I am having two file (File A and File B) of sequence. In File A, thousand of sequences are in fasta format (For example:>seq1


In File B, Two differnt things are avilable first is the sequence number i.e. >seq1 and its position number 10-120 similarly others pattern are like >seq1, 8-84 , >seq2 11-45 are avilable.

I want to first search sequence file of File B i.e. >seq in File A if it is matched than extract the specific position of sequence i.e. 10-120 and get output in other file with sequence like >seq1 TTGCGTGGTTTCATGAAGGTTTTACTaTCCCGAGGAGCCTCATTAAATTGGCAAGACTCATTAAATTGGCAAGAGGTGTTTGCGTGGTTTTGG.

I will really thankful for kind of help.