there is a problem in sets

may be flash is your solution try it once

seems your problem has been solved above

sorry I am quite new one in PHP

lenthy post well that is all about the PHP

then how come you start when you don't know a bit of coding

well try to get another version of firefox

reaching the limit is not a piece of cake though

I suggest you to use software for html coding otherwise it would be brain cracking task for you

hhmm the upper link is quite useful one in this regard

updation of BIOS seems to be the problem here

HOw come your screen be broken...?

hhmm lenovo does have graphics issues

it seems you have been decieved by the laptop seller

try to do it again with a new power cable

well interesting article lets see what google brings next

well strange one why shouldn't you download you required collection from internet

yes DFU mode may resolve your problem

you should buy I new one

Change your adapter then see what happens

I have certain reservations regarding Tiger so I advice better not to do so

I have also been suffered with OS issues

ipad is always be my choice so as my suggesstion for you also

well it seems dell brand is not much assembeled in line with Apple MAc

well it is strange to hear floppy drives in this era

well the question asked above is not clear

well looks like dvd has gone through too much crap try to keep your dvds at a seperate place.

try to be more precise in your question

well same problem I am facing too thanks for arising the question

you need recovery softwares