It depends on your choice of developing a website like if you want to build a website dynamically then visual studio is the best option for that and if you want to design a static website then adobe drewamweaver is the best tool for you.

<! -- Comment --> this is the tag of putting a comment in HTML form. There are different kind of tags are available in HTML which is used for specific purposes.

I think your website is not compatible with internet explorer that is why your site is not displaying correctly. You should use another web browser to open your site with successfully. Generally this kind of problems arrived at the time of web designing.

This site is really nice and looking awesome with animated objects. I love this site very much, using a reliable designing tool like adobe dreamweaver, photoshop, flash you can do a lot of innovative and attractive things which attracts people to your site.

If you are a beginner or freezer to learn web designing then you have such a great opportunity to learn web designing from the online tutorial or training programs. Online training programs are useful for you to gain creative knowledge about web designing and designing software like dreamweaver, photoshop, flash etc.

Responsive Web designing is the process of a design website in such a way that it can run on different devices. As we all know that many people uses mobiles and Smartphone, so responsive design helps them to see the original structure of the website with perfect information and properly visualized.

It is not necessary to learn css and HTML from e-books and traditional books also which is the best option to gain knowledge about HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the basic fundamentals of designing which everybody has to be learned from various sources to learn web designing.

Yes, it is true that photoshop and flash both are one of the best image editing tools which you can use in website designing, logo designing. Many people use this designing tool which is effective.

Favicon a small graphic that loads on the title tab on the browser,you create the small graphic about 16*16 pixels name it favicon.ioc then put the following in the header section of your home page <link rel="Shortcut icon" href="">

Open source CMS is one of the best option to download easily at free of cost and used for your website development. Many people like to download this kind of one CMS like wordpress,joomla etc which are mainly used for designing various kind of web templates.

Yes,it is true that photoshop is better to use for logo designing. There are so many logo design softwares are available but out of them you can choose only the best software like photoshop,dreamweaver etc. Logo is one of the important part of the website so obviously the designing should be also effective and looking professional.

Website creation is not an easy task for all people because you should have proper information regarding web designing and development related software. If you want to learn web site development then you have to learn designing first using any effective designing software like Dreamweaver,photoshop etc.

Designing a perfect website is not an easy task for all people because if your website is well staructured then you will get higher traffic on your site. Nowadays all people want attractive as well as perfect website which is necessary to get success in market.

If you are interested to learn web designing then you have to first knowldege of efefctive web designing software like Dreamweaver,Photoshop,flash etc. Using best design software you can design website more attractive and valuable.

If you are looking for best and reliable webhosting company than i have to suggest you to use hostgator webhost company. Its best hosting service provider. Its provide 24x7 hours customer support, regular site update, unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Alaa sam, There are lots of options to improve your programming skills. Some of these options are Learn the C language, Take a help from other experters, Try to solve the logic puzzle, Create the programs that test your skills, and try to understand the programs.

Definitely dreaweaver is best software for web design. Using this software you easily develop most attractive site. It is excellent software that enables you to take a benefits of all flexibility and features of classes of web design tool.

Well, personalisedpen in the starting you should have basic knowledge of PHP. And there are lots of free tutorial are available on internet. You can use them and W3school is one of the best free tutorial.

Well, Vbscript is one of the easiest programming language. But the developing the site will give some limitations that means it will not run on firefox browser. For this you have to use the internet explore only.

Well, sakthipriyanka I recommend you to go for silverlight. Because using it is will be quite difficult create the online game. It is better you to go for sliverlight 2 or flash.

Yes, elico VB6 is good options. It is one of the famous programming language. This language enables for using good names and your controls. It also gives the facility to decrease the the cost of deployment per user.

Well, Html 5 is the updated version of HTML. It is the same as HTML much gives facility for audio and video tag. HTML 5 comes with some extra tags that HTML doesn't have. HTML5 also have JS GeoLocation API assits in recognize places.

Yes, I am agree that Layout main thing that you have consider while designing website. Because it will be beneficial in attracting the potential customers. It is the sign that you are organized and focus.

Hi, Every I myself madelinekim from india. By professional I am software engineer but I like the web design. I am new bie for this community. Hope here I will learn a lot.