Well one of them translated to "What are you doing? What are you doing?" and that really long one is "Completion Completion Completion Completion Completion Completion Completion Completion Completed?"

I found this online, does this seem correct? http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31640210-WIN7-Chinese-letters-Words-in-registry

Hello Community,
I've been looking around my computers registry and have found a few weird keys under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\
The keys are:

I'll put them here too in case you want to copy and paste them or something:

Could anyone tell me what the heck these are about.

Hello Thomas_40,
I've had a look into getting this working again but have failed. However at the time of lookinf into getting it working again was when I've been busy. I'm planning on looking deeper into it once I'm not so busy. So there may still be a chance, I'll keep anyone posted on here.

What I'll try is disabling the parental controls and see if I can access it.

Ugh sorry for the late reply. I don't know why but I'm no longer receiving emails from DaniWeb. Sorry it doesn't matter now, we have gone with another provider with a cable service and is much faster. Thanks anyway.

Hey sorry for the late reply, I swear I didn't even get notified about this post.
The main Router is a cable router/modem which goes off to two routers. The main Router IP is the bungalow is and the kids one is I think it might be the settings between the main the router and the kids router. The way I've set is so all devices are black listed on the kids router, unless whitelisted, then I've blocked their devices from accessing the main Router/modem.
However even if I connect to the kids router I still can't access the bungalow router.

Hello DaniWeb Community,
I've recently switched to a cable internet service and with the modem/router our provider sent us which is a modem/router and the parental controls on it are crap so I've had to hook up our old router for the kids (dedicated for them).
So what I'm wanting to do is have access to all three routers on the network, here is a layout of the network.

1 is the bungalow
2 is the main modem/router
3 is the kids router (because as I said before the main router has crap parental controls)

So I'm wanting to know if there is any way to access 3 without having to go into the house and edit the settings.

I've thought of all these different way like as you said size and the way they could be packed, but how do I calculate it in the box? like all along side each other, stacked? This is the difficult part, AusPost really need to step up. Like their API is all over the place, if I could be bothered and had the time I was going to make an API attachment to "prettify" it.

Hello DaniWeb Community,
I'm making an online store and am wanting make a way to calculate the shipping the way I've got it at the moment is using this. However, it isn't good for multiple items. So if one item is $10 and another (smaller) item is $5, so the total is (obviously) $15. Only thing is, you could probably fit both items in a satchel and only have to pay the $10 (or so).
So how do I go about doing this? like how do other online stores do it? I would rather not have customers pay for more then what the shipping is worth (example a customer could buy $50 worth of small items that could fit in one box but would be charged one box/satchel per item).

Ok I've reset it, I'll see how it goes today.

Hello Daniweb Community,
Lately we have been experiencing slow internet, now the thing is. In the house we have 12 devices connected, then from the router it goes out to the bungalow which has around 5-7 devices.
The router we have in the house is a TP-Link Archer D50 and in the bungalow is a TP-Link Archer C2 and we have ADSL2+ (on the Optus network). The maxium speed we were told we're getting is around 6-7Mbps/Download and around 500-600Kbps/Upload.
The other problem we are having is, my sister can't even get a good connection on her PS4 (can't even check her friends), it sometimes won't even let her connect to the router.

Our idea was to drop Optus and go with iiNet and go on cable which usually is around 30-50 download and upload. However, will the issue still persist? Could it be the router? because it wasn't like a super-cheap router, around $150 (not expensive, but it wasn't like a cheap $50-$100 one), or could it be slow internet? when my sister was able to connect her PS4, she checked the speed and the download was something like 100-200 Kbps.

Could someone please give me your insight on this and I'd like to know what is a better solution (however we are still planning to move to iiNet when our contract with Optus runs out).

Hello Daniweb Community,
I've been given a Nighthawk (R7000) to checkout to see if I can get it working and I'm having no luck, I've plugged an ethernet cable straight from the router to my computer and it just keeps disconnecting and I've tried 3 of the ports on the back. It's not even giving out a Wi-Fi signal, I'd ask Netgear but I'm not paying for them to look at it.

As I said, I tried an ethernet cable (yes it works, It's one I've used in the past. Plus the router owner even tried her own at her house) and I tried any way (I would come up with) to access the login page. I tried the Netgear url (routerlogin.net) and the IP address (

So I ended up buying all those parts and it turned out successful, only problem was installing Windows as I got the OEM version it came on a disk and I didn't have nor want (only because I never need it) a disk drive so I had to buy an 8 GB flash drive, out the disk in my laptop copied the files onto the flash drive then put it in the desktop.

Thanks everyone for your insight.

Ok cool, with compatibility. I found this video, is it spot on with what he says?

Hello Daniweb Community,
I thinking about upgrading from my laptop to a desktop the main concern is either if I should buy one of build one. So as the title says this is mainly if I was going to build one.

To start off, my main concern about building one is compatibility. I'm not sure on if I buy a motherboard that I can buy whatever CPU, Graphics Card, etc... I'm not sure if there is like a guide I need to go off and even then does it all come down to if it's compatible with the motherboard? I have a cousin (that knows tons about this kind of stuff) that put a list of parts together like so (I think all the parts we found here http://www.msy.com.au)
Case: SHAW USB3.0 GT-GM4
CPU: Intel i3-6100
Motherboard: ASRock H110M-HDV
RAM: 8GB Single 2400 Crucial
Power Supply: Corsair 80+ Bronze CX V3 430
SSD: Crucial MX200 250G
HDD: WD Blue 1TB

So as I said could I get the motherboard from that list and just put any CPU (for example) in and it'll work fine. Same kind of thought goes for the drivers, how do I find/know what is the right one to get? Also what abo the BIOS?

I've looked up heaps of videos on how to put them together but all the ones I found (without crawling YouTube) are ones that don't really explain about compatibility and after putting it together (setup, installing Windows, downloading drivers, etc...)

So could ...

Oh cool thanks.

I know, which is why I was maybe thinking wireless access point might be a better solution. The rooms aren't all that big, but what do you mean by radius? The modem/router in the office nearly reaches room 1.

As far as a contractor goes I wouldn't be on here asking about this and we've already check prices and it's around $5,000 and the manager isn't prepared to spend that much.

Hello Daniweb Community,
I'm wanting to know if anyone has an idea on how to distribute wifi throughout a motel?
The idea I got is kind of simple but the thing is how do I set certain bandwidth of guests/rooms? so when a guest checks in they are given like 1GB for example then when they use it they can purchase more then the manager just adds in however much they pay for. My idea was just adding users however what routers can I use?

Here is my plan:

Ok so as mentioned here there is a way to add a note to the payer, the transaction is going through but the note it's appearing on either accounts not even in the notifications on the developers dashboard.

Also I've just updated to the newest version of the PayPal SDK which is 1.7.1

Ok well can anyone help me with using a different payment method I see here you can change the payment method to something like 'alternate_payment' but when I try to use that method I just get this error

    [name] => VALIDATION_ERROR
    [details] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [field] => payer
                    [issue] => For credit_card payment method, the supported funding instrument is credit_card or cardit_card_token 


    [message] => Invalid request - see details
    [information_link] => https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/#VALIDATION_ERROR

Hello Daniweb Community,
I was wondering if someone could help me with the PayPal PHP SDK (version 1.3.2), I'm just going off the examples they have provided here focusing on this I was just wondering if there is a way to attach delivery instructions (coming from the website, sending them to the API).

I think I might know where to start, I might try deleting the current loading script and trying a new one.

So how do I go about fixing this?

I've had a look at the website but I'm not sure what to do.

The bouncing balls show when it's loading. So do you mean it's now working?
I'm going to try that website out now, and I'll get back to you.

Ok, so I just got my other friend to try it and it doesn't work on his phone. For one friend it works, and the other it doesn't.

Well according to my friend, it works. Can a couple simple/small errors like that stop it from working on iPhone's?

Ok I got no where to download it and I'm not downloading it from an unofficial website, or some archive website. So I'll just ask my friend to try it on his phone.

I've fixed those errors, however what could testing it on Safari do? The persons phone I was looking at it on also had Chrome which I tried and also tried using Incognito mode and it still didn't work. I even got my friend to try it and it didn't work.

I'll install Safari anyway and have a look, but I really need to find the problem with why this is happening as it's my business website and I don't want customers to turn away.

F.Y.I Everywhere else I've tried it, it works. Like my Android phone, several computers, I think I've even tried it on my PS4.