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You will have to tell us more first: what exactly do you need to know, in other words what are the precise problems you are having?

Please tell me how?

I don't think I can add a lot to the technology discussion, but maybe this will help put the task in perspective.

VistaPrint trades under the market symbol CMPR

It is a multi-billion dollar company with numerous subsidiaries and international reach. The key executives make more than $8,000,000 per year, on revenues over $2,5 billion. They have 10,000+ employees. They will crush you like a cockroach if you, even accidentally, infringe their patents. Recommend you respectfully decline this one.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for adding that. I find many (newbies) disregard patent and copyright law. Using their site as a template would be a bad idea. +15

I had the same problem on a client PC, I had to bypass the domain and logged in as the local user. This let me in to fix the date which was wrong after a motherboard replacement. The CMOS screen only has 2 spaces to type in the year, the technician type in "19", but Windows interpreted that as "2119".

The problem with the code in
is that the suffix for mumbers 11, 12, 13 is wrong.

Re: Tbills. You can do better in other markets. Last month I was going over treasury bills verser CDs adn the CDs win even if you would get some no-tax tbill.

Still think many in Congress need to change to another retirement home.

BTW, has anyone considered another possibility for exploding the debt/deficit? This debt/deficit is financed largely through the sale of T-Bills. T-Bills are considered a safe investment. Those "rich" people who got that trillion-plus tax cut have the money to buy T-Bills so on top of the tax cut bonus they will also be raking it in via interest on T-Bills which will be paid for by the American taxpayers. Talk about your double-dipping.

Also, interest on T-Bills is exempt at the state level even though it is taxable (at least for now) federally. I expect a federal exemption (at least an attempt to pass one) strictly for "patriotic" reasons, of course (sarcasm intentional).

If you look up "House rules" and "Senate rules" you see the power has moved from all to a very few. So much for Robert's Rules Of Order where you ask "Any new business?" How dare you put something up for vote?

Problem now is that no legislation can be passed because no legislation is making it to the Senate floor. I loved it when Pelosi (effectively) said that Trump is not welcome in her house (no in-person SOTU speech).

Trump campaigned saying he wanted to run government like he ran his business. He's doing exactly that. His businesses went bankrupt and he stiffed his employees/contractors. You can't say he doesn't occasionally deliver.

Oh I long for the days where Congress would pass a bill, a veto or such would happen and then Congress would override the veto.

The top "dogs" need to find a new (retirement?) home.

No, there's no such thing and think about it... a WordPress theme is for the WordPress CMS.
There is a Mobirise to WordPress plugin tho'

The media is seriously failing regarding the shutdown. Several points:

  1. If you repeat a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it.
  2. Trump is on record (video) stating that he will own the shutdown.
  3. He is now pivoting saying you can call it "The Trump Shutdown" or "The Democrat Shutdown" or "The Pelosi Shutdown". Soon it will just be "The Pelosi Shutdown".

Here's where I call BS on the media. For every clip where they show Trump trying to pivot they should immediately replay the clip of him telling them media (with Dem leaders in the room) that he will own the shutdown. Only this immediate feedback counter his lame (but often effective) attempt to shift blame. By not doing this they are implicitly validating his agenda.

That's a tough question as for each extension there could be a license duration. Also if the extension relies on import or code from some cloud you don't know how long that access will be granted. So for each extension you have to know how it works and the agreement in order to ask this question.

The simplest code to check for duplicates in a List is probably to add its items to a HashSet (HashSet does not allow duplicates) and check if the size is the same, eg

        var x = new ArrayList<Integer>();
        x.add(1); x.add(2); x.add(2); x.add(3);

        var y = new HashSet<Integer>(x);
        System.out.println(x.size() - y.size() + " duplicates");

        // you can code that as a simple assertion...

        assert x.size() == new HashSet<Integer>(x).size();

... or you could add them one at a time because the add method returns false if the item has already been added (ie is a duplicate)

Either way yu will need to have suitable equals methods in your Road and Intersection classes

Can I use the extensions forever or one year?

Hi, I have the program, which is a traffic simulation, and I have a few linked lists in it. I'd like to ask you what is the easiest way to check if I don't have duplicats in them? The code which runs it looks like that:

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Simulation s = new Simulation();

        s.addRoad(Road.Orientation.HORIZONTAL, 50, 5,3);
        s.addRoad(Road.Orientation.HORIZONTAL, 500,1,4);
        s.addRoad(Road.Orientation.VERTICAL, 100,3,2);
        s.addRoad(Road.Orientation.VERTICAL, 600,2,3);
        s.addRoad(Direction.DOWN, 1,300, 2,3);
        s.addRoad(Direction.RIGHT, 3 ,340,1,2);
        s.addRoad(Direction.LEFT,2, 400,1,2);


Simulation extenst Thread, so first I build road system, then add intersection (if there is a T shape intersection between roads, the intersection is being created automatically, if it is + shape, I can add it or not), and I thought I would have to run something like that in @Before function for few seconds, and then run tests on LinekdLists - but how to do it to work?. And secondly is that a good idea to make a @Test function and do through LinkedList with Iterator checking with assertSame if two elements are the same object?

Try asking to a freelance web developer at "upwork". There is incredible people doing anything on the web, for cheap. Many developers are from Bangladesh or India, their fares are low. Or search "online printing" in the marketplace of "warriorforum". Or there are many customizable wordpress themes, pick one of them and ask a freelance to customize it. Finally check ready made websites at "mobirise" or at the bootstrap 4 website. Good luck

This should do it for you

foreach ($Row in $CUBE.Tables[0].Rows) {
    # Do Something

I created a broadcastReceiver to receive sms and it works fine on emulator but on real device it works only when app is running when app is closed it doesn't receive any sms

Hi fellas,

I hope my first message here comes across more helpful than bothering.

I’ve recently launched a WordPress backup plugin - WPvivid Backup/Restore. It contains pretty all basic features that you’ll need to backup/restore you site and is fairly easy to use. And most important, it’s completely free(free update and support).

I made it because I realized that there’s still a growing need for the easier and more affordable backup solutions in WordPress community, we hope our plugin can give people a hand.

Please check it out at WordPress’ plugin repository:

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Please, don't worry. You need to think clearly and getting worried is the first step to fail.
Take a little time to talk with him and clarify the requirements, ask him about what the functionalities he would like to have in the website.
But, about the implementation of the project, you could suggest him to start with something simple, using vista print or rock design which are pretty complex tools with a lot of functionalities as the final achievement.
Finally answering your question, Wordpress with some plugins like WooCommerce would be a good start.

Typically there is a Dell app which will tell you the battery health. You should find it on your taskbar. Right click and select Dell Power Manager. Some batteries also have a button which will indicate battery health when pressed via 1-5 LEDs.

Dell power cables also have a sense wire which is prone to breaking with repeated flexing. When it breaks your computer can no longer tell what type of battery it is talking to.

Finally, if the problem is with a motherboard component (connector or otherwise) a new battery may not help. This was the case with my Inspiron 1720. I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't charge. Fortunately it still works just fine on AC power.

I don't know what you didn't understand in that sentence. But in short you try the SQL change manually. It's best to use the SQL submission string you created in your code. So you use a debugger or just echo that string to a file for you to pick up later.

Look at the age of the battery. Anything past 2 years and you replace that. If that doesn't clear it up then replace the charger. I take it you have already googled this and tried software methods. Cost is about 30 bucks here from Amazon for both items.

PS. While I know to look out for old batteries some want to test batteries with the Dell app or BatteryBar.


i got a table in Excel (or exported to CSV).
There are 3 columns (1. column = specification / 2. columns = value1 / 3. column = value2).
On my form i got a textbox, 2 labels and a button. If i write in in the textbox "5" it should search in the Excel or CSV-File in columns A (specification" the "5" and then it should show the both values in this row in label1 and label2.

I tried much things but i can only read and show the complete row in only one label and only from csv-file. but with the csv-file my result is like "47,55;33,2;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;"

Here is my code

Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        For Each row As String In IO.File.ReadAllLines("Table.csv")
            If zeile.Contains(TextBox1.Text) Then 
                Label1.Text = row
                'Label2.Text = ????
            End If
End Sub

In the Attachement you can a screenshot from the Excel/CSV-File.

Can you help me please?

thank you


Dell inspiron 3521 laptop Battery detecting but Not Charging . how to solve this problem..

Thanks for your insight. No error message is displayed. I opened php.ini to ascertain that error_reporting is set to E_ALL, set display_errors to ON, and output_buffering is set to OFF, and those are the settings I found there. I've checked the database table row manuanally and the update didn't take place.

Sorry, I don't understand what you meant by saying:

They log the SQL submission string for the change then try it by hand if they don't see a syntax error.

What do you mean by "first time"? Do you mean

  1. first time after you install the framework
  2. first time after you boot Windows

Depending on what you mean it could be that certain components must either be initialized (such as after an install) or loaded into memory (such as after a boot). Some applications like Google Chrome leave threads running in the background after first use (after booting/logging on) in order to speed up loading/running on successive use.

Wouldn't this vary with each computer or platform? As such the only answer would be to run a test on the platforms you have now.

You've made a strong start, but you've quickly come to realize the limitations of your approach. Each step in the journey has to deliberately programmed by you. Also consider that if you need to change something, you will probably need to change many other places as well.

For something like this, I would suggest using OOP(Object Oriented Programming). You will need classes for items, monsters, weapons, etc. as well as a structure to represent the places that the hero will travel to.