Yes my thoughts as well

History tells us that the present state of affairs will continue until someone breaks the cycle. I don't think that reaching across the aisle will work at present, but neither does brutal insults. The Dems are a political party, commited to some broad vision of the way the world should work, as soon as they get to work operationalising that with committed policies, the sooner they stand out from the mob. I keep saying they rather than we because I am a progressive from the UK, having spent much of my life in Australia and New Zealand and now my golden years in the Philippines, because the cost of living is within my pension budget. I have a wife and a daughter of three years and my vision where ever I have lived has been to have a govt that recognises that capital without labor is worth zilch. That a country that invests in universal health care, universal free education, encourages companies where the workers own the action, where companies have to contribute to workers pensions, where a minimum wage is at least 50% above the breadline, and where infrastructure development and maintenence is seem as a. Where Citizens United is seen for what it is and the law can only be changed when a majority want that change. Now there are a few ideas for policy development that would give the GOPs something to do with the time they currently use developing poorly fashion fakes news. Sorry but I ...

The next two years and the performance of the Dems in the house will fuel either more gains or GOP revival. I hope the Dems now move toward policies and leave the name calling to the other side.

I agree html and CSS are a great combo and lead into Javascript. and will give you great free tutorials in html and the latter throws in some CSS. Udemy has some great courses and they really are exceptional value currently.
Anything you get stuck on we will all try to help.

The same was repoted in several counties in Georgia. The only answer at this late stage is to encourage voters to check their ballots thoroughly

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Love the cartoon, not being a coder of any great note I cannot comment except to say that the cartoonist is half right, there is some incredibly amazing software created every day, think of the Nasa software engineers, the aircraft software engineers, the lift software engineers, without them their producy would still be pioneering and not as safe as it is today. There is also incredibly bad software
does blockchain fit the good or bad software team, I think both, why do I think it may have a use in a voting machines because of the very characteristics that make it useless in many applications. Have a read and join the discussion, it may offer a solution, because its strengths lie in maintaining the integrity of data, but the downsides may make it not viable. Throwing it out or keeping it because of confirmational bias is not a useful way to find a solution to the problem of getting voting machines to record and store accurately and securely the votes that people or obviously meant to cast.

Agile Mind well their is a first time for every thing. Perhaps I was little early in congratulating everyone for their maturity in discussing the very hot subject of alleged voting fraud and how voting machines with the right features might help to ameliorate this. I believe that more votes are lost or misdirected because of poor voting administration than any number of individuals voting illegally. In fact reports of voter fraud are rarely substantiated
The whole point of voting is that is to have your say, part of the solution to ensuring that happening is the best voting machine technology. It is a solution that everyone should be interested in, and something that in the past has been tackled in a bi-partisan way. So no ploy in that I just made an accurate comment in passing that if we weren't so polarised we might get further with voting machine technology that comment is based on history, a fact, not a ploy. So unless I have missed something I think your comment is disingenious and adds nothing to the conversation.

Reverend JIm thanks for taking the risk of raising the subject in our current state. What a great and mature discussion. If we were not so polarised, and hating the others label, perhaps we could discuss this at a political level so that voters get what they voted for. Keep the discussion going guys and don't write of blockchain it is protectiong hundreds of millions, a ballot is not to much of a stretch.

Well I am going to run against the tide.
I would like to know if this is a regular occurance or just when you get caught up in a project. If the former then i agree with most of the input, but if the latter I would say don't make a mountain out of a molehill, it sounds to be as if your enthusiasm for a project may consume you from time to time, and in my opinion that is excellent for you and your clientelle, and when the project is done you can time out relax and be "normal" whatever that is.