Plan for SEO in 2013 is adding unique and fresh content in website. Load Time, Structure and other technical thing is also important, but it not more effects in ranking. But Content is important in ranking, and google also loves fresh and unique content.

Add given techniques in your list

1) Add Website in Google Webmaster tools
2) Add XML Sitemap, also add in GWT
3) Solve Canonical issues
4) Also solve all technical and seo issues of website.

Pinterest VS Facebook - I think facebook is best place to promote your business or services in online market.

Promoting you profile by doing social bookmarking, post & tweets in Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites

Try Guest post its is new techniques to promote the website ranking & traffic too. Also write submit articles & press release about your business or services.

Nofollow is a tag that simply tells search engines not to crawl, or notice, a link on a page. No link juice is transfer Nofollow tag. Other hand Dofollow tells serach engine to crawl page. In Dofollow few % of link juice is transfered.

If you want to promote your website in Yahoo, than the main thing is you will add your website in yahoo directory ( Yahoo is paid directory). If you unable to paid then see your competitor in yahoo for top ranking & see what they are doing, in which website they promote their website, than you must have do same things.

All proivides good information about off page optimization techniques, I will add some some techniques by which you promote website like

1) Blog Creation & Promotion -: Create blog in free blog creation sites like blogspot, wordpress, blog etc, add post related to your business services & add your website in the content of that post.

2) Create Free website -: In online market their is various webnsite who provides free website creation options where you create wesbite at free of cost, from their you promote your website.

3) Guest Posting

Diretory Submission is the SEO Off page techniques by which you will indexed your keywords which helps your website to rank well in serach engine result pages.

Linkedin is best Social Networking site

Vote which is the best Social Networking sites to promote business. #.

1) LinkedIn

2) Facebook

3) Twitter

4) Google Plus

5) Pinterest

If your website is in apache server then you redirect website with the help of .htaccess. Always use 301 redierction to redirect page becauses rediect website with 301 passes 90-90% of link juice to redirect pages.

Link building not penalized your website if you have doing quality work. Exchange links with your theme website & google cache website etc. Quality is the main not Quantity.

Check your robots.txt file. Or provides your website URL

You have to do given below activities to improved your rankings in google

1) Add Unique Meta tags in every page of website
2) Add Uniques content in every page
3) Optimize the images
4) Submit website in google webmaster tools
5) Optimize & promote proper landing page of website
6) Heading Optimization

Above are some ON Page Actvities & below is some off page SEO Activities
1) Directory Submission
2) Deep Links
3) Social bookmarking
4) Article Submission
5) Press Release Submission
6) Social Media Marketing
7) Blog commenting
8) Local Marketing
9) Forum Posting
10 Ad posting