That is funny one line says it Found the hardware:

Found InstID=PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3344

And three lines later it cannot find it, lol.

Cannot find compatible device for VEN_1106&DEV_3344

Bummer, yep it looks like a dead end. If it becomes a real problem at least the fix is cheap buying a agp card and disabling the onboard video.

Or you could always buy another video card the mobo says it has a AGP slot. I am sure you could pick you up pretty cheap at [url][/url]

Just checked newegg and a AGP card ranges from 29.99 to 79.99.

Did you happen to try and point the driver installation to the extracted folder? Other than that I'm out of ideas too. If pointing to the doesn't work only option I can think of is to contact MSI support and try and get a installation package that works.

Fingers are crossed!

No Problem, Ok so it looks like the MSI has a web based auto update feature:


Since we can't get the download to work why don't you give the live update a shot.

HHhhhmmmmm, give me a second to look at something.

So you were able to download and extract it and you get the error when you run the setup?

After you download the file are you able to successfully extract it?

How big is the file after you download it?

Oooppps didn't look up, you said XP in the original post... let me know if that last link works for you.

I am showing a different file name.

File Name:


what os are you running?

No problem, Ok that is what we needed.

I found your motherboard page here: [url][/url]

Go to the download tab and select your os and download your driver.

Hey Sid,

Are you able to launch an application with admin privs? What type of NTFS privs do your users have on the share, they aren't limited to read only are they?

Going off this site [url][/url] it looks like it is F1, F2, or F3. I would suggesting repeatedly pressing F1 from the moment you press the power button until you get the blinking underscore. If that doesn't work move on to F2, rinse, wash and repeat. Let me know if none of them work and I will dig a little deeper.

BTW I have notice that most splash screens cover the message stating which button to press. In the past I have been able to identify the button needed by quickly pressing esc to get rid of the splash screen. This does not always work my success ratio is about 75% of the time.


Oh to change the firewall setting you want to click start and type "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" do not select "windows firewall" it doesn't show all the settings.

Hey Abhigame,

Windows 7 has three different built in firewalls Domain, Private, and Public. I have a hardware firewall at home and work. So I always keep my OS firewalls disabled.

I would first disable all of them and test your site again. I would also check that your antivirus doesn't have some type of built in firewall as well. Also something to keep in the back of your mind if the firewall turns out to be your problem. Some MS patches will automatically enable your firewall even if it is disabled.

I really doubt a modern sounds card will work, I personally wouldn't waste my money on one.

This site states they have a driver for your card, I have used driverguide in the past and they didn't infect the drivers with viruses like other sites did in the past.


Yep you have several options, here you go....


Hey Striker,

This one had me curious, after a TON of searching I found several sites that had partial information. Then I hit the gold mine!


This site has a very detailed breakdown and step by step direction. I would be very interested to hear how this turns out for you.



When you have something playing in the browser open up your volume mixer and see if the volume setting for that particular application is muted or set to low.

Right click on the speaker icon in your system tray and select "Open Volume Mixer" if you have several things open that have audio outs you may have to scroll to the right.

I had a similar problem with my windows 7 installation and this fixed it for me. I imagine you tested the same site with IE or another browser and audio works properly?


While looking for drivers for you I found this post:

"Hi, well you guys have all been fooled by the N1996 in big alphanumerics. That some Australian certification number. The normal place for board numbers is between the PCI slots on most brands of motherboard. If you look there you will see MS-6178 ver x.x or some other number...
Ok the mystery is solved, the board is not N1996 but MS 6178 ver 1.1 in my True Blue PC. Go to MSI Global ? Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more Bios, driver, manuals, everything!

so ignore the N1996 on any board...and keep looking for the number between the slots."

Can you double check the model of your motherboard. Or take a picture of and post it here?

If you messed with the Bios and now you are hanging during boot there could be several reasons why, you are now overclocking your mem or CPU or possible changed the boot order. I would recommend resetting the bios to the default settings.


[QUOTE=Serunson;517871]I would recommend looking for RAM at this site:
It is a very good site which has been running successfully for a couple of years now. Use there system scanner to identify what RAM your computer can support.[/QUOTE]

Nice... that system scanner will come in very handy thanks Serunson!

[QUOTE=hughv;516751]Remove the entry from the startup folder.
You are in serious need of more memory.
Most people think 512 MB is the minimum for XP, and RAM is cheap nowadays.[/QUOTE]

I agree with hughv I would defiantly recommend additional memory at least another GB. I also looked at IMVU's website and it appears that AVG is triggering a false positive with IMVU's application and may have quarantine needed files. Take a look at their site for additional information. If you still plan on using IMVU I would add the application to your exceptions list or uninstall it if you no longer us the application. [url][/url].


Try doing a search on the old hard driver for *.pab. Older version of Outlook stored contacts in a seperate file. If you do find this you can import it via Outlook File->Import and Export->Import from another program or file->Personal Address Book-> then browse to the file.


Bobby is correct you have a couple of ways to complete this, one you can put the old hard drive in the new comp. Or you can purchase an external chassis like these for around 20 bucks [url][/url] (these enclosures are compatible with ata and sata drives) and copy the data you off via USB.

Are you able to bring up a command prompt application by double clicking it ie c:\windows\system32\nslookup.exe?


[COLOR=#434343]Agreed but that is what keeps me employed so I can't complain....... :)[/COLOR]