both of you don't understand- I'm studying IT(Program systems),and it like homework or something...and yes you both rights, it's more likeable to do with coding, then boring stuff as copy -pasting the continents...

I know website with MSword -pretty simple...I need to create website like type.I tried the
simpliest way- just creating single web page per each document,and hmm,it works, but when you start editing html
, some of the pages can't be edited,because- all stuff wiped out only some buttons left. I know it's possible to
create with frames.How to do frames- i tried and didn't work-only the left corner is framed, but still not
convinced it's a frame.Tried to find from "all commands ",but...Really i need some tips, and how to use
frames.Have no clue -how to use it....And creating single pages and after what converting into html- changes
style of letters, everything mest up...I heard something to do with ,,tempelate",also have no clue -how to do
what- know how to do tempelate.P.S no Html codding for this job needed- it's simple hyperlink per html doc based
newsletter.(MS 2007)
So please...any suggestions?

Public Sub EnterTheSum()
Dim strsum As String

strsum = Application.InputBox("Enter the sum")
If (strsum > 5000) Then
MsgBox ("Reenter sum")
strsum = Application.InputBox("Enter the sum")
Range("C5").Value = strsum
Range("C5").Value = strsum

End If
End Sub

Tricky little excel.what to do if vba ignores else statement?I know this code is wrong ,but it works -until second wrong input, and "else ".Yesterday was ok, now i have to do my project from the begining...

Need help with this code, it counts only the second after "And".And if it possible to do like if cell("2.3")<point
Is it possible to do aritmetics with cells or do smth with other operators?

Sub hugo()
    Dim point As Double

    InputBox ("Enter The Closing Point(Between 1.1-1.6)")

    If point >= 1.1 And point < 1.6 Then
        MsgBox ("Reenter point")
        InputBox ("Enter The Closing Point")
        Range("D25").Value = InputBox("Enter The Closing Point(Between 1.1-1.6)")
    End If
End Sub

and how to make data query to be refreshed only one per sheet,I mean how to make sheet independable from others

So there is a problem: I get data from the internet in table form( currency),and i want to get it into the chart form,and after refreshing-it could show the same as real forex trading platforms. And sorry for typing not in right direction, VBA close to /excel..and couldn't find any closest

...and ftw with this rich text box- why it marks all the sentence i wrote... and can't sometimes edit in here?


i'm not stuck enywhere, just need to know formula or smth,i'm using just prime numbers identification
for (i = 2; i<=sqrt(n); i++)}
if (n % i == 0); // If i divides n evenly,*

not a list but 1 prime number which is higher then inputed number

Need to find larger prime number then has been to do that: I cin 5 the reult it self should be 7...?

need to find the smallest number from 6 numbers.first need to find the smallest from 2 numbers... then the smallest from the leftovers.simple-using if-else,but its consuming and time and space, second part needed

IS any1 know really good book c++ for beginner?

just in case is there are posibility to make more than 1 typing in my code with boolan?

for(int n=7;n!=len+35;n++)

like this ,if yes it counts what polindrome is not polindrome

maybe instead boolan I had to use other attribute?

using namespace std; // the namespace for cout<< & such functions
int main()
char strn[5];
cout<<"Enter the string: ";
int len=strlen(strn);

bool plnd=true; // create a Boolean value, "plnd" to be used in our loop

for(int n=0;n!=len/2;n++) // do a loop from 0 to half the length of the string
if(plnd) // if it is a palindrome so far
if(strn[n]!=strn[len-n-1]) // check the characters match
plnd=false; // if they don't set the indicator to false



// if plnd is true cout "Palindrome" otherwise output "Not Palindrome"

cout<<"Not Palindrome";



how to make what this code continue after typing second number?

char strn[9999];
cout<<"Enter the string: ";
int len=strlen(strn);

what mean ,,char strn[9999];number .as i see i can write any number it works nothing changes?

can anyone make an ex.i'll be thankfull

So I'm beginner starting software enginering studies

here condition:

Given number n ( n<=9999)

need to identify if this n is palindrom(ex. 7777,8228,0220...). Need to write in c++ language.thanks