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I scrapped the the action_page.php. I have been working since last night with the google search editor. However, when the search bar works properly then the search box is so heavily padded and huge that it is ridiculous. And when I have a nice custom sized search box that looks good then I cannot get it work through google. lol, but this is crazy!

So google uses javascript. I think that I am missing something minor here. I have two different search boxes I have been playing with. Both look good but I prefer the second one because the search bar stretches across any size page very nicely.

Search bar 1:

<form onsubmit="return cse();">
<input id="search" type="search" name="query" placeholder="Search here.."/>
<button type="submit"><i class="fa fa-search"></i></button>

Search bar 2

<form name="google search" action="FULL_URL_STRING_OF_CURRENT_PAGE"> 
<input id="search" name="q" size="50" type="text" /> 
<input value="Search" type="submit"/> 

Where should I be placing the google javascript code to make this work because placing it on the same page does not work. Also I have an apache 'include' function setup so I can make my search bar appear on every page of my website from one page. How can I set up the google code to make it work this way?

As a first attempt I suggest one loop that steps through the original string char by char as well as a boolean that you can set to true or false depending on whether or not you are within a word. Set it to true if the char is a letter and false if it is not. While the switch is true you collect each letter in the new word. When it gets set to false you print the just completed word.


So why are they all +0? Is it because it's the community forum?

My first test was to validate your XML. failed what you posted so can you tell more about this apparently broken XML?

And now, story time. I too was asked to use XML files in a production app where the client would supply XML files. (Not) to my surprise Microsoft's XML reader blew up on their supplied XML files. After a few back and forths I decided that there was no way the client would correct their XML production method.

What happened next may shock you. (Obviously lifted from the web.) I dove in and just parsed out what I needed for our production app. Microsoft's XML reader was not used.

Actually I see TWO RULES to be applied in code to the strings.

  1. If there are leading spaces, remove them,.
  2. If there are more than one space, leave one space.

So you'll need two loops, one for each rule. Yes I bet you could use regular expressions but then you have a new problem.

Yes, as mentioned in my previous post, it’s how many points my reputation has changed as a result of you commenting and voting on my post. It’s not a button.

See comment above

Fernando_14 commented: Thank you, I have not yet met this type of obfuscation. I don't quite understand how code converts by the virtual machine

You can read how it works in the official source. I do not think I can explain better.
As I understand the code converts into byte array and interpreted by virtual machine. The program creates a new version of virtual machine in every case and uses a new set of instructions to represent the original code.

Mr/Ms Jwenting, so many people come forward to help, he's not asking You particularly. Just don't reply to any random post, I hope, you don't come to this forum for timepass. Such forums are there to help developers.
Here all, please keep asking.
Learn and share because Sharing is Caring !

Did you try the following in a command prompt?
sfc /scannow

The command repairs Windows system files. IMPORTANT: Open the command window as an Administrator.

I need to Retrieve the values from a XML file i have seen many example but none of them is like the XML I have. My XML look like this

                            <code code="31011" codeSystemName="Codifica Interna Laboratorio" displayName="Etanolo (urine)">
                                <!--TRASCODIFICA ANALISI NON DISPONIBILE-->
                                            <th>Abnormal Flag</th>
                                            <th>Unita di misura</th>
                                            <th>Range di riferimento</th>
                                            <td>Etanolo (urine)</td>
                                            <td>&lt; 0,01 g/l</td>
                                            <td>fino a 0,35</td>
                                            <td />
                                <!--Inizio Microbiologia sezione humane readable-->
                                <!--Fine   Microbiologia sezione humane readable-->
                            <entry typeCode="DRIV">
                                <!-- INIZIO MONO RISULTATO -->
                                <act classCode="ACT" moodCode="EVN">
                                    <code code="31011" codeSystemName="Codifica Interna Laboratorio" displayName="Etanolo (urine)">
                                        <!--TRASCODIFICA ANALISI NON DISPONIBILE-->
                                    <statusCode code="completed" />
                                    <!--(INIZIO) GESTIONE MICROBIOLOGIA MONO RISULTATO -->
                                    <!--(FINE) GESTIONE MICROBIOLOGIA MONO RISULTATO -->
                                    <entryRelationship typeCode="COMP">
                                        <observation classCode="OBS" moodCode="EVN">
                                            <code code="31011" codeSystemName="Codifica Interna Laboratorio" displayName="Etanolo (urine)">
                                                <!--TRASCODIFICA RISULTATI NON DISPONIBILE-->
                                            <statusCode code="completed" />
                                            <effectiveTime value="20170216131204" />
                                            <value xsi:type="ST">&lt; 0,01 g/l</value>
                                            <referenceRange typeCode="REFV">
                                                <observationRange classCode="OBS" moodCode="EVN.CRT">
                                                    <value xsi:type="IVL_PQ">
                                                        <low value="0.00" />
                                                        <high value="0.35" />
                                                    <interpretationCode code="N" />
                                            <referenceRange typeCode="REFV">
                                                <observationRange classCode="OBS" moodCode="EVN.CRT">
                                                    <value xsi:type="ST">fino a 0,35</value>
                                                    <interpretationCode code="N" />
                                    <!-- VAL USED -->
                                <!-- FINE MONO RISULTATO -->

As you can see is like a html table.I have create a table in database with those FIELDS name, and i need to put the values of the fields in database.

But first of all i need a way how to get ...

I have been posting tutorials from basic to advance levels. But recently when interacting with some my blog followers (still beginners) I found that they still have trouble doing basic stuff like connecting their php scripts with database. I have been getting many request from my blog followers for a simple php project, although I can’t solve every one issues but can certainly do my part. So this time I have made a mini project on how to create a simple dynamic website with php and mysql. You can download this mini project for free and customize it as per your needs and creativity.

What is this simple website project with php and mysql?

In this mini project you will learn how to connect your database (mysql) with php, setup an html template, make header, footer, dynamic sidebar, fetch title, content, meta tags, meta description for dynamic web pages (individual pages). You can manage these web pages form the manage site area which is like the admin section of the website. You will also learn how to integrate facebook fan page, google badge plugin, and twitter follow button in the sidebar.

Folder and files used in this project

Take a look at the folder and files structure used in this project.

Manage Site – This is like an admin folder which contains files to create and view all the dynamic web pages of the website.
    Cleditor – A light weight javascript library for UI text editor.
    js – Admin area ...
commented: This IS a copy and paste job from another site - from 5 years ago! What a daft thing to do. -1

following Error messages received when running it:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: oci_execute(): ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Filename: oci8/oci8_driver.php

Line Number: 286


File: C:\wamp64\www\myproject\application\models\Dept_model.php
Line: 15
Function: get

File: C:\wamp64\www\myproject\application\controllers\Depts.php
Line: 8
Function: getDept

File: C:\wamp64\www\myproject\index.php
Line: 315
Function: require_once

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 942

ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

SELECT * FROM "departments"

Filename: C:/wamp64/www/myproject/system/database/DB_driver.php

Line Number: 691

hope that can help to find out solution :)


thanks for reply, the log file says Directory access is forbidden and nothing else, just this one single line.
but same files using for mysql without any problem.

I try working with google again. :) Perhaps since I moved the search box I can get it to work right. Not sure. Thank you for taking a look at this coding!

Also, it looks like READ COMMITTED likes to lock things. I need to do as little locking as possible, otherwise the server will crash pretty quickly.

Wish I could help. I have a lot of PHP and CI experience, but no Oracle experience. What does the error log say? It should be writing to a log in /application/logs by default.

The PHP code you provided basically scrapes Google search results, and if they match a specific format (which may not exist anymore, as Google is frequently updating their website, of course), it spits out the results. No additional pages are required, but I highly suggest that you use Google Custom Search instead. It's designed for this, and doing it right.

If it is unethical then 80% of websites ranked unethical. SEO makes the website quality as per search engines algorithm

Oh, sorry, I thought you were referring to the forum listing page, where if you hover over it sais "Tallied Votes".

What you're referring to are post comments, along with how many reputation points have been added or subtracted to the poster's reputation as a result of making the comment.

commented: I'm actually talking about this thing - why is there a +0 at the end of this? Are we supposed to be able to vote on these comments like SO? +0

When you see a single number with a +/- sign in front of it, that means it's just a tally of all up and down votes the post has received.

I don't understand. On the desktop I see a tooltip saying Rep Points on the post comments when I mouseover. Obviously on Android, I see nothing. I dont understand the tally.
Maybe I'm being stupid.

If I understand correctly you want to make a custom WordPress login page. Actually WordPress has a custom login plug-in which works well and is easy to configure. I have done several custom login pages for clients to improve login security and alleviate hacker login attempts.

Hello, this is my first post. I need help with this assignment here, dont know where to begin! maybe I should use strstr()? The output needs to be what is shown at the bottom. I cant use the string class, only c-style functions. Any hints would be welcome thank you!

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <cstring>

            using namespace std;

            //Prints the characters in the string str1 from beginIndex
            //and including endIndex
            void printSubString( const char* str1 , int beginIndex, int endIndex )

                //code needed

            void printWordsInAString( const char* str1 )

               //code needed


            int main()
            char str1[] = "The fox jumps over the fence." ;
            char str2[] = "The              fox jumps over the fence." ;
            char str3[] = "    The fox jumps over the fence." ;
            char str4[] = "The fox jumps over the fence.    " ;

            printWordsInAString( str1 ) ;
            cout << endl ;
            printWordsInAString( str2 ) ;
            cout << endl ;

            printWordsInAString( str3 ) ;
            cout << endl ;
            printWordsInAString( str4 ) ;
            cout << endl ;

            return( 1 ) ;



I'm going to answer how I might go about this. Since you have a method to get one print out, then you would step back one step to build a loop to repeat that printout but one for each item in some list or what have you. Just like any machine that makes something, to make more you repeat that over and over till done.

I keep form submission in place and use it as a failover if jQuery fails for some reason. I think it also improves site accessibility.

commented: Being Semantic isn't Pedantic. Submit if you are going to submit, sod js. +5

You would not need to provide a preventDefault() call if you were not using a button with a type attribute of "submit". Just use type="button" for such cases when you do not intend to submit the form.

I would not suggest doing such work "when browser is open". Watch the video, albeit Python and notice that there was not a browser open when the submit stage was done. A browser is for the human to use. If you want to write a BOT that interacts with a web page, then a BOT doesn't need to open a browser.

If you insist on interacting with a browser, you will encounter a lot of pain and roadblocks. For that I would look at AutoIT scripts.

-> In parting the above sounds like a bot. There are many that do such bots then try to sell them. If you hide what you are trying to do, it gets very hard for others to either show you the way or comment on why that's a good or bad thing.