I would recommend switching your website to Wordpress as you can download and use a plugin called, 'Jet Pack'. One of it's features will automatically create a mobile version of your website for you.

Does anyone else find the online world scary? I mean if we keep going the way we have been going then we will be spending more time communicating online than face to face. More businesses are becoming online based, more people work from home. Will face to face communication end one day?

$100 billion Facebook valuation for a website? I believe websites should be valued at the income they generate, just as normal businesses are, not just from the say so from some top stock market insider. I bet stock traders got a lot of commission on the day that FaceBook floated!

I think that FaceBook could create a search engine within social network that bases it's search results on what it's friends or a larger group of people like. I don't think people will move to Google + for their social network, it's just too much of a move for people to start again.

LinkedIn advertising is quite useful for reaching targeted audiences i.e. by job title. Can't say yet if the adverts get noticed or if other LinkedIn users actually click the ads or not.

As FaceBook is the social network of choice and so many people are using it, how could Google possibly convince people to move away as start again with Google +? It's not going to happen.

It is important to get return on investment, but this isn't always achievable using free software. We use A1WebStats as it provides us with huge insights into how well our website is doing and it's obvious when a page isn't converting visitors as it should do.

We use A1WebStats as it tells us the details of any companies that have visited the website.