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I would recommend to not use any Dumps. Just learn the concepts well and attempt to crack the online test using your learned skills. Hands-on experience beats all the dumps and guides out there any day

Interesting read.

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There are at least six types of OLED displays noted at but the pixels are being powered by row and column addressing which is why it does not take 3,020 external connections to the display panel.

Similar addresses and schemes were used in LCD displays and many get confused over a LED LCD display versus the OLED. One think is not like the other as the saying goes.

Nether_1 commented: So each row is powered, unpowered, and then the next powered so quickly we think that it is being done smoothly? +1

From my understanding, LED monitors turn each pixel on sequentially at such a high speed that the human eye can't observe it, but how does it make the necessary connections? For example, for a monitor made with a single color of LED across a standard HD resolution (say 1940 x 1080) there would have to be 3020 connections assuming its built in a grid.

I'm assuming I'm missing something.

I don't see a question.

rproffitt commented: While I was commenting on the code you were busy correcting. Not everyone understands my humor. At least my code is far more understandable. +0

Your post has a few issues.

  1. Use the forum code formatter.
  2. STATE what your questions are.
  3. If the code is failing, supply what line it is and the error output.
  4. Share how you debug your code. I find that I use my IDE to break on that line and look at the variables in the call. Can you do this?
    If not why not add a line of code to print out the values for you to check.
Reverend Jim commented: While you were commenting on the code formatting I was busy correcting it ;-P +15
private void OnCaptured(CaptureResult captureResult)
            // Check capture quality and throw an error if bad.
            if (!_sender.CheckCaptureResult(captureResult)) return;
            DataResult<Fmd> resultConversion = FeatureExtraction.CreateFmdFromFid(captureResult.Data, Constants.Formats.Fmd.ANSI);
            SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "A finger was captured.  \r\nCount:  " + (count));
            if (resultConversion.ResultCode != Constants.ResultCode.DP_SUCCESS)
                _sender.Reset = true;
                throw new Exception(resultConversion.ResultCode.ToString());
            if (count >= 4)
                DataResult<Fmd> resultEnrollment = DPUruNet.Enrollment.CreateEnrollmentFmd(Constants.Formats.Fmd.ANSI, preenrollmentFmds);
                if (resultEnrollment.ResultCode == Constants.ResultCode.DP_SUCCESS)
                    SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "An enrollment FMD was successfully created.");
                    SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "Place a finger on the reader.");
                    count = 0;
                else if (resultEnrollment.ResultCode == Constants.ResultCode.DP_ENROLLMENT_INVALID_SET)
                    SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "Enrollment was unsuccessful.  Please try again.");
                    SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "Place a finger on the reader.");
                    count = 0;
            SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "Now place the same finger on the reader.");
        catch (Exception ex)
            // Send error message, then close form
            SendMessage(Action.SendMessage, "Error:  " + ex.Message);                

I tend to use but you didn't reveal what makes "best." For some that's cost and speed and to others it's an ISP that will setup your home/business network since not all of us can play network god.

I'm in SoCal and with TWC aka Spectrum and have none of the trouble you read about.

That said there are "communities" that only allow AT&T here so unless you use a cellular connection, you get AT&T. Strange how that is since it seems to fly in the face of this usually consumer sided state.

how am i supposed to find the best internet services in my area since i have recently shifted to california. im lookin for networking sites. please leme know if anyone can help me with it.??

The answer is to restore from your backups. There are spammers that will chime in but we will remove those as found.

Beware the fake support company spams. You are not dealing with legitimate support companies.

I have been using the 2018 edition of QuickBooks Desktop pro for the last 6 months. This morning, when I tried to open up my QuickBooks file, I was denied access and received the QuickBooks Error 6143 message on my system. I have tried restarting my computer to get rid of the error but I still keep receiving the same message. I have a lot of bills that I need to enter but am unable to open the data file. Kindly help me to resolve the QuickBooks error 6143.

Welcome Ron to DANIWEB.

I get the feeling that you might have been tossed into the fight without training on these products. What I usually do is click on More to see what is offered. Share tends to always be the same thing where I can give access to the object to another Sharepoint users.

I worry a bit about your question since you claim to be a developer at some place. Are they offering training courses? Take them. If they don't, find Sharepoint training in your town and take a few.

What is the significance of options like "Share" and "More" in document library command bar ?

@Michelle_15. You've posted a plea for help on page 9 of a 13 year old discussion. Do yourself a favor and make a new post with all the details since here, it's just like what a Vogon did with the intergalactic bypass plans.

ARTHUR DENT: Yes! I went round to find them yesterday afternoon. You’d hadn’t exactly gone out of your way to pull much attention to them have you? I mean, like actually telling anybody or anything.

Hi I am so sorry my name is Susan Lee! I just posted a problem with my laptop on here.

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop model # PSLCOU_O1SO1F. I can hear it running all the lites or on just as the screen is working fine. I do not understand why the screen want stop being black. I have done all the take the battiier out and then taking the power cord out and holding the power key down for a few sec, to minutes. I have tried it all the power button in setting down into it a little bit. I have not had it long. PLEASE HELP ME!!

I don't believe so although I have little experience with Android Studio. You could set up a batch file on the USB drive that would set an environment variable before starting Android Studio. You should be able to specify that environment variable in the A.S. configuration.

Why can't the restore fonts button/feature be used in Windows 8?
Why must it be done with regedit? finds this is a built in repair feature and does not require me to load fonts or use regedit.

I have a problem- and I don't know if this is the place to post for help, but I've found good info on here before. I haven't been able to find an answer after looking through several dozen forums and chats and help sites. Maybe someone here can give me direction.

First, I opened my PC to find the fonts on the desktop had been replaced by squares and symbols and nonsense. After searching I found a few ideas for how to fix it, and tried each of them, including running a .reg script, resetting the system fonts, deleting and reloading the fonts in the Control Panel>Fonts folder, none of which did any good.

I found that the reason it did no good is because my Windows Registry has 0 fonts in it.

I haven't been able to find a way to replace the Registry fonts. IS there a way? I've found plenty of ways to delete them, but none on how to add them.

I heard mentioned once that it could be dangerous to add the registry fonts back in at this point. Is that the case? Or was a support person just being lazy?

To use my computer, I have to reload the system fonts into the Control Panel>Fonts folder every time I start up, and they are deleted every time the computer is shut down. I would appreciate any help on this I could get. Thank you!

I have Android studio on me USB drive so I can use it on any windows computer without having to install it every time, and I've specified the paths to reference files on the drive itself. the problem is, I wrote the paths using the drive letter (E:/example/path) and then I realized that it changes sometimes depending on the computer it's plugged into, so my question is, instead of using the drive letter, can the drive's name that I set be used in the path too? (driveName:/example/path)

I just looked into the cheapest "turn things on and off" solution I could find. How about under 7USD? Here's my copy of my prior reply.

  1. You are a programmer. Just an entry level one will do here.
  2. You are an electronics tech or better.
  3. You know that if you could have a "WiFi activated push button" you could solve this.

That said, the unit at is under 10 bucks and looks like how I'd solve this one.

dear community

working with Micropython - which ecosystem to choose - ESP 8266 or ESP 32?

I work with Kids. I'm always looking for economical platforms to build intriguing projects.

there are systematical decisions: in earlier times i use Arduino and Raspberry Pi for the projects because the eco-sytems of Arduino and Raspi support rich options to combine.

While Arduino clones are cheap, it uses the C/C++ language. that kids are not familiar with. and - yes it doesn't have a built-in WiFi-support. But that is pretty important for me.

WiFi-Support is a must for all the IoT projects i am interested in. On the other hand, while Raspberry Pi has WIFI and kids can program it using Python, it is still an pretty expensive platform to just control few GPIO ports to

  1. turn devices on and off.
  2. run a little RC-Car
  3. have a look in the birds house that is in the garden

I need something in between that has both WIFI and Python capabilities. It appears that I found my answer in MicroPython flashed
onto a cheap ESP8266-based board - and yes - now we also can use ESP32 too.

What is Micropython?
According to its website, MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of the Python 3 programming languages.
And Python is one of the most widespread and well known language - also my kids have access to a lean python introduction.
In other words: Python is much easiser to learn than C /C++ ...

I also hate that. There is, however, and easy fix. Use two freeware programs:

Install your program normally then copy the folder to the desired location. Use the two freeware programs to find and replacce the old location with the new. Then you can remove the old folder. I've done this literally hundreds of times.

@Mamun+3, To change any Windows version from 32 to 64 bit requires a clean install. There are no supported other methods. The good news is that I've tested this to see if the product or CD KEY works in such an install (retail versions only) and it was all good news. There could be issues if the OS was an OEM version so my advice is to install a blank drive and test your install so you don't burn your bridges. That is, keep your current OS safe by not touching it.

I want my windows 7 chaing 32 to64 .but how?

You didn't say what kind of monitor this is. Some of them have drivers as well -- will look like this if the device manager shows as "generic monitor".

hi dani iwent your support to convert excel sheet to application thank you for your support

Just got a HP Pavilion x360.

When the screen is rotated round to turn the laptop into a tablet, the keyboard and trackpad don't auto-lock, so it still gets inputs. Obviously this makes it useless as a tablet.

Windows' tablet mode settings don't seem to include a setting for this. Microsoft's and HP's official online support have been asked about this by others over the last couple of years and haven't supplied a good answer (that I can find).

Pleeeeease someone help! Without this auto-lock feature, the laptop doesn't work as a tablet so is pretty much a ripoff. I can't believe HP would do something this stupid (although actually, I can). I am literally angry with rage.

For you to fix the errors would be specific to each app so there is no generic answer here other than to pester the app's author or company for better install options.

Here we don't allow at present less than 240GB SSD at the office because we have no reason to spend time on a 30 dollar drive replacement. That is, just last week we picked up the 240GB drive for 30USD and solved the low disk space issue. Now this does little for the poor soul that didn't know any better and bought one of those awful 32GB SSD laptops. My thought on those are these are how folk learn what doesn't work.