I agree with Mike. I had the same thing happen to me

[quote=thnass]i'm using a dell notebook but i think the hard drive is locked with a password and it says "The system primary hard disk is protected by a password authentication system.You can not access data on this hard drive without the correct password."
WHAT DO I DO?[/quote]

Scrap it, and get a new one. Charge your data loss to the game :)

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What are your computer specs. Inorder for me to provide you with a possible solution, ill need as much information about your computer.

Processor Type; Speed
Year model.

Best Regards

Ill be more than willing to provide you with a free account of a small size ( 500MB Disk Storage ; 7GB Bandwidth ; cPanel / Fantastico / RvSkins ).

Im however not open to the public, but have the ability to provide hosting with [B]zero [/B]downtime

Feel free to email me or PM for more information.

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Depending on what im using the linux distrobution for. I prefer Fedora, centOS and Debian.