For SEO any kind of softwre is quite dangrious so do not do this .

SEO is going to change day by day it is just to provides the better results for user.

Simply the thing that is above or below the Google guide line is called as balck hate and it spaming .

There are positive results in search engine after these update user can get easily what he want to get .

There are three kind of keywords use in the SEO 1. log tail keywords 2. short tail keywords 3. keyword (generic).log tail keywords are more easy to optimize then the others one .

This is word specifically use for search engine ranking and postions about your keyword

Google getting 20 % new queries from users which were never before, As there was Google traffic cut off time nearly 30 minutes is there any relation between these two?

Looks like somebody tripped on the network cable on our server again. NO traffic for long periods today. 20 and 30 minute periods of absolutely NOTHING! Well, at least it can't get any worse that zero? Can it? Come on what gives? I was in the serps, but ZERO? Did every on the planet die?

If you want to index your site in few mintes you have to use Twitter share five links over there and other option id that you have to post yahoo answers. this is rock science which i am sharing with you .

Your question is very good no one answer your question uptil now , i want to clear it according to my knowldge if you put your keyword as it or use it with the sentance formate the Google boot or you say indexer when search it make the seagments of that keyword or sentance so there is no issue regarding this .Yes there is another chance that if you put the keywords there is maximun chance for you so that meta keywords appear in search instead of sentance.

Good ones are these techniques will give you definitely good ranking
as Social media , business listing , add posting , press realses

Yes classified posting is use for this purpose as well you can get the keyword ranking in search engine as well.

Is blogspot do follow know?

Deel it with proper way it may harm your site as well .

Good services but they are going in unnatural way i feel like that ,

Its depend upon you competors blogs or backlinks you need analysis any SEO expert can help you it is not possible for you to beign a writer you can put your keyword on first page

You can increase the traffic using social media in smart way and page rank will automaticaaly increased.

I think you can solve this issue by providing the reference on each page of it source .There are many sites colleting the data from different sites but those are at good position up till now you can analyze their paling as well .

This is not possible,to get good postion in serch engine just you have to change the SEO style according to the Google updates .

Submitt your page on different directories , post it in yahoo answers , spreat it on social site , it may indexed that day of your submission

After Google panda , penguin update there is clear message for link builder to stop it otherwise penalty , sand box , spam , over optimization are option in Google hand waiting for your site , is it so ? If yes then what is the replacement of link building .

If you want to improve your website then have look on your site as a user point of view then you can easily get the answer of this question

There is no need to relivancy in profile linking due to relaxtation about this in author bio there could be any information so that provide the strong back link

analyzea answers is Authentic one ,

The most word or pharase are keywords for you site ,we see there search volume and scence with nature of your site

What kind of auto approve site you want to search ?

we can say that ORM is the part of SEO which is collect of some SEO techniques who can not affored SEO we offers them ORm in snal packge

This is not harful with the SEO point of view this is simply thr trtack for a person who want to know at any stage from where he start to walke and now where he is

we can say some forums are outstanding and most of them are below the standerd line for good backlinking

The main thing which is differ in both case is change of algorihum , both use different algo for ranking , Yahoo do not care about keyword stuffing ,depend mostly on site