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I'm using a fairly standard MSI mobo with Intel Core i5-6400 processor and 64 GB RAM.
So: Which programming language (besides assembly) is the most effective to use in this configuration when I want to do calculations/modelling trying to find the least number of combinations to fullfill some predefined conditions.

More specific I have i.e. 5 sets of combinations each containing three different states: A, B and C.
This gives me a total number of 243 combinations.
Theoretically it is possible to reduce this number of combinations to 23 so that no matter what combination of the original 243 you choose you'll always have 4 out of 5 of them correct.

If you have 4 sets of combinations the theoretically minimum of combinations fullfilling this requirement is 9 (and those 9 combinations are available today).

So I want to know what programming language should I use ?
(I'm able to put all the combinations in memory to speed up the process).

Dear @rproffitt,
Once again thanks for your explanation here.

Meaning of Frontend verses Backend
Frontend is the a part of the internet site customers can see and engage with including the graphical user interface (GUI) and the command line together with the design, navigating menus, texts, pix, motion pictures, and so forth. Backend, at the contrary, is the part of the website customers can't see and have interaction with. It’s all approximately how the whole lot works.

Role of Frontend verses Backend
Both play a critical function in net improvement and despite the fact that they've their honest share of variations, they are like facets of the same coin. Frontend is all approximately the visible aspects of the internet site that a user can see and experience. On the opposite, the entirety that happens on the history can be attributed to the backend internet improvement. It’s more like an enabler for frontend internet enjoy.

Developer of Frontend verses Backend
Web designer is the maximum not unusual task title for the frontend web development and the function of a web designer is to layout and rebuild websites preserving the visual factors in thoughts. Backend builders are the ones who make sure the statistics and systems asked by means of the frontend utility or software program are correctly introduced. Backend builders deal with the whole thing that occurs in the heritage.

Essentials of Frontend verses Backend

Frontend is also called the “consumer-facet” instead of the backend which is largely the “server-facet” of the application. The essentials of backend internet development ...

I know what you mean. And definitely not PC.

Hi guys ,
I have a tables called “scores”
With the following Fields
Maths,English,Biology ,Avg
Am loading this data to my datagridview using select

“Select * from scores order by Avg Desc”

Which works fine

my question is how do i get the rank of every student from the datagridview in the form of

Adm Name Maths Eng Biology Avg. rank

  1. Peter. 80. 60. 70. 75. 1
  2. Alex. 20. 20. 20. 20. 2


How do I rank?

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@X. I read your last reply and you wrote "possible both are corrupt" so to me that tells me you are only testing with TWO ISO files? The likelyhood of these being bad just went up.

Can you share how I can test your ISO files? Where can I get them?

I have another package that I would like to mount but the results are the same. So it's possible that both are corrupt. But I'm still hoping that there is something else that can fix the problem. Thanks for your comment anyway :)


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Thank you.

If all the above fails it is possible that your .ISO files are corrupt. I did run into a client that had such troubles and it turns out all their .ISO files were from less than reputable places and not one were any good as they used a downloader app that was cracked (pirate) and broken.

In your HTML code <table> not opened, table row <tr> not opened, invalid <input> tag without > - it should be something like

if($result->num_rows > 0){
    echo '<table>';
    while ($row6 = $result->fetch_assoc()){
        //table code//
        echo '<tr>';
        echo '<td><input type="checkbox"  name="check[]" value="'.$cato.'" /></td>';
        echo '</tr>';
    echo '</table>';

PHP code $cat better use filtered variable

$cat = filter_input(

other variables also filtered eg

$price = filter_input(INPUT_POST,'price',FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING);
$pickup_date = filter_input(INPUT_POST,'pickup_date',FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING);

Do not pass user input variables direct to SQL query - its a potential SQL injection risk! Use prepared statement instead - prepare, bind_param, execute - read manual MySQLi bind param or PDO bind param

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i have manage to insert my checkbox array data into database. the problem is when i check multiple checkbox only the first data in array is inserted in database. i need when i check multiple checkbox, all the data i have check insert into database.can someone help me?

this is my php code:


    include ('connect.php');

 $cat = implode(',', $_POST['check']);


    for($i=0; $i<count($cat);$i++)
$p_id =$_GET ['sitter'];
$price = $_POST ['price'];
$pickup_date =$_POST ['pickup_date'];
$dropoff_date =$_POST ['dropoff_date'];
$numdays = $_POST ['numdays'];
$total =$_POST ['test'];

$sql2 = "INSERT INTO cat_sitter(sitter_fk,cat_fk, price, date_in, date_out,total_day, total)VALUES ('$p_id','" . $cat[$i] . "','$price','$pickup_date','$dropoff_date','$numdays', '$total')" or die ("Error inserting data into table");

if ($conn->query($sql2) === TRUE) {
    echo "<script language='javascript'>alert('Succesfully Book.')

    echo "error: " . $sql2 . "<br>" . $conn->error;

this is my html code:

      include ('connect.php');

   $sql = "SELECT cat_id,name,gender,health_status,neutered,breed,color,age FROM cat WHERE owner_fk = '$id'";
  $result3 = mysqli_query($conn,$sql);
  $row6 = mysqli_fetch_array($result3);
  $cato = $row6['cat_id'];
  $result = $conn-> query($sql);

     if ($result-> num_rows > 0) {
     while ($row6 = $result-> fetch_assoc()) {

        //table code//

       echo "<td>" ."<input type='checkbox'  name= 'check[]' value='$cato'". "</td>";
       echo "</tr>";
       echo "</table>";
     echo "0 result";
      $conn-> close();


You can use Virtual CloneDrive by Elaborate Bytes. It is freeware. I used it for years on Windows 7. It allows you to mount an iso (actually several formats of images) as a drive.

I made a list of applications that don't enable me to mount ISO-files. Here:

PowerISO doesn't mount
Virtual CloneDrive doesn't mount
ISODisc doesn't mount
KernSafe doesn't mount
OSFMount doesn't mount
Pismo File doesn't mount
WinISO doens't mount
Daemon Tools doesn't mount

What should I do?

It was the old clear cache problem again. Cleared the browser cache and I can see that the image has been updating fine. Doh!

Dani 1,745

Incredibly strange. I was just able to upload a random selfie from my phone. According to the interwebs, the iPhone X Facetime camera is 3088x2320. I then was able to reupload my previous avatar while on my desktop.

Is that it? No code? Show your relevant code and on which does this happen.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '||' (T_BOOLEAN_OR) in php pdo

Now there is no error message at all, but next to the 'choose file' button it just reverts to 'no file chosen.' and doesn't update.

hey, i am trying to insert multiple checkbox data in my database but having a littlt bit problem. When i am trying to insert checkbox data it inserts only id and nothing else.
Here is my full code:-



  $contact_sms = $_POST['contact_sms'];  
  $check[] = $_POST['check'];
  $firm_name = $_POST['firm_name'];
  $checkbox = $_POST['check'];

    $bulksms="INSERT INTO bulk_sms (sent_sms,firmname_sms,contact_sms) VALUES('".$checkbox[$i]. "','".$row['firm_name']. "','$contact_sms')";
    $smsquery=mysqli_query($conn, $bulksms);

$sql="SELECT * FROM inventory_details where status ='0' AND role='0' ORDER BY position ASC, role ASC, visiter DESC limit 0,100";  
$query=mysqli_query($conn, $sql);


    <form method="post" action="" id="msform">   
        $id = $row['id'];
        $firm_name = $row['firm_name'];

        <div class="col-md-4">
          <input type="text" class="form-control" name="id_sms" value="<?php echo $id;?>">
        <div class="col-md-6">
          <input type="text" class="form-control" name="firm_name[]" value="<?php echo $firm_name;?>">
        <div class="col-md-2">
          <input type="checkbox" id="checkItem" name="check[]" value="<?php echo "$id"; ?>">


      <input type="text" class="form-control" name="contact_sms" placeholder="Contact Number.."> 
      <button type="submit" class="btn btn-success" name="save">Send</button>


when i click on Send button , it only stores `id`inside the field `sent_sms` and nothing in field `firm_name`. Please help me out. I am poorly trapped in it.

I believe you should also try Instagram plus proper keywords. In my experience, though I have a few followers as a starter, it is easier to get hearts when you nail the proper keywords/hashtags. You should also keep on posting contents and analyze where do you get most likes. What kind of posts attract people who visit my social media site? I hope thjs helps.

Dani 1,745

Sorry for not updating the database. I investigated the issue, and it looks like I already had a little comment in my code saying that it was inefficient to do the extra database lookup to undo reputation on-the-fly, and instead we are just letting the cron counters recalculate this number daily.


I had pretty much come to the same conclusion.

Hello again Reverend Jim. I will write Bluestacks is not what it seems. You can find more with research but here it's on our suspicious software list. That is, if a client has PC troubles this gets removed. More at

I don't see any emulator that implements a Bluetooth stack for what I think you initially wanted this for.

My view: Avoid.

Their website states that BlueStacks is "free to download". I've been burned by this several times where the software is free to download but you have to pay if you want to run it. For the limited use I'd make of it I am not interested in buying something. I'd just as soon do without. So is BlueStacks free to use or just free to download?

Dani 1,745

Please try again. Thanks!

I have been using Bluestacks for years on my Citrix VDI and Work Laptop. Never gave any problems, I believe by mistake you landed up in wrong place. And you can use BrowserStock for Websites. Try the below link this will help.

Its very simple, download blue stock from internet and install on ur system and once its installed u can install apps what ever u want as per requirement like, FaceBook, Insta etc.

I would suggest go ahead and click on Trouble shoot and take your system to safe mode and then run a system restore for a month back , try to select those date which says system checkpoint and i am sure that should resolve the issue.