My OS is Linux Mint.

My number 1 choice would be to create my own layout but start by coping that from a current layout and then just make the changes I want. Have no idea where to start with this but it would be great if I could figure that out. In the meantime, the current layout I have selected is working it's just a little bit of a pain. And I looked at that keyboard you posted, I am actually considering it. I tend to do a lot of the usualy on my computer like facebook, emails, etc... and I like to play around with coding so French is a minority of what I need on my computer, I might be able to use that keyboard as long as it doesn't interfer and make everything else I do on the computer harder.


Hi Lewashby, I was pleasantly surprised a while back that I could plug in two keyboards via USB and both worked. Sitll had to select a keyboard layout but hey, progress.

To edit the existing keyboard layout I think we'll have to get into the exact OS in use. But I'm sure folk have written much on editing layouts or creating one from new (which I think would be a pain.)

Maybe you could use some old fashioned idea like a macro for the hard to get to characters?


No, I'm not wanting to create my own custom hardware keyboard. I use a standard keyboard but I can change the layout from the keyboard menu, there are some pretty simple ways of allowing you to type other romance language characters (mostly the same letters but with accents) with just a few extra key presses. I found one that's working 'English (UK, extended WinKeys), I'm able to type in all the French characters I need. It's working but some of the accents are a little easier to get to than others, some are a pain.

Don't want to go that far. I use my keyboard for a lot more than typing in French and going as far as plugging up a French keyboard would be overkill and a pain to work with. I would either have to make it work and leave it plugged up, change the keyboard everytime I wanted to do something different, or get a KVM, and I want less not more wire under my desk.

Anyway, I did find one that works it would just be nice if there was a way I could create my own custom keyboard layout. keyboardLayout.jpg


This request is bizarre. You want to type French characters, but you don't want a French keyboard? So you want o create your own custom keyboard that... what? has a US layout for alphabetics but puts accented characters?... where?
I really don't understand why you can't simply install a standard French keyboard to type in French. And what do you mean by "completely messes up my keys unusably". I switch between UK and French all the time and my keys aren't messed up.


Is this Mint or Windows? Also, if you want the real deal, go get a French keyboard. It is different.
https://www.amazon.com/French-European-Language-Keyboard-Windows/dp/B0002JP05Y for example shows the AZERTY keyboard.

Doing this with just layouts would be annoying to most French. Look at that keyboard. It has the characters you were asking about.
There are also stickers for those that have a laptop.

There are also a lot of priors about adding and switching layouts. Example: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22384513/how-does-one-add-keyboard-languages-and-switch-between-them-in-linux-mint-16


Linux Mint

So I'm trying to learn French but I'm running into some complications when it comes to finding a good keyboard layout. Here are the layouts that I've tried so far:

English (US)
English (international Alt Gr dead keys)
English (UK, international with dead keys)
English (UK, extended WinKeys)

So far all have fallen short of what I need. I think only one of these listed above will allow me to type in the French c with a tail character ç. Most of the rest allow áéíóú, the problem here is that most of these accents are going the wrong way. Spanish uses these more, they're going from bottom left to top right where as most French accents go from bottom right to top left. Also, some the the keyboard layouts that allow these vowel accents that are going the wrong way will also not always contain the ç character. I'm really not interested in any solution that would force me to copy/past, drag/drop, or select these special character from a menu, I need to be able to type them on the fly. Does anyone know if there's a way to create a custom keyboard layout? Is they something that can be downloaded and installed online? And choosing a French keyboard layout is going way to far as it completely messes up my keys unusably. Thanks.


So video calls? https://www.google.com/search?q=video+conferencing+raspberry+pi seems to note projects that have been kicking around for 4 or more years. My bet is you'll have to tailor such to your exact needs but that's what you as a programmer or one of your team members gets to do.

Don't get me wrong here. Once in a while folk want a ready to use solutuon. Maybe one of these will work but given all the work done so far it doesn't seem to be a stretch to get what you want with little to no programming effort. But there again I am running into non-programming that want such ready to use. For that you add team members with the skills or hire the work out.


I'm looking for software that will allow someone at one end to talk into a camera and stream to a Raspberry Pi on the other end. It's going to be a prop for a live action role play game I'm running for later in the year and I'd like to get a jump on figuring out what I'll need.

It's literally going to be a "mirror mirror on the wall" type thing. I'll have a laptop/camera or other setup which will allow the person in the mirror to talk to the players through the rasp pi, and a router which will allow the two devices to connect, but there will be no Internet connectivity since the location is remote.

If anyone knows of a cheap or free software that would work, please let me know. I did a little looking and couldn't find anything definitive without actually testing it.


Keeping your data is a discussion on its own. For most, using Android's own sync may be enough. But then you dive deeper into they want more than what sync provides. There is no getting away from you revealing what you meant as well as you researching what sync does, then talking about filling in the gaps.

Your second question about installing a new Android OS shows you may have not done research yet. Unlike our PCs which are somewhat all the same, phones use a variety of CPUs and rarely look the same from the OS standpoint. Also, to install Android OS on a phone is often too much for even someone that has installed Linux. Again, you need to do research on not only how Android is installed (really I wouldn't even do this research first) but to find out if any Android newer version ever was made for your phone.

DEEP BREATHS. STAY CALM. OK where do I go to look for a new ROM? XDA Developers and LineageOS.

Started in December 2016, LineageOS now supports 178 smartphone models and claims to have over 1.7 million installs.

Is your phone on the list? Read https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/

I would have checked further but found only HTC in the top post.


There are actually a lot of AAA games on Steam. Pretty much everything Valve ever produced is available on Steam, all the Half-Life titles (the original Half-Life, all the spin offs, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress Classic / 2, Portal 1 & 2, etc...) Metro Last Light, Dying Light was released for Linux the same time it was released for Windows. You can find a lot of options on both Steam and GOG for Linux support, always check GOG first then Steam. Also, if you go into the preferences on Steam you can check/uncheck your favorite OS and Steam will tailore it's advertising accordingly.


I have an adroid phone, it's a descent phone and it's not that old yet several times here lately I have ran into problems installing or updatinga a few apps because my version of android is not supported. I think I need to upgrade but I've never done this before. It's a verizon wireless HTC android phone. Is there a way to upgrade from within the android app itslef and keep all of my data or would I need to install a new android OS over this one the way I normally do my Linux OS? If it's the second option how do I make sure my verizon account and phone number are still linked to this phone? Thanks.



I am using an Apache tool called Sentora, which forces me to have my [root] directory to be etc/sentora/panel .......causing me the big problem of killing my browsing to /var/www/html as my [root] folder, rendering it unreachable.

How can I set up both (and more) using vhosts?



2018-03-01 19:50:40.224088 [ERR] switch_core_sqldb.c:1197 SQL ERR: [select call_id,sip_user,sip_host,contact,status,rpid,expires,user_agent,server_user,server_host,profile_name,network_ip, network_port,0,sip_realm from sip_registrations where expires > 0 and expires <= 1519905040] database disk image is malformed


Depending on the actual content of myScript.sh, you might be able to use input redirection to use the file as input to the script:
./myScript.sh < /path/to/file

Or if file contains a list of file-names to search - you might be able to use xargs:
cat file | xargs ./myScript.sh
But again, xargs usage would depend on what myScript.sh actually does. We don't really know anything about your script, what parameters it is set up to take etc etc.

Or you could just set up your script to explicitly take the path to a file as a parameter:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# if number of parameters to script is 1 AND the parameter is the path to a file
if [ $# -eq 1 ] && [ -f $1 ] ; then
    grep -iHn --color "regex" $1         # Search the file
    echo "ERROR - Script takes 1 parameter which must be the path to an existing file"
    exit 1                                    # Exit with error status

And then you would run your script like this:
./myScript.sh /path/to/file

Obviously the above example was completley contrived. I don't know what your actual script does. But my example should give you an idea on how to modify your script to take a file-name as a parameter, if that is what you want to do.....


Thanks. Most of those errors and solutions happen after the system boots. I can't even get to the login screen without this error. If I unplug the new HDD everything works fine but as soon as I plug it in I get those ata errors. I probably purchased the HDD about a year ago but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever used it, so it's pretty much brand new. I'm thinging that it's either a bad HDD or maybe it's using too much power along with the other two HDDs + one SSD.


I have a script that uses grep to extract data from a file. It works but I am now trying to modify the script for pipeline use. If I use the commands: cat file | myScript.sh there is an error because the data reaches myScript.sh as it was collected by an echo command (grep: LINE: No such file or directory).

Is there a way to pass 'file' as an argument to myScript.sh so that grep can work as it was originally meant?