how i can make my crsytal report show the data depend on Supplier name , any help plz ???

i have 6 Suppliers on each report

hey every body , i need to know how i can create an automatic back up for my database step, i am using sql Enterprise server 2008 R , what i need is the steps of how to do thats and how i can check if the job start or not , thanx

hi all , from where i can install or enable the ActiveX tool.dll ??
anyone can provided to me anylink to download it ??

hey everybody i need an answer of this question plz as soon as possible ,
write a method named season that takes two integers as parameters representing a month and day and that returns a string indicating the season for that month and day. Assume that months are specified as an integer between 1 an 12 (1 for jun, and so on) and that the day of the month is a number between 1 and 31. if the date falls between 12/16 and 3/15 you should return "winter" , if the date falls 3/16 and 6/15 you should return "spring" , if the date falls 6/16 and 9/15 you should return "summer" and if the date falls between 9/16 and 12/15 you should return "fall"??