Driver for what, make and model of the device you need a driver for will help us track one down for you. Also did you install a 32 or 64bit Win7?


Cross is correct you will need a CD-RW in order to rewrite not just a CD-R. If you decided to get new disks I would be careful with open sessions I have had problems with accessing data on a disk that was not finalized. I also wouldn't recommend a CD be your primary long term backup device, I personally use USB drives they are rather inexpensive now.

Food for thought: [url][/url]


When you select the OS for Win7 your only option is Software Patches. When you select the Vista you get Software Patches and Original Drivers.


I did some poking around and everything I have read states you will have to uninstall both and re-install office 2007 to get it back. Hopefully you still have the installation media from your original 2007 installation.

If you don't have the original key below is a link with advice on how to retrive the key from your registry. *hopfully this was not overwritten by a temporary key for the 2010 trial, best of luck.



Well I am afraid I have some bad news for you, I found your laptop:


But it looks like under downloads they only have software support listed, no driver support for Win7. So I dug a little deeper, and it looks like your model does not support Windows 7. Here is a list of Windows 7 supported models.



Target practice? :)

[QUOTE=rch1231;1550374]Ok why do you have the DNS set to and can you ping an IP address on the internet. Try pinging which is a public name server that you can also set as your DNS.[/QUOTE]

Hey rch1231,

Nice information to have didn't know the public dns server had such an easy address to remember, thx!

I am sorry, can you clarify a bit what you are looking for?

Hey Moone,

I am kind of curious what happens next time your application hangs and your just restart IIS Admin Service from your services.msc. Do you have auditing enabled? Are there any clues within your event logs?

I believe you are asking if you can run a portable application from a usb drive off a virtual machine, am I correct?

This thread [url][/url] states that USB is supported in Virtual PC since USB is supported it depends if the operating system you install supports the application you want to run.

Hello Ted,

Are all your MMC's broken? Do you get a blank screen with a red x in the upper left hand corner? If so I had the same problem and it was caused by installing a patch for .net I believe 3.5. After I uninstalling/reboot it my mmc worked fine, at which point I was able to reinstall the .net patch.

If other MMCs work don't bother uninstalling. If that is the case I agree with other posts you have read, it is really easy to reinstall WSUS which have done before when I broke mine.


If the benefits out weighs cost you could always by one of the licenses above and upgrade your system again. You would be looking at about 150, food for thought.

Also pathping might help identify where your bottleneck is if you have 2008 or windows 7 box around.

My .02 cents, I wouldn't stand up a Citrix environment it more of a dog then TS IMO. I am a huge fan of 2008 TS Gateway. I personally think this is a great solution for secure RDP sessions. I haven't used it for publishing applications yet so I can't speak to that.

Is the 192 address you populated correct? It looks like a gateway address to me.

+1 to "slapped upside the head"! RAID 5 could also be used if you need the additional disk space.

No problem would love to hear the results. I know how frustrating it is to be ssssooooo close to having a new build complete.

Did you disconnect and reconnect your display cable as well? I had a similar problem with my Dell a while back and this fixed my issue, best of luck.

Hey Nighthawk,

I had a similar problem a while back, I was able to work around it by using a IDE DVD-rom to install my OS since I had one laying around, might be a temporary workaround if you have one too at least for the installation. I later stumbled on a thread that stated I need to have my bootable drive connected to SATA port 1. I didn't test this since I haven't had to reload my OS, hope this helps.

Hey jlego,

Not at all, I didn't read it that way. I appreciate the correction, it would be nice if I was right 100% of the time :)

Yep you are right, it looks like Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise have XP mode. I thought I read it was only for Ultimate, thanks for the correction jlego.

Hey DuroF1,

I completely understand your frustrations been there myself. If you happened to have upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate you can use XP mode, below is a link with a walk through.



Master/Slave terminology is in references to old IDE/PATA drives/cables. SATA only allows for one device per cable, so there is no need for anything like master/slave. So, you just plugin the SATA cable the device along with power, and you're done. If you have two SATA HDs, then you'll have two cables.

Oh and if you SATA drive has two power connection an old 4 pin and a L shaped sata DO NOT PLUG POWER INTO BOTH!!! You will destroy the drive.

FYI, my motherboard requires my OS/Bootable drive to be connected to SATA 1. If you have the drive connected and you do not see it within my computer you may need to initialize and format the drive first via disk management. If you need help with this part let me know.


Welcome and yes you can. you might want to start a new thread with more details about what you are trying or would like to do. FYI, Most people will not reply to a hijacked thread.

They sure are! I am glad we were able to upgrade to datacenter licenses which covers our virtual farm now I don't have to worry about my MS OS's just everything else :ooh:


Gotcha, that makes perfect sense now, thanks for the clarification. You had me questioning my ethics with regards to licensing :).


Let me get this straight, if you bought a laptop from dell and over time the sticker was ripped, missing, faded, etc. You would contact the manufacture to get a replacement versus using one of the said utilities?

When Dell refuses to send you a brand new license key since they do not track keys to machines what would you do then go buy a new license?

If that is true you are a better man than I am, I would grab my legally purchased license versus buying a new one regardless of the state of the sticker. That is if I was just reinstalling my OS on the same equipment.

[QUOTE=KumarUtkarsh;1520650]I told you that use Safari is one of the best way to open or edit any file.
you must search a software "Songsbird" on Google and download it, Use it as explorer + notepad + editior + viewer and so more.

If satisfied then reply me...


Where was any of that listed in your original post? I had no problem downloading the file uploading a file is where the problem would come in to play.

This may be a good way to backup files if your explorer is corrupted but if you have no other options available IMO this will not work for replacing corrupted files. Unless there are a few steps missing.

For using all extensions file I will prefer Safari or Opera or Crome

This is your only recommendation and I was using Chrome.

BTW you didn't answer my question what operating system did you test this on?

Running windows 7 ultimate with chrome and this trick didn't work. I was able to save the file but no way to upload more or less it is displayed as a FTP site. When I used win 7 with IE it automatically opens in explorer so if it was corrupted this won't work either. Which OS did you try this on?

Nice!! Can you post the fix so it may help someone else in the same position?