Some russians let out three piglets on an US school territory. They painted on them #1 #2 #4.
The school guard catched them very quickly, but they seeked for #3 for a week.

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Stopped smoking?
Never. 30-40 cigarettes per day.

They, who have money, buy it in the prison shop or get it (via postal service) from outside (from "volia").

As for pruno ("bragha"). They make it too (secretly, of course). But the drinking of the tchifir is an unique and authentic rite.

Why "chile" instead of "child"?
Is it a kind of slang?

When I worked I each labour day , 5 out of 7, hiked from my workplace to my house abt 1h 20m, and in a very fast pace. 6 years in a row.

What do you, native BE/AmE English language speakers, think of it?

Summing up the discussion:
my mom (b.1926) liked very much Lady Thatcher.
Me as my mom.

The first one is GCD = Greatest Common Divisor