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go to Settings > iCloud. click for you. create a check code from another Apple gadget which uses a similar Apple ID, by heading off to (the other Apple gadget and snap) Settings > iCloud > Password and Security > Generate confirmation code. enter the check code in the gadget with the blunder.

I am using iPhone 6S for last 1 year. It was running properly but from last 1 week it is showing some verification error. I have verified all these properly it is showing iTunes verification failed. I am looking for the proper solution. Is there anyone who has faced this?

X-plane is a very old game released in 1995. I don't see a problem with running it on 2016 year Mac or MacBook pro. For a newer games it really matters, but Radeon 550X should be enough for your needs. It even supports DirectX 12.

This is on one of those "once you see it." I hesitated but decided, hey, share a goof that lost me a day. Thanks for the update.

Dani 1,775

OMG! I had a filter int he text box! That was it. How crazy.

This is a stretch since it seems to work here. So here's an example with a goof on my part.
I have something in the search box but to the right of "test" is "13 hidden". Also in this shot I show the console sidebar.
Clear the search box and I get a display of the hidden items.

There's some chat about console.log() not logging when the "code snippet was attempting to grab the scrolling area" which was nothing I've ever tried. Wish I had more to offer but console.log() is working here on W10 Chrome Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Dani 1,775

I just want to comment that I have it set to show Errors, Warnings, Info, and Verbose, so everything. I also have Log XMLHttpRequests checked.

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Dani 1,775

I'm not quite sure what happened, but at some point fairly recently, Chrome DevTools stopped showing things in the Console.

As a web developer, I obviously frequently use this to debug Javascript. Now, instead, there will be a little red circle with an error count in the top right corner of the DevTools window (as always), so it will recognize when there's an error, but the Console will be empty instead of spitting out what's wrong.

Even if I do console.log('foo'); from within a Javascript file, it won't write to the console.

I'm using what's currently the latest version of Chrome, Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Help much appreciated as I don't like Firefox or Safari, but not having access to the Console is not sustainable.

Like the one you are replying to, do you mean? :-)

I like the idea of creating a topic for discussing problems with Mac.

Using print app print info does not show on envelope. No problem printing but cannot transfer info from contact app to envelope

It centers on the relationship between student and teacher, regardless of discipline. To simply say that the problem exists, without going into any sort of detail will discourage any thoughtful response. People in the know will glance onwards, as they don't wish to invest time pulling answers out of someone. Give proper details. Show that you have put some thought into the issue.

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@ernie, I didn't even notice when it changed last time. I bounce from machine to machine and across phones at work during testing so subtle things like the search box going from a square to rounded didn't register.

I remember seeing this post, but I don't remember what my impression was. But I'm up to v74 and I notice no change: Did some of the changes retrograde or is it different under different OSes?

Which Apple?

Let's compare the 450 to the 550X.
I can't find a head to head comparison but I'll try these two.

It's really tough to pull out a comparison but the few games seem to eek out under 10% more frames per second.

"According to the specified peak performance, the chip should be similar fast as a Radeon Pro 455 in the MacBook Pro 2016. In our tests it reaches the Radeon Pro 455 and bests the Nvidia GeForce MX150, but stays behind the GeForce GTX 1050." Notebookcheck.

My answer is I expect no noticeable performance increase.

Hello everyone,,
Okay so I play this game called x-plane on my 2016 mpb base model. It runs decent given its specs and it’s a Mac. Now I know macs are not good at gaming but I can’t stand windows and refuse to get one ever again. I looked at the MacBook pros now and if I get a 15” it has a Radeon 550X graphics card. Will that suffice? Will it be able to run a flight simulator noticeably different than now? Please and thank you

I am no Mac expert, just an old dude who has had experience with Mac computers since 1995.

I read posts here to see if there are problems to which I might be able to offer possible solutions, but am often confounded by posters who offer nothing on the year of manufacture of their computer, or the operating system they are using and maybe even how much RAM they have. E.g, 2012 MB Pro with 4GB of ram running High Sierra.

To me, this would seem to be the absolute minimum for a poster to provide, no?

On a Mac List to which I belong, someone offered this advice for someone seeking help with a computer problem. I would not expect anyone to provide all this info when posting, but the page is a useful check list for folks seeking help.

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I worry that this is a duplicate of in which I note the error message may not be what you wrote.

Cross and duplicate posting for the same issue only adds more confusion. Why not update one or the other post and remove the duplicates?

By update I mean add the details here or there for all to see.

Checking the links as given they don't seem to be legitimate sources. Could be cracks or hacks. Apple is working hard to keep you safe.

Try what notes instead.

As to CCleaner, again another shady site. Why not get it direct from Piriform? I AM ASKING. PLEASE TELL US WHY THESE ODD SITES.

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Everything I download I keep getting the "This file is damaged and cannot be opened, move to trash?" message and I don't know what to do anymore

The sudo-master disable command thing worked for a while but it's not anymore

This laptop isn't very useful if I can't download anything! Please help, after recovering from a kernal panic this is the last thing I need, I'm very frustrated with this 2017 macbook pro

the new chrome is all about speed and easier user interfernce. the bookmark things are changed.
the great part is in next uodate the introducing ad blocks option

You need to add more detail. "The file is damaged and should be moved to the trash." is a more common message but you may have some other language or typed from memory.

I googled "The file is damaged and should be moved to the trash." and found so many priors that well, you should tell more such as how much free space there is on drives and what are you downloading. BE SPECIFIC. Do not reply with "anything."

Just updated to 10.14.4 but that didn't fix anything

Everything I download I keep getting the "This file is damaged and cannot be opened, move to trash?" message and I don't know what to do anymore

The sudo-master disable command thing worked for a while but it's not anymore

This laptop isn't very useful if I can't download anything! Please help, after recovering from a kernal panic this is the last thing I need, I'm very frustrated with this 2017 macbook pro

Chrome is a fast secure free web browser. Get more done will the new chrome, no more explore, chroe browser window with password save dialog. Googal chrome is a freeware web browser deveolped by googal LLC. The deveolpment processis split in to differant release channels, each working on a build in a saperate stage deveolpment. Chrome provide 4 channels, stage, beta and dev, or canary. Chrome update every two three weeks for minor release and every six weeks formajor release.

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If you do not like the update, you can install the old version of the browser Chrome.

Before you click on Outlook, hold down the alt key then click on Outlook. It will bring up the idenity box. Highlight your identy and then click on the "rebuild" button. This hopefully will fix any problems you have. The other thing you can do is add a second identy and see if you can send from that one. Your iMac is not the problem this sounds like a software issue.

Richard M Abaid
Macintosh Consultant

if its a usb, I have found that the best way to handle this situation is to plug and unplug it until it works. Sorry but this is the best solution i know.

I know a little about TVs in regards to USB sticks and drives.

First you have to dismiss the notion a Smart TV is anywhere near the capability of say Windows 3.0 from 1990. Many of these TVs are downright horrible and have issues like yours.

As to invisible files. Some may be the TV writing out where you paused or stopped viewing a video file so it can resume later.

It's possible you are using some Apple OS to do this click and drag. On FAT32 volumes you will indeed have a few extra files but if the TV maker did their job right these files should not show or interfere with playing video files.

Can you provide more information? For example. you don't drag files onto a USB any more than you drag files onto a serial or parallel. You drag them onto a device attached to a USB interface. What type of device are you using? How are the files being displayed on the TV? Are you using a USB memory stick? How is it formatted. If you are using a USB stick, how would you expect to delete the files without using a computer?

Hi there, when I click and drag files from afolder onto a USB to display on a TV (slideshow) I have to get someone on a PC to delete invisible copies of those files. What is that about? How can I do that myself without relying on a PC user and their PC. Thanks