Hi there. I'm trying to wrap my brain around something that is probably really simple - once you know how.
I want to print the name of each park, only once, along with a list of its features.

I have the following SQL query...

$query = 'SELECT id, name, feat_name
FROM allparks
LEFT JOIN prkcombine ON allparks.id = prkcombine.pk_id
LEFT JOIN prkfeature ON prkcombine.pkfeat_id = prkfeature.pkfeat_id
WHERE allparks.id =$id';

This yields the following result:

id  name        feat_name
2   Municiple Park  Cricket pitch
2   Municiple Park  Cycle/walking track
2   Municiple Park  Picnic benches

How do I using this SQL result to print something like this:

        <h3>Municiple Park</h3>
            <li>Cricket pitch</li>
            <li>Cycle/walking track</li>
            <li>Picnic benches</li>


Hi there!
I need enlightenment on the subject of altering an A record for a website domain name.

I have obtained the correct IP address and provided it to the holder of the domain name records so he can change the A record. As far as i am aware this is all that needs to happen for a website to appear when the domain name in entered into the browser.

But it doesn't.

Instead, when I type my domain name (or IP address) it redirects to ../cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi where a cPanel "Default Web Site Page" loads instead of MY website.

I've contacted my hosting provider for information and assistance but have reached a dead-end. (I usually get good support from my host)

Do you know what the problem could be, and how I can fix it?