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How to use pivoting WIth join of 3 tables without Aggregate function within it

Perform Site Audit and clear the issues.
Perform On page SEO
Provide readable content
share your content in social media and other public platforms
Perform off page techniques like Guest posting, social bookmarking and forum submissions.
optimize your site based on Google analytics and Search console reports. etc...

Some benifits of Google Analytics.

  1. It is a Free tool.
  2. here we can track our website traffic
  3. here we can understand where your traffic come from
  4. here you can find landing page details
  5. here we can create custom reports
  6. here we know our target audience etc...

Both are analytical tools, Google Analytics helps to track our website traffic like organic traffic, social traffic and refferel traffic and also bounce rate, sessions details and it is a free tool, Ahrefs helps to find competitor traffic sources and backlinks and it is a paid tool.

Over time, if SEO is not maintained then rankings and traffic will slip. If you are not creating new content and you do not have new links coming to your site from other web pages, your site will be deemed. In order to maintain and grow your search engine results, you have to maintain SEO constantly.

FB ads are better option compared to other options. here you can target the audience and Area. most importantly fb ads are cheaper compared to other Social media platform ads.

some of latest Digital marketing trends are Live video Sessions, Email Marketing and blog.

according to me Google Analytics is the best website tracking tool. we can optimize our website based on the analytics report. and also it is easy to use.

Hi Stefan, welcome back !

What is your status now? Have you received push notification ?

Hello, please refer following link to copy or transtfer your data base fast

May this will help you !

Without SEO it is difficult to achieve success in online business

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is one of the most commonly used methods of advertising to drive traffic to the website. They are more prevalent with search engines of first-tier. They are widely preferred as the advertiser pays the publisher only on the actual clicking of the ad. As it is an essential component of digital marketing, hence we should exploit its benefits which help to maximize the profit margins.

SEO is an expert subject matter and it is advisable to hire a professional if you wish to achieve success and growth.

Digital Marketing is one of the most vital aspect for the success of any business. It mainly comprises of :
Social Media Engagement
Target Audience
Content Marketing
Email Blasting
Push Notifications

Since you can not repeat your success, then you have to try it per the methods folk tell you it does work. My thought is this is not to be. You are trying to push the limits of this system and it is pushing back.

Why not use your PC for learning C and such?

I found this

They say that one cannot run in sdcard

I have unrooted device.

I am persued it was working yesterday.

You say "in a specified height of div", but you havent specified a height on that div, so what's the problem?

Also what you have here on HTML & CSS, it doesn't crop the image.

Please detail what is different. We know that Windows and it's "Windows File Explorer" is unreliable when showing content so please don't use that. Get to the command prompt and use the decades old DIR /A to show them all (Pokemon?)

It's possible that it's WFE (again) or it didn't sync. Read ideas about sync at

You need to share what's different. Otherwise I guess and I'm a terrible guesser.

If google drive is in the clood, why I have a different reading in google drive in my PC and the one in my laptop?

Just my guess. Permissions. Check the file permissions, ownership, etc.

But afterwards I tried to run a file after entering with cd in the directory where snippets are stored, I typed " clang filename.c -o filename" and the code was not compiled. I don't understand what would changed.

but it crops the image it doesnt show the full image in height and width

Hello i want to show the full image in a specified height div like this

        <div style="width:400px"> <img class="images" src="someimage.jpg"> </div>

i tried this

    width: 100%;

This looks like a duplicate to me.

Why does this look identical to ?

Also, share your work so far and tell the forum where you are stuck since the class or course should work up to such an assignment.
That is, you build on your work to date.

I've worked with MicroChip PIC 32 before. We used a C compiler. Luck has it that the code to do double-dabble is done.

Are you planning on posting all of your homework questions here? How, exactly, do you plan on learning? Do you imagine you could learn to play the piano by getting someone else to practise for you?

Nobody here will do your homework for you. However, if you show some effort and get stuck you can post your questions.

Has been looking at different methods like using a look-up table or double-dabble, but have up to this moment not found any algoritm that do the work most effectively. The 64 bit value is delivered to the routine in two 32 bits registers (upper,lower). I am writing a larger project for PIC 32 microcontroller, and have already made a large library for this controller in MIPS, so I know basic MIPS.

Given two arrays (the first array and the second array) of the
same size, each consisting of n positive integers, write a
program to determine how many unique integers the second
array has. Here a unique integer means that it shows only once
in the second array but does not show in the first array. For
example, if the first array is [1, 5, 3, 6, 8] and the second array is
[2, 4, 2, 5, 9] (with n=5), the second array has two unique
integers (4 and 9). What is the complexity of the program?

Ask the user to enter

  • Name
  • ID
  • File Name

Randomly choose five grades for that person from 1 to 100 and store them in an array that can hold five integers.
Then output the name, ID, and those five grades to the screen and save the output into the specified file.

The file will look like:

Ahmed Ihab

Grade 1 : 60
Grade 2 : 75
Grade 3 : 30
Grade 4 : 96
Grade 5 : 63

Write the File using Buffered Writer