Hi rch1231,

malware bytes has already been tried. Didn't work.

The client had, prior to my visit, tried 4 different AV/malware programs. One had found the problem but been unable to remove it.

Hi all,

I was at a customers site today, and had a real interesting one.

He had a browser hijacker/Malware/Virus that had been detected by Avast (or one of the three of four other AV softwares that he had installed and uninstalled in the past weeks). It was presenting annoying advert pop-ups and unwanted extra windows randomly appearing - some looked convincingly like Adobe upates etc.

It is called "ZequitaeKryoniece".

No results on Google Search or others for info on the software, No results on the offending PC with a windows search (including Hidden Folders). No results when running Junkware Removal Tool (JRT), Malwarebytes and ADWCleaner. BUT there it was running as a Windows Service - unknown author and it couldn't be stopped.

It was in C:/Program Files (x86) and could only be found if you used a DOS window to search for it.

It cannot be deleted (access denied on all attempts to delete, change attributes etc.) although my DOS skills are a bit rusty so I'm looking at this now.

However, I did manage to change MSConfig so it won't start at the PC start and deleted all references to it in the Windows Registry and then reset the PC's Web Browsers to not use a proxy server.

Several tests and re-boots seem to show the gremlin is no longer there but I'm worried about leaving a malicious program on a customer PC - even if it is "dormant"

Any ideas ?

Anyone heard of this before ?

Hi rubberman,

Thanks for the input.

I can't see a driver error on the event logs and yesterday after I wrote the post, the backlight didn't work at all, no matter how I shutdown/re-booted.

I replaced the inverter myself as this was the original issue. I haven't yet looked at the backlight as its part of the screen and dont want to buy one of those just yet !! might just be worth telling my customer to get a new laptop !!

Hi Mike, no problems. Maybe do a factory reset on the router as well to ensure it accepts the ip address from the manual and also (not trying to teach you to suck eggs - but just in case) use a cat5/6 cable for configuring AP's, routers and repeaters, not wireless.

Have a great weekend and let me know how you get on.

Hi Michael, I would also use Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) and ADWareCleaner and then re-install MBAM. This has worked for me inthe past.

Hi, if the ASUS has a Repeater/AP/Router switch on the back of the unit or in the software then you should be able to use it with pretty much any Wi-Fi Router. I use an ASUS RT-N12 in repeater mode connected to my Netgear 3700 router and it works OK - bit flaky and a bit slow but it works.

Hi all,

Here's a strange one - just replaced a screen backlight inverter on a toshiba satellite U-400. All works fine. Then it becomes intermittent.

When I close the laptop lid (Laptop goes into hibernate) and open it again, the screen invertor won't work - the unit boots up and the screen is there (if you shine a flashlight onto it - you can see the desktop).

So, I shutdown the laptop, re-boot and put inot sleep then hibernate, then sleep etc. and all is fine

Then I shut the lid, wait for it to hibernate and open the lid - no screen backlight

Any ideas ?
Invertor ?
lid switch ?

Hi Mike,

Can you log on to the Repeater/AP and check the security settings there ?

It sounds like these need setting up manually.

While lots of manufacturers say their Wi-Fi repeaters are "zero config", I've installed quite a few and all have needed some kind of maunal configuration.

I have just started to use PowerLine extenders as well (TP-Link TL-PA400 series) - wired and wireless and these are great.

Let me know how you get on ?