While the hack happened 3 months ago, the above really did not cover it completely,
The Trojan Tepfer only infects Windows PCs. It pretends to be svchost.exe, Win32.exe or other Windows-only application that keeps attempting to entice users to open something, thus infecting themselves.

Normally, w/ Tepfer, the infection vector is via eMail with a malicious attachment. In this case it appears that the exploit vector was Javascript/Flash, using an iframe, the javascript got put into server memory and kept replacing this code in memory after the cron job ran that removed the malicious code and replaced it with the good code. Those two servers were pulled offline while a new SSL key was enabled.

Thanks to Google for catching this one. The payload would have only worked on Windows PC.

About Tepfer specifically:

Tepfer infects Windows machines ONLY. (No proof of any Linux or MacIntosh computers getting infected)
Some side effects of an infection are (c/o : http://www.yac.mx/en/guides/trojan-horse-guides/20131203-how-to-remove-Trojan/Tepfer-E-through-yac-virus-removal-tool.html:)

    Trojan/Tepfer-E may keep opening up cmd exe, notepad exe, calc exe, word exe;
    Trojan/Tepfer-E is really difficult to be traced and removed.
    Trojan/Tepfer-E creates high resource-consuming files.
    Steal sensitive data like passwords, credit card, bank account information,etc
    Trojan/Tepfer-E often takes up high resources and strikingly slows down your computer speed.

About iframes:

Thanks to W3School (http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_iframe.asp), we know that an iframe uses a src="" stmt, while this is usually a website, a htm or html file. And of course Javascript files are loaded when those .html files load (userperfs.js for example). ...

I ran into this awhile back, the aha moment for me was when I performed a var_dump on the resource returned by the mysql_fetch_row() command.

[CODE]$query = "SELECT * FROM $tablename";

$dbq = mysql_query($query) or die ( "Query failed on table: $tablename

".mysql_error() );

var_dump ( $dbq ); [/CODE]

resource(3) of type (mysql result)

So basically I had a pointer to the array, [I]not the actual data of the arra[/I]y, when I later ran my mysql_fetch_row($dbq) command.

To verify that I was on the right track, I put in the following print stmt and when it successfully printed data, I knew I was on the right track...

[CODE]$data = mysql_fetch_row($dbq);
print $data[0]."-".$data[1]."-".$data[2]."-".$data[3]."
"; [/CODE]

Of course the obvious issue is that I could not always guarantee that my table would only have 4 fields to a row could I. Thankfully mysql_num_fields($dbq); solves that problem.

I don't have time to specifically address your code at the moment, will try to come back online later tonight or tomorrow and see if you responded that this helped you to fix your problem or not.

Instead I offer a code snippet that I know worked for me that should help you work out the logic in your two while loops. I just happened to use two [B]for[/B] loops in my old example. I am sure you can work out the results for your while loop.

I hope this helps you.



// connect and use the database. ...

Good point shadowfire and thanks for the links.

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft you never learn. This is why so many more are getting off your self made roller coaster...as am I. I am not completely Linux yet, but most certainly heading that way.

Do you remember "General Protection Fault" (Memory problems that Microsoft never fixed, yet released a guide for troubleshooting that took 3+ hours to go through for each attempt yet never worked and they knew it did not work but you cannot 'prove' it.)

Do you remember the browser wars...Netscape vs Internet Explorer; (yet we have FireFox in spite of their efforts ... so that did not work.)

Do you remember that they were one of the companies (in their defense they were not the only company that wanted things their way) to make a farce of Web 2.0, making it marketing hype. (They successfully delayed and prevented it from becoming a standard for more than 5 years. In spite of their efforts, FireFox is compliant and believe even Opera is more compliant towards Web 2.0 than Internet Explorer (IE). Sorry but IE is and probably never will be Web 2.0 compliant., lol, they don't want it to be as it does not give them a competitive advantage like they are continually trying to get and failing.

No matter how safe anyone states that 'automatic updating is' does not matter as the fact that hardware and/or software that can be manipulated by an outside source (no matter who that ...

Concerning the last para, my guess is that you are not in the minority, rather enough time has not passed for people to really get upset with it yet. As pop-up ads increased, so did our disgust with that form of advertising.

([I]Do I have to mention were scammers, phishers, the hosting site and/or the advertisers themselves tried to have a user execute a program if you were innocent / naive enough to use the Pop-Up's 'X' Close box![/I])

As ads in games increase, watch the poll results change. Let them (advertisers, 'host'ers, whoever...) start installing their Adware that either slows down a gamer's PCs, shares gamer's personal data or 'accidently' erases information on gamers PC then watch people get upset.

Give it time.... unless of course the miracle of miracles happens and advertisers actually learn from the past.... LOL, you think Vegas would take odds? And if they did would you play them?

[QUOTE=Killer_Typo;34297]from my experienc with a wired router connected to a wireless router, its a bad idea we had so many problems it became a hassle and every half hour or so we had to reset the routers so that we could get back online. we finaly changed the wireless router for a wireless access point and we had no problems untill we had to swap out the wired router for a netgear one. so i would suggest a wired router with a wireless access point. not another wireless router (mucho problemo with them being set up as both routers, from my exp at least)[/QUOTE]

I know this post is old, but this is the first one that implies what my problem might be (I will start a new post for the specific problem, it's involved); well the reason for this post...hopefully you will see this one day and answer this. My question is sincere.

I have read solutions that inolved downloading a new version of the firmware for a Linksys WRT54G (Wi-Fi + hardwired); the the new firmware turns the WiFi Router into a Wireless Access Point?

Seems no one has come right out and said this, as if you are expected to somehow 'know' this....geesz.

[QUOTE=k2k;571336]does any know any good/ accredited university which offer online [/QUOTE]
Just for my own edification, why does it have to be 'accredited'?

My guess is that you have searched and found many online courses.

A place you might look (not sure if I have any emails, if I do I will find you a link, just don't expect it any time soon, if ever as I am unsure I can find it) is Hawaii. I was in Florida and considered an online MBA program via an accredited university in Hawaii. I liked that with the online program I could work at it around my work and family schedule. Before I would have been awarded a degree, I would still have had to go to an accredited(or something official) 'testing center' and pass a test for the MBA. Once passed I would have received my MBA / diploma from the University. And based on my research that test was NOT easy to pass as many are not. Just talk to most professionals that have to pass a test and they will tell you. Engineers have to before they can sign plans; Doctors take the MCAT; Lawyers take something..LCAT? Anyway, to pass these tests usually takes a combination of experience and lots of study.

The point is, if one university was offering this to working professionals, chances many others do as well. BTW I would have been paying for every credit hour just as if I was attending the school. My ...

[QUOTE=tonyhawk0214;601226]ok so the computer guy came and he said my modem was defective. i went to time warner got a brand new modem
everything is connected but the internet light on the router blinks yellow instead of green. but when connected all the lights on the modem work fine
its just the light on the router for internet is yellow


How the heck did he know it was 'defective'...what do you remember about how he determined this?

It's not that I don't believe him, but since you have gone through 4 routers since January, granted you have only had problems with the last three, the first one through your own admission worked for awhile...well that makes me as skeptical as you appear to be about it.

When they are new out of the box, you could get a bad one, but that is rare...but to get 2 bad ones and one sorta bad...flashing yellow...instead of green, well that seems a bit much to me too.

I will keep my eyes peeled for the meaning of the 'flashing yellow' light, If I can find something I will gladly share.

[QUOTE=ashleyneedshelp;535995]...I'm only trying to connect one computer...Linksys support...think(s) there is something in the modem that either isn't set up right or isn't compatible with the router...comcast of course is swearing up and down there is nothing wrong and said they won't allow static ip...Comcast said if I drive to their store they'll let me swap out the modem...But I am hoping there isn't going to be the same issue...[/QUOTE]

Ashley it appears that bobbyraw was willing to give it a try but you did not answer his questions specifically enough.

We know you have a Linksys WRT45GS (so I can look it up and see it's specs)
What type is the Comcast:....Specific Name, model information is what is needed.

Go to your favorite search engine and search for what you find name wise and if you can't find it, chances are others cannot either.

1) Can you connect your PC to the Comcast Modem (model number?; name?) and get to the internet? Yes or No?
2) How are you connecting to the Comcast Modem from your PC? (Standard Ethernet cable; Cross-over Ethernet cable; WiFi; or some other way?)

If you can do 1 and 2 above and get to the internet with your PC connected, based on your own information you don't really need the LinkSys Router.

Here is my Guess. . . :

Without knowing your configuration I am guessing that you are attempting to connect to the Comcast Cable or DSL Modem (which is it for you, DSL ...

[QUOTE=bwjones;216513]...it looks like I'll have to just pay more money per month for a different modem from my ISP... [/QUOTE]

Sounds like you need a DSL specific Router / Firewall, I personally have never read about anyone configuring a Cable Router/Firewall so that it would work with a DSL modem, but based on personal experience with people doing things that others stated 'could not be done' I am sure someone has accomplished this. If so I (and I am sure many others) would love to hear about it...so if you come across one, please, please share with the rest of us...thanks in advance.

Prices of DSL Router/Firewalls have come down just like the prices of Cable Router/Firewalls. I would seriously think about putting down $40 - $70 of my own money to have control over the device; rather than paying a monthly fee to the ISP. My current Router/Firewall has been running for me for over 6 years without breaking, so the $80+ I spent for it many years ago has paid off for me.

[QUOTE=bwjones;216513]Okay, what I did was plug the DSL cable into port 1 of the linksys, and port 2 to my NIC, and port 3 to my roommates NIC. Weird thing is my PC is connecting to the net fine and his isn't. I even created a new connection on his and put in my ISP user and PW but to no avail.[/QUOTE]

It's because of your experience here, you connecting and your roommate not connecting ...

[QUOTE=jaydee2;589738]I noticed that despite having deactivated my AVG firewall, when I restart my computer (as required in the Network Everywhere instructions) the firewall reactivates itself so I deactivate it again...but still no internet with router connected.[/QUOTE]

This happens with me too, bring up your task manager as soon as your computer reboots, after you first see your desktop come up (CTRL + ALT + DEL and select Task Manager) One of the things I hate about so many 'automatically loaded' software pkgs. While normally I want many of these to auto load upon boot up, not when I working on a networking issue. On my PC its either Avg.exe or Avgcc.exe or something like that <- will write this down the next time I reboot my PC and than edit this post accordingly. I kill the process for chatting, Skype and a few others when I am troubleshooting network problems.

[QUOTE=jaydee2;589738]Any other suggestions?[/QUOTE]

I would suggest you attempt cloning, You will find the menu option under Setup / MAC Address Clone on most Linksys Routers. Here is a post with the links:

[QUOTE=cbemerine;257116]Please review original post if you are unsure what happened.

NOTE / HINT: Before you perform step "8. Restart Your Computer" read ahead on "Checking the MAC address on your Computer" and write down the information, then perform step 8. Enjoy

Also we will all need to do this once in a while so safe the file on your computer for future reference, every time our Cable / ...

[QUOTE=tonyhawk0214;599600]im not paying anything more for a router i went there one day because i need the router to access online for playstation 3. i got it directly from time warner. and they didn't charge me anything.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like you have made your decision...good luck. Personally I am very surprised that Time Warner is not charging you more each month for the router. I understand that they include the Cable modem with your monthly, but to include a router in addition to the cable modem is unusual. Perhaps they are 'including' it in with your monthly so you don't 'see' it each month. (The only way you can be sure of this, is to know exactly how much in your area their service costs with just a cable modem, and then inquire as to how much more it might cost for additional services.)

WARNING TRUE rant: I know first hand that their 'back-end pricing system' is NOT EQUIVALENT to their front end marketing info on their public facing website. I had to send back additional hardware and service that I requested and was willing to pay $x dollars more a month for, but not $x+4.00 more than they told me over the phone. I don't allow that type of 'bait n switch' and found the whole scenario extremely offensive. Not only did I tell the installer to take the equipment back with him, but I had to ask them to change my my monthly back to the original amount sans ...

[QUOTE=cbemerine;599581]Good luck and if I come across that URL for 'cloning' routers again I will post it here for you![/QUOTE]

I searched here on Daniweb for 'cloning' and brought up an old post...the URL is in there. Granted I was using a LinkSys Router and the directions were for a LinkSys Router, but that should not matter...the steps should be the same for you. Again, this assuming that you need to 'Clone' to fix your problem. First you must verify that you have 1 valid connection to the internet via your provider's modem.

Here is the link:

Hope this helps you.

I feel your pain. (And if you have read through the forums looking for help with router / network issues you know you are not alone)

You might need to 'clone' your router. (And I emphasis 'might')

Search for 'Cloning and router', 'Cloning and MAC Address', or perhaps 'Cloning your router'. Remember that all your ISP has to do is provide you with one valid network connection. If you can plug your PC into the Cable/DSL Modem and connect to the Internet you are good to go. Periodically your ISP will need to make changes to the network that will cause you to re-clone your router before it will work...so you should know how to do this anyway.

Sadly I do not have the copy I use to have...it was a multiple step (12+ steps) process, involving powering off the router/firewall and the PC at different times, but worked flawlessly - I simply followed the steps verbatum.

If after connecting your PC directly to the Cable Modem you cannot connect to the internet, you MUST and SHOULD encourage your ISP to work with you to provide you with internet access. They should not have a problem with this, you are paying for that one connection after all.

Note: I recommend that you ask for reimbursement for each and every day that you cannot access the internet...if you have attempted with more than one cable modem (three so far if I read your post correctly) and they have not helped you ...

[quote=laura777;462717]...At any rate the Lynksys gateway is NOT compatible with the Motorola - they do NOT work together despite what everyone is telling you from Lynxes or from you internet provider - ...[/quote]

Nothing personal, but this is simply not correct. Please read below, I understand that you did have a problem, just not the problem that you thought you had. I have used a Motorola Cable Modem, a Terayon Cable Modem and a Scientific Atlantic Cable modem in three different locations with the SAME LINKSYS Cable/Router without issues. You just 'CLONE' (<-THAT IS THE MAGIC SEARCH TERM) your MAC address and GO; use as many PCs as you want to use behind the Linksys Router. The Linksys Router acts as the DHCP server and provides a hardware firewall...you should not depend on a software only firewall, ever.

Note: before you assume your connection is down and/or before the cable company provides you with support, you must try connecting your PC just to the Cable Company's cable modem without the router in between, if it works then, it will work witht the Cable/Router.

[quote=laura777;462717]...You must connect your Linksys then call your internet provider and demand they register your MAC address and ping your network. Dont hang up because if it does not work, your motorola will not work either as the address is changed. [/quote]

Not true, you do NOT have to do this, see CLONING with a LINKSYS Router for how to use their CABLE MODEM + a ROUTER. ...

[quote=nathanpacker;316278]...I’m using SmartFTP. Could qwest be limiting my ftp access because I upload so much stuff? What could be the problem? I can upload small files with no problem.

Can't speak to SmartFTP or Qwest....

I use 9.95 FTP, as the name states, its a FTP tool that costs $9.95, pretty cheap and I download / upload very large files on a regular basis.

You should not need it, SmartFTP should work, but if you want to try another tool, it will not put a dent in your wallet to try it...just a thought.

cpatralekh - Thank you for the straight forward, easy to follow, suggestions on troubleshooting WiFi. I plan to use these as a good starting point, will be interesting if I encounter other issues as I go along. Hopefully a combination of sniffing the packets and tools like Netstumbler should make the job that much easier. Good note on Super-G, will have to look into this, while not a problem in my current location, I know it is better to explore and learn, before you need the knowledge! Good prep, thanks! Oh yea, I checked out the blogspot link, interesting, will have to go back and check that out at a later date...

jvanark - Thanks for the gouge about Netstumbler, will have to look into that tool.

FlyingGRToaster - I do not know that off the top of my head, will keep it in mind as I work with WiFi and when I come across something plausable will post it here, just don't expect it anytime soon. Daniweb is great, chances are someone else will see this and enlighten us about this...!

Same problem different year!

Except I have a cable tester and guess what, the cable tested fine, all four pairs...no problem.

To add insult to injury, the 'bad' cable worked fine directly connected to the Cablemodem, but not when connected to the Linksys Router.

Thanks to reading posts like all of yours I replaced the cable and voila, problem no more!

P.S. I had three Ethernet cables, all tested fine, though long approx 20 - 25 feet (but well withing ethernet specs) but would not work. Replaced them with a short 4' cable and it worked. Don't ask me why....could not be sure why.

Guess sometimes it pays to be stubborn and try additional cables even when the first three did not work! First I did not believe it could be a cable, second I could not believe that the length would matter. Combine that with the fact that it worked initially directly connected to the Cablemodem, lol, who would have thunk it!

Thank you for your posts!

Hey Jason, was reading your post with some interest as I am planning on getting a WiFi Router in the near future. What was your solution? Could you post it for us here.

Have been reading allot about DHCP problems between PC's and Linksys Router/Firewalls (had to fix a roommates problem with a hardwired connection). Was hoping that this would not be the issue.

For my roommates hardwired laptop, we replaced the ethernet cable (I was surprised that this fixed the problem), obviously with WiFi, replacing a cable would not do it, lol.

While looking at job postings (and being willing to relocate) I am giving preference to cities with 'free' city wide WiFi. For both internet access and Skype WiFi phone calling.

(I want to reduce my 'monthly overhead' costs - especially do NOT want monthly cell phone charges - thus WiFi requiring a monthly fee is not preferred.)

Cities high on my list at this time are San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver.

Hint: Spain based FON is planning 30,000 or more 'hotspots' and has received financial backing by both Skype and Google.

So anywhere FON is having success (not being blocked by Telcos, Cable Cos or Cell Phone providers) would be a potential good place to live / work!

In such a city, a Skype WiFi enabled handset becomes as good (if not better) then a cell phone, without costing $700.00 - $1000.00 per year, Yea! I currently have spent approx $60 in 6 months, bet your cell plan costs more then $10.00 per month!

A WiFi NIC card in a laptop will let you sit anywhere in the city and surf the internet for free! Anf usually at speeds exceeding DSL and CableModem in most non WiFi cities. As it is we get 3MB - 5MB here in the states, over in Europe they get allot more bandwidth then that! Seems like a good use of tax dollars to me!

Tony, Did you ever get this resolved or discover why it was happening? Obviously it was 2005, you must have done something, could you post the solution here for all to see please. Thanks CB.

[quote=melissa130;257422]Isn't cloning only required for cable connections, not DSL?[/quote]

From what I understand, cloning is required for a 'router' (whether it is DSL, CableModem does not matter) where you need to route information from multiple PCs on one network segment (Ethernet hub, series of Ethernet hubs) to another network segment or in this case via DSL / Cablemodem to the internet via your ISP. By cloning you avoid paying unnecessary 'additional' fees for an additional IP address. Each PC connected to a segment (hub) MUST have a unique IP (Ethernet) address.

Keep in mind that you can 'route' packets of information using a hardware router type of device or through a PC with two network adapters in it, granted the PC method (sometimes called a gateway) is a little slower, then a hardware router, yet some people like to run a 'software firewall' on a PC (usually Linux these days, though I could tell you stories about 'Token Ring' Gateways...thankfully those days are behind me) and put PC's behind this firewall. Where with a hardware firewall/router you are dependent on the firewall software that comes with your router. (Most hardware routers today come with firewall software preinstalled and work fine.) To keep it simple, the hardware/firewall router is the way to go. These usually have 3 regular ports and a DMZ port so if you only have 3 or less PCs, this is all you need. But if you have more then 3 PCs and you want protection you will ...

Chip, Yea I need to get some lightning protection as well, heck I don't even have UPS on yet, but will in the near future. Thus...when a bad storm hits, I unplug everything to prevent issues.

To be honest, the storms in Central Florida, (heck anywhere where you have humidity) are really bad much of the year and even if I had lightning protection, there are some storms that are soooo bad that I would disconnect and unplug everthing anyway.

I simply cannot afford to replace fried equipment. Yes I would even unplug in 'some' of the storms if I had UPS's and Lightning Protection, though I would only do it when it was really hitting close by.

Yes a false sense of security, considering that lightning is on the record as striking someone at least 10 miles away from the storm center. I think I recall a report of someone getting struck as far as 20 miles away, but do not have proof of that. Thus what I call a 'false sense of security on my part' to only unplug when a strom is within a mile or two. Craig

Sounds like you need to 'clone' the ethernet address that you get when you connect ONLY 1 PC directly to the DSL modem (copy it down after you do that) ...you clone this ethernet address in your 'routers' software.

I posted other replies out here for others, hopefully this was their problem and yours...if so please let us know. If not, please let us know. Good luck.

I don't have the link here in front of me, just view some of my other posts and the link will be there.

Even though I have a linksys router, any router would be done in a similiar fashion, even if some of the menu's on the router are different because it is a different manufacturer....good luck and please let us know if you succeed or not!

This should let you check/set autoconfiguration....let me know if it works!

"Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network and Dial-up Connections you should see "Local Area Connection" icon, if you don't you have not configured your computer to connect to the network in your house (i.e through hubs and/or routers, not the DSL or CableModem Routers)

Right Mouse Click on the "Local Area Connection" icon; select Properties; select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) / Properties - make sure "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected."

While you are stuck with the MAC address (or IP address) that your service provider gives you, what about using a software tool to hide who you are.

[url]http://www.anonymizer.com/[/url] - it would cost you $29.95, but it would hide who you are. My guess is you know about it already.

I honestly do not know of a way to hide your IP / MAC address and still have DNS resolve. If it is possible I would like to know how too.

Another program:
[url]http://www.pctools.com/privacy-guardian/[/url] - offers free program as of Sept 27, 2006, but states some features are not available unless you register. I have not used either this or the Anonymizer.

[quote=richard.larson2;163786]Problem is solved. #1 Comcast is less generous with their bandwidth- I never had a router- I had an 8 port switch. Installed Liksys wireless router with hardwire capacity for 4 (which I need and had prior to 10 days ago) Now my cable thinks it has only one computer, ...[/quote]

Did you CLONE the MAC address? My guess is yes, though you did not specifically state that here.

Link about 'cloning' from Linksys:


Another question? Did you use a different subnet for your Wireless Router in order to connect to your hardwired router? If so the steps you took would be helpful to know for others.

I know I plan to get a Skype handset and a WiFi Linksys Router and add it to my home network with my Linksys hardwired (Ethernet not WiFi) and use it like a cellphone, but with WiFi. Why, easy, 86ing my Cingular service is saving me over $700 per year. In the 6 months prior to Skype's new program (free outgoing calls until December, before that it was a whooping .02 cents / min outgoing and free incoming as always) I spent less then $60 dollars for phone service...yep Less then $10 per month! Yea! I am never going back to either landlines or cellular!

[quote=dandydon;203121]... a new Dell laptop ... is conncted to the wireless network, however I cannot get to the internet. I keep getting the error message "this page cannot be displayed." The old laptop still works fine and is still connected to the network. Please help!! :rolleyes:[/quote]

Could this be the 'CLONING' problem many have had?

Have you ever had more then ONE computer working on your Linksys Router at the same time and surfing the internet? If not then you just need to clone your router.

This link explains how:


Note: You must set both laptops to obtain your DHCP automatically. In other words, both laptops cannot have the same IP address, since it appears you know how to check the TCP/IP properties, I doubt that is your problem, but figured I would mention it to be safe.

Let us know if this is it or not please.

Use 'ipconfig' and 'ipconfig /all' from a Command Prompt (MSDOS Window) to see information that will help you.

To get to an MSDOS Window:

Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt - should work for most versions of Windows Operating Systems.

ipconfig /all

you should see DHCP Enabled and Autoconfiguration Enabled if you don't this may be your problem.

you should see the IP addresses of your DNS servers as well as more information, though IPCONFIG by itself will show your Connection-specific DNS Suffix; IP Address; Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.

If you are not seeing this information then you need to set DHCP to enable autoconfiguration:

Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network and Dial-up Connections you should see "Local Area Connection" icon, if you don't you have not configured your computer to connect to the network in your house (i.e through hubs and/or routers, not the DSL or CableModem Routers)

Right Mouse Click on the "Local Area Connection" icon; select Properties; select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) / Properties - make sure "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected.

If you don't see a "Local Area Network Icon" then you need to configure one. Since you were connected before, you should have this and might need to change it. Most people end up with multiple Network configurations and icons...once you get one working, get rid of any others you do not need to avoid future confusion. Note if you travel with a laptop, you might want to keep ...

From what you have put here I cannot be sure this is the solution to your problem, if it is not your solution, perhaps it can lead you to the solution.

Occasionally our Cable and/or DSL providers will change something on their end that 'limits' the number of PCs that can connect to the interent. When they do this you can connect a PC directly to the DSL / CableModem and surf the internet. (Hopefully you have a 'software Firewall' with this limiting configuration)

If you have a hardware firewall (i.e. Router/Firewall Hub) or simply want to connect multiple PCs to the internet you must 'CLONE' your Router using the Ethernet MAC address that your PC comes up with when directly connected to the DSL / CableModem.

Don't expect help from your provider as they want to charge you extra for each additional PC. Brings back memories of other mistakes companies have made in order to get another buck (Apple with proprietary royalty fees; IBM w/ MicroChannel Bus Architecture - again wante royalty fees for third parties to develop and the list goes on....) from a customer.

If this is your problem here is a link to how to clone your MAC address with a Linksys Router, other manufacturer routers might vary a little bit, but just knowing about 'cloning' will save you hours of frustration from 'customer no service' provider's customer support centers.


[quote=stealthdevil;254838]...I tried to go through the internet connection wizard and get it set up, but it didn't work. ...[/quote]

Before you use IE, Netscape, Foxfire or any other browser...you must first have a valid connection to the internet. And before you can have a valid connection to the internet you must connect to your local area network, whatever form it takes. (Believe this would be true even if you ONLY have ONE PC connected directly to the DSL and/or CableModem.)

One poster mentioned IPCONFIG from an MSDOS Window. You can also use

IPCONFIG /ALL <-can be lowercase, uppercase here only for emphasis

w/ the /all parm you can see the IP addresses of your DNS servers as well as more information, though IPCONFIG by itself will show your Connection-specific DNS Suffix; IP Address; Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.

With (w/) the /all parm you should see DHCP Enabled and Autoconfiguration Enabled if you don't this may be your problem.

Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network and Dial-up Connections you should see "Local Area Connection" icon, if you don't you have not configured your computer to connect to the network in your house (i.e through hubs and/or routers, not the DSL or CableModem Routers)

Right Mouse Click on the "Local Area Connection" icon; select Properties; select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) / Properties - make sure "Obtain an IP address automatically" is selected.

To get to an MSDOS Window:

Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt - should work for ...