Aloha, I have used a method similar to "rproffitt" above. Using the the Windows defrag tool after you have uninstalled any programs and deleted the old user/admin account, (assuming you don't have an SSD) will re-write over some of the previously used space then use the CCleaner wipe and Reg cleaner. You should also rename the computer and remove/replace your name and the old computer name using regedit. That should clean it up right nicely unless you are really paranoid.


Here's a similar method I used since I didn't want to bother with getting restore media.

Step 1: Uninstall my apps.
Step 2: Create TWO new Admin capable accounts. One of them is for use, the other is our backup admin account. Use the Rule Of Two for this with a single user.
Step 3. Login to the new user account and then in accounts remove your old account and have it delete that old user's files.
(almost done.)
Step 4. Go get CCLEANER and have it wipe unused disk space.

Look around for anything on the other drive letters and ship it.


Typically a hard drive on an OEM system has multiple partitions. Mine came with five partitions with only one (C:) user partition. You can safely reformat C, and if like me, you created a second user partition (D:) you can format that as well. If you format the entire HD you will lose your recovery partition. I suggest that once you wipe and reinstall Windows you then install something like CCleaner and use it to securely wipe the remaining free space. There are utilities that can recover data even after a reformat. The secure wipe will fix that.


Hi chaps, I have a Dell XPS17, dual booting with Windows and Ubuntu on it.
I have to give it away and therefore reinstall windows. Usually, I'd format the whole HD and reinstall Windows, but I don't have the Windows CD – it wasn't dispatched with the laptop unfortunately – so I'd like to try to do everything with the Recovery partition. I checked and it appears to be there. Now, can I format the whole HD except the Recovery partition so that I reinstall windows and remove Ubuntu with some Windows' utility rather than manually formatting it?

  1. The clock rate is not the data rate for RAM today. In short the Frequency of 798 MHz is fine for DDR (double data rate) since it uses both clock edges so "Speed" is twice that. Speed is not Frequency when working the numbers of DDR. Let's take this as NBD (no big deal) since it's an area that you only get into when deep diving into PC design.

  2. As to the GPU, your choices. I can't make these for you but can share we don't bother with the Quadro since we don't do life support CAD. You can google for comparisons between the K600 and say the 1050 Ti (I wouldn't bother with the lesser 1050 today.
    Example: http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-Quadro-K600-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti-Mobile/m8080vsm223242

And that's cheating since we are comparing the mobile 1050 Ti and it wipes out the K600. The K600 is just that dated. Nice card but very dated. As to CAD use be sure to google if you need to do something to get the most out of it with your CAD software.

As to keeping the K600, it's so much slower that after you fit both you'll wonder why you did that.

  1. SPECCY shows Frequency 798MHz ( memory), where amazon shows Speed: 1600MHz CL9, SPD Speed: 1333MHz

  2. I'm using NVIDIA Quadro K600 1GB DDR3. I guess 1050 - 1080 comes with DDR5, so what would be better adding 1050 - 1080 with K600 or replacing existing K600?
    Is it possible to add GPU other than DDR3?

Any suggestion(Manufacturer, model) for GPU?


As to your questions.

  1. I would.
  2. NO!
    The current HDD is failing and leaving it attached will cause all sorts of issues. Delays, hangs, BSODS and "WTH is wrong with my PC."
    No one I know will keep such a drive. Well, maybe to use as some USB HDD to copy stuff on as (unreliable) backup. I'm going to BOLD this item since it's an area that caused so much grief.
  3. Yes. I can't guess why the Quadro but it's the "OFFICIAL" line of cards for CAD work. That said at the office we just use the 1050 to 1080 GPUs and pay less since we don't want to pay that much.
  4. The current 450W PSU is a nice enough SINGLE RAIL MODEL so I don't see why to change that yet.
  5. The SPECCY noted CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 and the Amazon is CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 so that's the matching stick.

I think GPU is the problem child
I'll add some cooling for GPU.

I use uTorrent for movies sometimes, uninstalled it , all s/w are licensed

I have few question,

  1. Should I continue use of CPU:- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz
  2. Should I just add new SSD or using SSD(primary) + current HDD(secondary) advisable (& possible) ?
  3. Is it possible to add one more graphics card of higher capacity with NVIDIA Quadro K600 (using two GPU) or replace existing one?
  4. Should I switch Power Supply to 650?
  5. I found this RAM on amazon how to check, it is same make and model with mine

Oops, looks like I overlooked a few other things I wanted to reply to, specifically rproffitt's most recent remarks.

First, I finally, much belatedly, discovered that you really do "log into Chrome," at least the Windows (i.e. non-Android) version. I would never have believed it. To me, a web browser is supposed to be nothing more than a (relatively) thin client for accessing remote resources, which would then probably require logins "at their end." Once I discovered this, and logged in to one of my Google accounts -- and did what I could to ensure that both Chrome-on-XP and Chrome-on-Android were logged into the same Google account -- Sync suddenly worked.

Second, the only things that Synced were my bookmarks. That's actually good, because I realized that since, in my head, "Bookmarks are things that have been put away, like books going back onto the shelf, and are thus out of sight, out of mind for the most part, whereas Tabs are things that are still pending, like books that are out on my bedside nightstand, where I see them every night and slowly make my way through them. That's why I keep tons of tabs open, "to be read 'soon'". Unfortunately, though, there are problems.

  • Chrome on Android doesn't offer the "Bookmark All Tabs" function that would have made backing up all those tabs "the work of but a moment," so I did, in fact, go through them all, one at a time, and bookmark each one "by ...

To me it's subtle and didn't notice it till you called it out.

The only news to me was about Chrome hiding the real URL. That is, changing your URL to omit the www. and .m.

That is an area I'm going to write "does not need fixing." The moment you tinker with the URL like that, is when I worry that I'm at the site I wanted to be at.

-> I think the reason I don't notice such things is I bounce from machine to machine to mobile to another machine during the week and the exact rendering changes along the way. Thanks for pointing it out.


They did a whole visual refresh as part of their tenth birthday celebration. Hard to imagine that eleven years ago Firefox was fast catching up to IE and it looked like it was going to be a two horse race for the foreseeable future.