer between 1 an 12 (1 for jun, and so on) and that the day of the month is a number between 1 and 31. if the date falls between 12/16 and 3/15 you should return "winter" , if the date falls 3/16 and 6/15 you should return "spring" , if the date falls 6/16 and 9/15 you should return "summer" and if the date falls between 9/16 and 12/15 you should return "fall"??

how i can do the following : when the user click on some cell : EX: cell(3) of the current datagridview onther datagridview appear and when the user select row from the second datagridview the seleceted row information on cell(4) and cell (5) .

someone help plz???

this is my code to insert into table 2 

   Public Sub add()

        Dim sql As String = "INSERT INTO BOQItemEntry(ProjectNO,BOQSectionsAndParts_ID,BOQ_Item) VALUES (@ProjectNO,@BOQSectionsAndParts_ID,@BOQ_Item)"
        Dim Cmd As New SqlCommand(sql, Me.conn)

        Cmd.Parameters.Add("@ProjectNO", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = _ProjectNO
        Cmd.Parameters.Add("@BOQSectionsAndParts_ID", SqlDbType.Int).Value = _BOQSectionsAndParts_ID
        Cmd.Parameters.Add("@BOQ_Item", SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value = _BOQ_Item
        Catch ex As SqlException
            Me._Msg = "Error Message"
            End Try
        End Try
    End Sub

    how i can make your code work correct with my code. 
    i am trying to use your code no error but nothing happen.

i have this two tables fields:

table1 (BOQSectionsAndParts_ID,BOQSection,BOQPart,ProjectNO) BOQSectionsAndParts_ID is a primary key
table2 (BOQItemEntry_ID,ProjectNO,BOQSectionsAndParts_ID,BOQ_Item) BOQItemEntry_ID is a primary key and BOQSectionsAndParts_ID is a forign key. this is a sql server
in my vb forum :
i view the BOQ sectin as a combobox
what i need is when the user choose the BOQSection the BOQSectionsAndParts_ID value save to table 2
i use DataGridView to save the value of table2.

anyhelp PLzZzz :)

the procedure entry part 1stractI could not be located in the dynamic link library MSDART.dll ???
how i can fix this ??

the application connected with sql and i can save and delete and update the data put when i want show a report it gives me this message, from where i can check the report connection???

after i add all the reference on my vb6 project and everything loaded successfully when i press on report button to view the report i face this error msg:

Logon failed
Details: ADO error code ox80004005
Source: Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server
Description: [DBNETLIB][Connectionopen]
sql server doesnt exist or access deined
sql state: 08001
Native error: 17

any suggestion can be help plzzzz

anybody can help me of how i can access the registry key of windows to application??