I think no one beat FB

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well it all depends on the traffic and popularity of ur site.

I think google + is never beat FB.

I think On FB get in contact with many people , discuss with them for any issue and try to solve it by providing the best and useful content. And create your fan page on FB , make groups of the friends. And create ad for your business and then update your FB profile. So this way your group can receive the notice for your business ad and this way you can get more success for your business.

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yes i am so late.

thansk to share this info.

Chikita target their ads by how your site was found . So for example if your site was found on google search with the keyword " credit cards " the ads that will be displayed are around that niche.

I have read that chikita do pay very well if you have decent SE traffic. Yahoo and MSN searches give better Ecpm than google search.

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I am full agree with you.

I am also agree with bulidng links.

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I am full agree frinds.

No google Plus not beat the Facebook.
Its true.

Yes i am full agree with you.

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Yes there are many terms use in the PPC compain , CTR is good thing will give you good result if you take good analsis .

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