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The random generation of folder/file/process/Reg.Key name is what I thought might be the case, perhaps the only rational explanation that there is. Will certainly look into Safe-Finder removal guide on BleepingComputer, to start with. Downloading apps from places that you never heard of before ... just what was I thinking. It's not like I regulary stick my hand in the snake pit, but every now and then I trully amaze myself, by doing something completely irrational and very likely harmful as well. Go figure ... the Pink Floyd's tune "Momentary lapse of reason" best describes such a state of mind ...

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A quick look at the logs shows the usual browser hijackers. for more. The other looks to be newer or is just another trojan/adware or other item that may be using a random name generator schem to make identification harder.

Downloading apps from the Internet is now a game of Russian roulette. I will note that I do use for the items they have there since they are free from toolbars and more.

Dani 1,700

Bostjan attempted to upload these files but it didn't work. For the sake of testing site functionality, here they are.

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Like I said ... I've been away for a long time, hence my first thought was to try my luck on DaniWeb, as that's where I always received helpful advices and instructions in the past. Moving on, to see what people on have to say about my recent encounter with the perils of Internet.

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My advice is to get to and follow their posting rules then they use a suite of scans and tools to clean this up.

Yes, you could google your way to what things are, try the usual Malwarebyte scans but I feel what you want is exactly what does.

PS. Yes, you could do the hijackthis route but the threats and scan methods have changed so my advice has changed.

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I've been away from this forum for a long time, must be more than 10 years since my last post. That's how long I've been pretty much trouble free, as far as the Internet and data safety was concerned. Back then I was experimenting all too often with the free anti-spyware and anti-virus programs (Avast, AVG, etc.), getting in trouble in the process, as those freebies would often interfere with each other cause all sorts of headaches, mainly because those conflicts produced a breeding ground for some real nasty Internet threat. I can still remember the friendly atmosphere and helpful people on the DaniWeb forum (DaniWebIT back then), everytime I'd get in the troubles, most of them way beyond my level of knowledge.

It's been years since I decided to make a move forward, to leave the comfort zone of Windows and aging Win XP and enter the exciting world of Linux; it felt right, the communities worldwide were growing fast, the support was improving, and so did the stability and number of desktop friendly distros. Yet somehow I managed to postpone that move indefinitely, re-inventing excuses to keep the increasingly sluggish and insecure XP on the machine, until it really needed to be replaced for good, by all the joys (and hardships) of the tux world. Seemingly bomb-proof performance of MS Essentials made all these excuses so much easier to make, even after the end of official MS support, as community maintained threat definitions were being kept ...

I'm seeing bad call log information. This is not new so I'd stop spending time on this, delete the log and make sure you have your phone under your control from now on. Change your lock code too.

Again, this isn't the first report of this and so far it's a waste of effort tracking it down so either you burn up your time here or you move on. Until there is more data my advice is to delete the log, secure your phone and move on.

I've encountered an unknown user appear in my calls log and its had a 16mins airtime videocall to this person in messenger.
I'm just suprised, it was appear in my call logs even though I didn't do anything

Can anyone help me to track this code or identify who is owner of this account in facebook. I attached the screenshot for your reference and
Here's the code that I saw in the contact information of this person. Btw, I'm using IPhone 7 , Idk if this is only a glitch or not.


I hope someone on this group will help me. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you DaniWeb and everyone,

What I've done on other distros is yes to your question 1. After I have a working install I add users later.

"Red Hat uses strict trademark rules to restrict free re-distribution of its officially supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

So this is a Linux you pay for? Sorry, I'd go get a really free Linux.

I've just installed RHEL 7.6. I've installed Base environment: Server with GUI with all addons for selectred environment

During Installation I created Root Password & created user form User Creation with, Make this user administrator option

Now, post install & after successful login to RHEL environment, I'm unable to install any software or access KUser to edit user permission or change user group

While installing anything it gives error something went wrong, Error msg when trying to use KUser , Error opening /etc/shadow for reading

  1. Should I install again with Root only?
  2. How to give root permissions to user created during Installation?

Ref:- Installation of “Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.0” with Screenshots

Need books or tutorials to working in RHEL7 GUI

@Comeody.If so that (You don't have the password to unprotect the sheet),all you need to do is unlock it for editing anything in a given worksheet.
Now refer to it:

@c. Sometimes folk leave out a key detail Such as "I don't have the password to unprotect the sheet." You didn't write that so I proceed as it's not a lost password issue. Just one where the user has forgotten where the menus are.

Google didn't do much help for the programs it suggest

Dani 1,700

What is your algorithm? Maybe if you try to explain it to us we can be of better assistance?

@c, the steps to unprotect are in the same menus to protect. I see 15amoer noted where to get a sip from a fire hose of information too.

Maybe,you will find more ways of removing edit protection from Excel 2016 on Google than you do here.

@Nemesio, there were only printer drivers for that model for Window XP to 10 so the answer is no.

If you hadn't buried your question we could chat about other ideas. Hint: Start a new discussion.

My name is nemesio i´m portugesse , i have an hp print 2620 i want to intstal in windowos 98 it´is possible thanks if you can spek in portugesse i fil well

cometody commented: The post is mainly for protecting excel sheet +0

How to remove edit protection from Excel 2016? Can't edit anything in a given worksheet.

Using strictly your requirement this appears to be a 2 line exercise. Nowhere did you write the user input the values with cin or much else. You wrote the program accepts the 5 integers. This is a good example where the specification means a lot more than some folk think it does. The spec you supplied did not demand user input. So this is pretty easy and I worry that you need to spend time on your class work.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
  int a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4,e=5;
  cout << a << b << c << d << e << endl; 
  return 0;

No one is going to do your homework for you. If you hadn't waited to the last minute you could have posted your code and asked for help.

Please help. Is there anyone here that can program that one? Please answer me. Thank you

I just need it badly. I am going to fail my subject if i could not pass it until tommorow morning. Please help

Create a c++ program that accepts 5 integers in ascending order without using array or looping. Pure else and if statements.

Thank you, sorry for misunderstanding ..


Just know I came from your question, please fallow the below link it will helpful for you.

The mindreading part is in your top post where you wrote "my proposed algorithm". There's the mindreading part.

Also, this forum tends to not implement for members. That's for you the author or programmer to do. Where do you find help? When you are stuck on a nugget and can't seem to crack it. There have been many that want to have the forum "implement" for them. That is, do the work. I'm sure you understand how this works now.

You can use com0com (Null-modem emulator) as I have explained here.

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