It's pity that you don't know how much sufferings Germans brought to my land.
But we won.

I spelt it as "votka" on purpose.
In russian sometimes it's difficult to tell "t" from "d"
Cheers, guys!
Thank you for your help for us in WWII.

oh/// kids, you dont know what the help was to Russia from UK, in WWII
Even love stories occured/ with british sailors


could you please produce several other examples of such language "distortion"?

happygeek, I got a true quarrel on the russian forum about what is useful for the health and what is not. But to explain anything to these fools is useful.

Recently I watched russian TV, a program abt GB help for us, in WWII. It's incredible. English & Russian sailors were kissing and hugging each other. Pity that you now kick us to . You must be wiser, you simple ppl from the streets.

Our favorite Karl Marx was begging money from his uncle , who founded his dutch elecronic empaire - Phillips

It's very interesting.

In some sense Belarus (it's situated between Poland and Russia) is an unique country.
Here is 2 state languages: Belarussian and Russian (in this order). But the former is completely ignored by people. Ignored because it's very embarassing (and even "shameful") to speak in it. It sounds as a language of uneducated peasants. Of course, it is not this (it's an ancient language, but the impression of it is - a distorted Russian).

What happened to our pride?
Russians are a nation of thieves - an opinion from inside. I hate them all.
I'm not a Muslim, or a Jew. My both parents are from Bielorussian villages.
Both village idiots, so to speak =)

48 percent of patients in study quit before diagnosis, most before onset of symptoms

Many longtime smokers quit spontaneously with little effort shortly before their lung cancer is diagnosed, leading some researchers to speculate that sudden cessation may be a symptom of lung cancer.

Most patients who quit did so before noticing any symptoms of cancer, according to the study, which was published in the March issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO), the official monthly journal of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

"It is widely known that many lung cancer patients have stopped smoking before diagnosis," said Dr. Barbara Campling, professor in the Department of Medical Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. "This observation is often dismissed, by saying that these patients must have quit because of symptoms of their cancer. However, we found that the majority of lung cancer patients who stopped smoking before diagnosis quit before the onset of symptoms. Furthermore, they often quit with no difficulty, despite multiple previous unsuccessful quit attempts. This has led us to speculate that, in some cases, spontaneous smoking cessation may be an early symptom of lung cancer."

Researchers interviewed 115 lung cancer patients from the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, all of whom had been smokers. Fifty-five (48%) had quit smoking before diagnosis, and only six of those (11%) had experienced symptoms of lung cancer by the time they quit. Patients with ...

if you are an Afghan then why do you live in America?
Why we lost the war? Simply because it became a sense-less action.

Moscow, Saint-Petersburg are very rich towns,
and they are full of Afghan heroine. Is it normal?
Thank you, Afghan brothers!

happygeek commented: yawn +0

it's your opinion, my opinion is opposite to yours.
They are smart only in planting and growing opium poppy.
I doubt they know what is 2 + 2 equal to.
I'd called them: swines.

<M/> commented: just stop... +0
happygeek commented: another racist, xenophobic, bigoted rant - what a surprise +0

Yes, it was our mistake - Afghanistan.
But we really thought that we brought into this country the kindess and socialism.
Then it will turn out they need NO our help and services.
They want make heroine only. Nothing more. They are stupid animals.

<M/> commented: bigot... +0
happygeek commented: Please keep your racist/xenophobic rants to yourself - keep it pleasant still applies here +0

Am I a spammer here?
I hate all them, Lenin, Stalin, Breghnev, Putin, Eltsin
I hate all Russia - it's totally corrupted - from up to bottom.
All her ppl are corrupted, both morally and physically.

Why, it is because of money and politics...

It is impossible, in principle.
Yes, we, Russians, like to discuss on forums abt American, Chinese threats etc.
But it's just words. Nothing above it.

Give me only one example when Russia attacked someone.
We were attacked by monlols, then by Napoleon, then by Japan, then by Hitler.

In my very poor country I'm sitting with 3G-modem
and I'm unemloyment for last 6-7 years. Where do I get money?
It is my secret.

My mom (b. 1926) suffered, in WW2, from Germans.
Not too much, they were quite polite.
But she ate clever then vomit it.
Nothing was to eat.
My little aunt just died from hungry.
Her name was Nina.

I can't imagine why Russia could attaccks the USA
The country which born Mark Twain and German Melvill and Harvard and Berkley and MIT

I understood NOTHING from your words!
Nuke you? Why? We are not so crazy.

Really, guys, nobody here - in Russia in Ukraine - hate you
Yes, they repeat an empty words "What America allows to yourself!"
But it simply words, they mean nothing. NOTHING.
Now our country divided into 2 camps: those who approved Magnitsky's list and those who agains tit
What say the first. You ssukis, bithces, you take the future from our children.

MikeyIsMe, thank you =)

I love America to my very guts.
Not because it is richer (by 10-20 times) than my Belarus.
I love it for its spirit. In the USA I'd be a republicanian.
Maybe I'd change my mind after getting there.

Who is guilty? It is Mark Twain with his "Tom Saywer".
The best book I've ever read.

And, yes, there is a lang barrier between you and me.
I read almost freely English texts (I know ~10,000 English words),
but I can't speak it and it's not an easy job for me to write in it.

Your country is a toyish one.
What could you do in space without Wernher von Braun?
True, we stole from you A-bomb (Klaus Fuchs trick).
But again, in your A-bomb team was Russian chemistist Kistyakovsky.
Without his calculations you could not do nothing.

yes, we live much worse than you.
The USA & America are wonderful a state & a country. I totally admit this fact.
But we here, in Belarus, life is not bad, too. People here have posh cars, they buy everything you can imagine.
Medicine here is abs free, gas, electricity are very cheap.
Kinder-gardens almost free - just a symbolic payment.
Education free from any charge.
Just think to yourself about Genady Korotkevitch
He bit all team of Straustroupe.
You're losers.

About the Cold War.
Yes, we lost it. But nobody here minds it.
And what did you gain? You gained social guarantees.
Actually, you live nice lives because we got lose.

Afhan - it was our political mistake.

About children & beasts.

It was words our the greatest poetess - Anna Akhmatova:
Americans were always children, but after Peorl Harboure they will turn into beasts.

Guy, pal,
remember for good:
Russia could/can turn you into dust DUST in 3-5 minutes.
Its your illusion to think abt us as a weak country.
We are invincible.
In my country many students from Pakistan, India etc
we are very peacefull ppl but in need we are beastes.