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There are a lot of ways to list services in a Linux or Ubuntu system. But If you also want to list services status "systemctl list-units" will work for your case perfectly. Ref:

I want to list services currently installed in an ubuntu box. Also want to list the status of the listed services. Thanks.

Thanks anyway!

Since you can not repeat your success, then you have to try it per the methods folk tell you it does work. My thought is this is not to be. You are trying to push the limits of this system and it is pushing back.

Why not use your PC for learning C and such?

I found this

They say that one cannot run in sdcard

I have unrooted device.

I am persued it was working yesterday.

Just my guess. Permissions. Check the file permissions, ownership, etc.

But afterwards I tried to run a file after entering with cd in the directory where snippets are stored, I typed " clang filename.c -o filename" and the code was not compiled. I don't understand what would changed.

@rproffitt Thanks so much. Your second link did help me a lot. It works perfectly. finds other compilers. Why must it be gcc? Also you wrote C and not C++.

It needs to be written that Android is not like your full size OSes like Linux. Once in a while you run into someone that wants Android and iOS to be a full fledged OS.

Also, notes other issues, commands. Not GCC but clang.

I understood that it is not possible to run C code with gcc for a file in sdcard directories, sudo is required. But I see that it's possible to run Ruby files with Ruby. I don't understand why. Can someone say me what languages can be run in sdcard in the terminal?

Why Windows has this might be traced back to its roots where Microsoft was sued about Web Browsers and in response tightly integrated their browser into the OS. So the GUI shell that you see on Windows is underneath partly their browser.

You can see this effect all over Windows. Instead of right click, refresh in Windows just click on a blank spot on the Windows Desktop. Now tap F5 which is the refresh button on many browsers.

-> Linux on the other hand uses the X Window system (most distros) or for more detail.
The refresh might still show on some implementations but if the OS software was working right, you would not need "refresh."

I'm new to Linux and the first thing I did was right clicking to find refresh as always I did in windows. .... but then I was disappointed to find nothing, no refresh , but why and it just amazed me how better linux is !!!
Linux distro Kali linux 2019.2

Thanks. Maybe I had plans to run it as a live DVD till I got to know more about it. I've done this with Ubuntu while having Windows installed.

To me that looks like a bootable disc. It's not very useful from Windows unless you wanted to run Linux in some Virtual Machine like VirtualBox.

There are so many tutorials on booting from your drive over the years. Even I noted it a while ago at and I'm sure there are thousands of pages about booting Linux.

Bootiing these discs are what I find folk stumble at. The disk is bootable. Not very useful if you are running Windows.

I have an auxillary optical drive. It has been plugged in for a long time, but I almost never use it. I just noticed it has a DVD in it. Apparently, I downloaded an ISO of Linux Mint 19.1 with plans of learning the OS.

But just what 'type' of file is on the DVD? It doesn't seem to be usable in its present state. How can I render it usable, or should I just download another ISO? Properties says this is a CDFS File system.



Plesk, just to throw another into the mix.

I just looked into the cheapest "turn things on and off" solution I could find. How about under 7USD? Here's my copy of my prior reply.

  1. You are a programmer. Just an entry level one will do here.
  2. You are an electronics tech or better.
  3. You know that if you could have a "WiFi activated push button" you could solve this.

That said, the unit at is under 10 bucks and looks like how I'd solve this one.

dear community

working with Micropython - which ecosystem to choose - ESP 8266 or ESP 32?

I work with Kids. I'm always looking for economical platforms to build intriguing projects.

there are systematical decisions: in earlier times i use Arduino and Raspberry Pi for the projects because the eco-sytems of Arduino and Raspi support rich options to combine.

While Arduino clones are cheap, it uses the C/C++ language. that kids are not familiar with. and - yes it doesn't have a built-in WiFi-support. But that is pretty important for me.

WiFi-Support is a must for all the IoT projects i am interested in. On the other hand, while Raspberry Pi has WIFI and kids can program it using Python, it is still an pretty expensive platform to just control few GPIO ports to

  1. turn devices on and off.
  2. run a little RC-Car
  3. have a look in the birds house that is in the garden

I need something in between that has both WIFI and Python capabilities. It appears that I found my answer in MicroPython flashed
onto a cheap ESP8266-based board - and yes - now we also can use ESP32 too.

What is Micropython?
According to its website, MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of the Python 3 programming languages.
And Python is one of the most widespread and well known language - also my kids have access to a lean python introduction.
In other words: Python is much easiser to learn than C /C++ ...

Delete appears to be with the virsh command. i.e. virsh snapshot-delete .

More documention is at

How can i list snapshot information and delete snapshot from command line or bash in elegant way? Thanks

I have some backup files which are created in a daily manner. After some time they take a lot of space and want to delete them according to their time stamp like delete 1 month olders. Thanks

This is your third post asking us to do all the work for you. Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules and Suggestions For Posting Questions before posting again.

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Write a shell script to create a directory called “page1” and ask the user if he/she wants to copy a file to TESTING directory.
You should find out that the file has read, write and execute permission. If the file has write permission then copy the file to the directory; denied otherwise.

Suppose we have a file called ‘WelcomeHome’ with 100 lines of hotel names, each name on a line. Write a script to print the hotel names from line number 20 to line number 30 inclusive. Store the results in a file called ‘ListNumbers’. Sort the file in alphabetical order.

Reverend Jim commented: Lazy AND rude. -3

@Ant, I looked at your top post and saw nothing about Section C and D. What you might be trying to do is to extend your discussion to include NEW QUESTIONS. Sorry but I won't do that. If you have new questions those are in new discussions. Otherwise you have discussions that never end.

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Thank you so much, I tried to do it myself I got something very similar to yours. i'm stuck on the below:

Section C: File Management
Write a shell script to create a directory called “lastName_StudentID” and ask the user if he/she wants to copy a file to TESTING directory.

You should find out that the file has read, write and execute permission. If the file has write permission then copy the file to the directory; denied otherwise.

Section D: Pipe
Suppose we have a file called ‘lastName_StudentID_hotel.txt’ with 100 lines of hotel names, each name on a line. Write a script to print the hotel names from line number 20 to line number 30 inclusive. Store the results in a file called ‘lastName_StudentID_Hotls.txt’. Sort the file in alphabetical order.

FASTPANEL is NOT "Free"...

It's "FREE*", is a closed source, proprietary solution, and you cannot self-host this control panel (You must purchase an OpenVZ VPS service from the Estonian company FastVPS. There doesn't seem to be any integration at all or modules to support a billing system like WHMCS, Blesta, BoxBilling, or even HostBill.

  • Within the limited advertising campaign you will receive your full-functional version of FASTPANEL without restriction on the number of sites for a period of no less than 12 months absolutely free of charge. FASTPANEL reserves the right to change the license status to commercial at any time after this period, but with a notification of not less than 30 days.

If you're looking for a free website management control panel system, I've listed some of the available Free and Open Source (FOSS) solutions below:

And many more... Why purchase a mandatory service to use a control panel that warns you it will start charging you for in the future? If you want a real seasoned, mature, and reliable product that you're going to pay for, why not self-host cPanel on your own servers?

I hope that helps!

Just thoughts, you have to verify and get the syntax down pat.

  1. uname.
  2. cat (where ever the hosts file is)
  3. route or netstat
  4. w
  5. display used AFAIK is not simple. Try
    5a. free
  6. Non-standard AFAIK. Read
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I need some help with the below please!

After installation of [Fedora] is completed, write a script called your to obtain following options information:

  • Get information about your operating system,
  • Get information about hosts
  • Network interface and routing information
  • Display a list of users currently logged on display a list of recently logged in users,
  • The display used and free memory information,
  • Display if the Linux operating system is installed on physical or Virtual machine.

Normally, sudo apt autoremove should have worked but in this case, I used this command to the solved issue:

sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-connector-python*/tmp

After using the above command, use sudo apt autoremove again and that will solve everything.
For more details about this issue, visit this site.

My Java Sir told me to install MySQL-server, workbench, and connector. I did that somehow after spending 30+ hours reading different posts.

After launching Workbench, I went to Tools > Start Shell for MySQL Utilities. Which gave me this popup:

Pressing Download option redirected me to this website:

After installing this package, whenever I run: sudo apt autoremove, I get this error:

pranav@inspiron-5548:~$ sudo apt autoremove
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
1 not fully installed or removed.
After this operation, 1,362 kB disk space will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
(Reading database ... 216575 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing mysql-connector-python (8.0.16-1ubuntu19.04) ...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'distutils.sysconfig'
dpkg: error processing package mysql-connector-python (--remove):
 installed mysql-connector-python package post-removal script subprocess returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

So, I thought I should uninstall this, and I used sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-connector-python command, but it also didn't work, and it throws me the same error as above.

What to do? I am in limbo here! Since any new development done in "mysql-utilities" is aged back to Jan 17, 2017, I don't think I will be needing this anymore. I did the mistake trying to install old ...