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Try asking to a freelance web developer at "upwork". There is incredible people doing anything on the web, for cheap. Many developers are from Bangladesh or India, their fares are low. Or search "online printing" in the marketplace of "warriorforum". Or there are many customizable wordpress themes, pick one of them and ask a freelance to customize it. Finally check ready made websites at "mobirise" or at the bootstrap 4 website. Good luck

This should do it for you

foreach ($Row in $CUBE.Tables[0].Rows) {
    # Do Something

I created a broadcastReceiver to receive sms and it works fine on emulator but on real device it works only when app is running when app is closed it doesn't receive any sms

Hi fellas,

I hope my first message here comes across more helpful than bothering.

I’ve recently launched a WordPress backup plugin - WPvivid Backup/Restore. It contains pretty all basic features that you’ll need to backup/restore you site and is fairly easy to use. And most important, it’s completely free(free update and support).

I made it because I realized that there’s still a growing need for the easier and more affordable backup solutions in WordPress community, we hope our plugin can give people a hand.

Please check it out at WordPress’ plugin repository:

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Please, don't worry. You need to think clearly and getting worried is the first step to fail.
Take a little time to talk with him and clarify the requirements, ask him about what the functionalities he would like to have in the website.
But, about the implementation of the project, you could suggest him to start with something simple, using vista print or rock design which are pretty complex tools with a lot of functionalities as the final achievement.
Finally answering your question, Wordpress with some plugins like WooCommerce would be a good start.

Typically there is a Dell app which will tell you the battery health. You should find it on your taskbar. Right click and select Dell Power Manager. Some batteries also have a button which will indicate battery health when pressed via 1-5 LEDs.

Dell power cables also have a sense wire which is prone to breaking with repeated flexing. When it breaks your computer can no longer tell what type of battery it is talking to.

Finally, if the problem is with a motherboard component (connector or otherwise) a new battery may not help. This was the case with my Inspiron 1720. I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't charge. Fortunately it still works just fine on AC power.

I don't know what you didn't understand in that sentence. But in short you try the SQL change manually. It's best to use the SQL submission string you created in your code. So you use a debugger or just echo that string to a file for you to pick up later.

Look at the age of the battery. Anything past 2 years and you replace that. If that doesn't clear it up then replace the charger. I take it you have already googled this and tried software methods. Cost is about 30 bucks here from Amazon for both items.

PS. While I know to look out for old batteries some want to test batteries with the Dell app or BatteryBar.


i got a table in Excel (or exported to CSV).
There are 3 columns (1. column = specification / 2. columns = value1 / 3. column = value2).
On my form i got a textbox, 2 labels and a button. If i write in in the textbox "5" it should search in the Excel or CSV-File in columns A (specification" the "5" and then it should show the both values in this row in label1 and label2.

I tried much things but i can only read and show the complete row in only one label and only from csv-file. but with the csv-file my result is like "47,55;33,2;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;"

Here is my code

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        For Each row As String In IO.File.ReadAllLines("Table.csv")
            If zeile.Contains(TextBox1.Text) Then 
                Label1.Text = row
                'Label2.Text = ????
            End If
End Sub

In the Attachement you can a screenshot from the Excel/CSV-File.

Can you help me please?

thank you


Dell inspiron 3521 laptop Battery detecting but Not Charging . how to solve this problem..

Thanks for your insight. No error message is displayed. I opened php.ini to ascertain that error_reporting is set to E_ALL, set display_errors to ON, and output_buffering is set to OFF, and those are the settings I found there. I've checked the database table row manuanally and the update didn't take place.

Sorry, I don't understand what you meant by saying:

They log the SQL submission string for the change then try it by hand if they don't see a syntax error.

What do you mean by "first time"? Do you mean

  1. first time after you install the framework
  2. first time after you boot Windows

Depending on what you mean it could be that certain components must either be initialized (such as after an install) or loaded into memory (such as after a boot). Some applications like Google Chrome leave threads running in the background after first use (after booting/logging on) in order to speed up loading/running on successive use.

Wouldn't this vary with each computer or platform? As such the only answer would be to run a test on the platforms you have now.

You've made a strong start, but you've quickly come to realize the limitations of your approach. Each step in the journey has to deliberately programmed by you. Also consider that if you need to change something, you will probably need to change many other places as well.

For something like this, I would suggest using OOP(Object Oriented Programming). You will need classes for items, monsters, weapons, etc. as well as a structure to represent the places that the hero will travel to.

To start I want to make it clear I have no experiance with office 365 or the associated exhange stuff, and I would never personally recomend such a package to my clients, hence why I am totally in the dark about this.

I have taken on the management of IT for a small buiness and have been tasked with migrating away from office 365 software to get costs down.

There were 15 computers and each had an email address and access to the microsoft 365 software suite. So far I have changed all the accounts onto an "exchange only" plan, removed office 365 from all machines, and migrated to stand alone versions of MS office. Which is great, saving them lots of money on subscriptions already.

The exchange only licences have come via a reseller purchased by the previous IT technician. It appears the company has been paying the technician and he has been purchacing them from the reseller.

There has been some disputes between the company and the technician and he has threatened to hit the kill switch on the 365 licenses and seriously throw a spanner into the works. So we want to migrate away from the reseller and regain full control of the licenses (on the down-low if at all possible.)

So basically my question is; can we descreetly remove our relationship with the reseller on the office 365 admin account from our end, while either maintaining the existing licenses, or purchase new licenses from MS directly ...

To skip the initial text, you can modify your loop as follows:

        int x = 0;
        bool beep = true;
        while (hello[x] != '\0')
            cout << hello[x];
            if (beep && hello[x] != ' ' && hello[x] != '\n')
                Beep(950, 50);
            if (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_ESCAPE))
                    beep = false; // stop the beeps if Escape key is pressed

The if statement is straightforward, not sure why it would not work for you, e.g.:

  if (inspect == "bucket") {
    else if (inspect == "cup") {

Do you know some theme compatable with Mobirise? I want to mix some blocks from Mobirise with WordPress.

Why much time is needed to access an applet having swing components the first time?

Welcome aboard EVOdev. As the Rev says, pick the right place for your questions, but other than that my advice is to not feel worried about asking 'stupid' questions because truth be told there are only stupid answers :-) Everyone here was a newbie in their area of expertise at one stage, and everyone here is happy to help others starting on their path...

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import csv
import xlwt
import os
import sys
#import openpyxl

# Look for input file in same location as script file:
inputfilename = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), 'book2.txt')
# Strip off the path
basefilename = os.path.basename(inputfilename)
# Strip off the extension
basefilename_noext = os.path.splitext(basefilename)[0]
# Get the path of the input file as the target output path
targetoutputpath = os.path.dirname(inputfilename)
# Generate the output filename
outputfilename =  os.path.join(targetoutputpath, basefilename_noext+'.xls')

# Create a workbook object
workbook = xlwt.Workbook()
# Add a sheet object
worksheet = workbook.add_sheet(basefilename_noext, cell_overwrite_ok=True)

# Get a CSV reader object set up for reading the input file with tab delimiters
datareader = csv.reader(open(inputfilename, 'r'), delimiter=',', quotechar='"')

# Process the file and output to Excel sheet
for rowno, row in enumerate(datareader):
    for colno, colitem in enumerate(row):
        worksheet.write(rowno, colno, colitem)

# Write the output file.

In the above code i can convert only one file in singel folder , Please help me am new to coding

  1. I want to serach the *.txt file in subfolders
  2. Append to single excel file

But it's better if you post in an approprite section. For example, programming questions should be asked in the programming section, etc.

Dani 1,700

You can post in our Community Center :)

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Hi! Yes lots and lots of google searching lol. I was looking for a good place for guidance on beginning my new endevour without being critisized for beiing so far behind so many others.

someone , i forgot who mentioned your site. ill def poke around and see what i find in here.

btw sorry i posted this there perhaps a newbie area? or do you just post and coding questions ect?

thanks for the welcome

Dani 1,700

Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb! You’re definitely in the right place. :)thanks for joining. May I ask how you found out about us?

Hi everyone, new to the message board. I saw online that this is a good place for info. Im currently new to the web dev scene. I started coding and am looking for relavant info and such regarding anything i need to know. Currently working on CSS, been taking awhile due to my full time job. Just wanted to make sure im in the right place!

What does all slots have to do with this error?

Probably nothing so I removed it.

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Now I will try the proposed options.

I should go to this program mentioned below. make a double loop (do ... while) to suppress an incorrect daily calculation!note ::::
work with a char variable "error" for erroneous daily calculation.
In contrast to the origin program, deposit and payout data should be requested again for a result of the daily bill of 0 or a number in the minus area!

#include <iostream.h> 
#include <conio.h> 
#include <stdio.h> 
main () 
char error = "n"; 
int e_tag, e_mon, e_jahr, a_tag, a_mon, a_jahr, days; 
float capital, interest rate, interest rates; 
error = "n"; 
cout << " 


cin >> e_tag, cin >> e_mon; cin >> e_jahr; 
if (e_tag <1 || e_tag> 30 || e_mon < 1 || e_mon> 12 || 
e_year <1960 || e_year> 2002);
error = "j"; 
cout << " 
Wrong date - enter again"; 
} while (error == "j"); 
error = "n"; 
cout << " 
Enter the disbursement date:"; 
cin >> a_tag, cin >> a_mon; cin >> a_jahr; 
if (a_tag <1 || a_tag> 30 || a_mon <1 || a_mon> 12 || 
a_year <1960 || a_year> 2002) 
error = "j"; 
cout << " 
Wrong date - enter again"; 
} while (error == "j"); 
days = a_tag - e_tag + (a_mon - e_mon) * 30 + (a_year - e_year) * 360; 
if (days <= 0) 
cout << "

Enter the capital "cin >> capital; 
cout <<" 
Enter the interest rate "; cin >> interest rate; 
interest = capital * days * interest rate ...
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never mind, I got it, it was I needed:
<?php echo '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'. base64_encode($image) .'" width="200" height="200"/>';?>

If you do not like the update, you can install the old version of the browser Chrome.