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I think 6A is best because Category 6A (CAT6A) which supports data rates of 10G up to 100 metres and a bandwidth of up to 500MHz has begun to grow in popularity. Many Data Centres, hospitals and universities have adopted CAT6A as anew minimum requirement and I can prefer if you want to find get best Structured cabling system so visit the telecom company in canada

Windows Server 2012 and 2016 have been replaced by 2019. Here is a link you could check out Click Here

Thanks Dani. I recall this or all too similar posting on that other forum and they were banned for this. I did not look at their tagline. I looked at their profile.

The question is a form of shilling and as such I have no problem with a little shaming.

PS. We used to let this slide in the past but 99.99% of the time the shill gets answers leading to their own company. As I wrote, we used to let posts like this slide but as all turned into shill posts, the rules changed and they get knocked out immediately as disingenuous and shilling.

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I presume that you are trying to shame the poster for what might be a "shill" posting due to their forum signature.

However, that's not the way that marketing and SEO works. Forum signatures do not show up when you're not logged in, and therefore they do not show up to Google. Had you left it alone, they would have gotten absolutely zero credit for their forum signature in the world of SEO.

However, Google is able to understand when brands are mentioned or discussed, even if they are not linked to. For example, if there were a post where I referred to Yahoo!, it would be very clear what I was talking about without there having to be a link to Additionally, Google understands that this is a Q&A page, and that you are a trustworthy member with a high reputation.

What I'm getting at is that what Google sees right now is a question asking for whose cables are best and iTechCables being mentioned as the first response by a highly trustworthy member of the Q&A site. As a result, because Google recognizes that brand as a cable brand, and the question is asking about cable brands, will begin ranking higher if someone looks for best cables in Google. Yes, the amount that you influence Google's rank does have to do with your DaniWeb reputation. Google understands member profiles in Q&A sites. If it were an actual shill post where the original poster created a ...

Wait a second. You sell these and you don't know? iTechCables or such must be an awful source for you and others.

That aside, I use AmazonBasics all the time. Zero problems.

Any one Some Tell me Who Cable is Best Category 6 and 6A

I take it you did your research and now realize 2.4GHz links are impractical and noted widely such as

Since you want ROBUST then you must over design the link to be something for 10 to 20 KM distances.

Since this is an area of OVERCHOICE, you need to talk to the makers about possible solutions like but once in a while I'll see a client that has no IT staff or networking skills trying to install this. They fail everytime. For those folk, get it done by a local networking company or even Cisco.

Hi Guys.

We are seeking to create a wireless wide area network in an area that is saturated in wireless ubiquiti antennas. We have tried our own ubiquity antennas and have discovered that there is way too much noise in the area for the equipment to function properly.

The areas that need to be connected are approximately 4km apart.

What are the possible options for connecting these two locations in a way that would be robust enought to handle VOIP phones ?

I tend to use but you didn't reveal what makes "best." For some that's cost and speed and to others it's an ISP that will setup your home/business network since not all of us can play network god.

I'm in SoCal and with TWC aka Spectrum and have none of the trouble you read about.

That said there are "communities" that only allow AT&T here so unless you use a cellular connection, you get AT&T. Strange how that is since it seems to fly in the face of this usually consumer sided state.

how am i supposed to find the best internet services in my area since i have recently shifted to california. im lookin for networking sites. please leme know if anyone can help me with it.??

To add to my reply about a team. There are teams that you don't hire. Look here and DANIWEB has folk that team up to help out.

The story of software apps and games where there is a team that is unpaid repeats quite often.

As to myself, I've been on both types of development and can share my preference for a solid team. Doesn't matter if they are paid at first or not, it's the people and skills of the team that can really make it work.

That said, I've also seen the lone developer struggle, not add anyone to their team and years later still struggling.

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Hiring a team from the beginning is a horrible and excruciating expensive business strategy. First find product-market fit. This means creating a minimally viable product and proving that there is interest in using it. If you don’t have the skills to go it alone, outsource to a small dev team or consulting firm. But, please, do not hire a team. Your business is too immature to know exactly what aspects will be most time consuming, the difficulty level of each component, who the first hire should be, or even what skills to look for. Otherwise you may find yourself hiring a bookkeeper only to find out months later that invoicing and accounts receivable only takes an hour a week.

To me that's team building. You need people to join your endeavor that have background in those areas or a "product manager" that sources what you need. If you go it alone, you may take longer as you learn how to develop products. Teams make it possible to reduce that time. And if you don't want to be a product manager then you get one of those too.

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He’s not asking for an app to be written for him or for us to do all the work. He has an idea and wants some advice on what next steps could be.

I’m on my phone so I’ll follow up with you a bit later. In the meantime, letting us know your level of experience in programming would be helpful to helping me to fine tune a response for you.

Howie Mandel in his early stand-up comedy days.

  1. OK. Now we're going to do some improv.
  2. Give me an occupation.
  3. Give me a place.
  4. Give me a location.
  5. Now give me some funy things to say.

If you want help with something specific then post a specific question. Don't ask us to do all the work for you.

Good Morning All, I am looking to develope a new product and I am needing software, hardware and an app developed. I have no idea where to start and I thought I would reach out for advice.

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I have a 2012R2 Server, it is currently on two GB NICs Teamed, one of the bespoke software is really old, more like a Btreive type flat DB and it is currently holding over 1 Million + records.
We have 30 workstations, and while we know the software is either badly written or it is generating a lot more traffics than a standard SQL, we need to find a way to ‘fix’ this.
The server is a Xeon 3.3GHz/16GB/4x1GB on Adaptec RAID10 (Avg read/Write is 250-350Mbps)
I added the second NIC to team few months ago after yet another software update that added even more weight to the already slow software, before anyone say change software, we simply can’t because this is a bespoke system with 20 years of data which the supplier said they can’t migrate to SQL yet, and may not be a few more years.
I can see the bottleneck coming from the traffics as during peak time (when users start to moan about snail pace speed), the CPU is at 15%, Memory at 20% and the server still responding to commands at normal speed, but the Sent traffics is around 30Mbps to 50Mbps but can peak to 140MBps for a short burst of time. The Recv traffics is normally around 15-30Mbp during peak and will die down around 2-5Mbps.
Before I added the second NIC to team, the system for most if not all users can be locked in a freeze state for a minute or ...

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What is your algorithm? Maybe if you try to explain it to us we can be of better assistance?

Thank you, sorry for misunderstanding ..

The mindreading part is in your top post where you wrote "my proposed algorithm". There's the mindreading part.

Also, this forum tends to not implement for members. That's for you the author or programmer to do. Where do you find help? When you are stuck on a nugget and can't seem to crack it. There have been many that want to have the forum "implement" for them. That is, do the work. I'm sure you understand how this works now.

Thank you for your response, I am new with DaniWeb, I just registered today.
I believe for those who are specialist with my inquiry topic, it's clear enough
for them and no need to be mind reading yet!

You might want to be a little more specific in the problems you are having with this and the help you need. DaniWeb members are hugely experienced and skilled, but mindreading isn't usually one of their talents :-)

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Dear All,

I need help in implementation my proposed algorithm for MANETs Routing

either with NS2 or NS3 simulator or any other paossible simulator.


That's a rather broad brush question. What do you specifically want to know about MS Server 2016 support? Have you tried asking Microsoft?

I want to know about Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Support. Can Anyone Please tell me about this?

Altafa commented: Windows Server is a brand name for a group of server operating systems released by Microsoft. For more details visit: +0


Just so you know, it's rare to find responders in 7+ year old discussions. You want the best help so here's how to get that.

  1. Use old or other discussions for ideas about your issue or problems.
  2. Create a new discussion so you get your discussion it's own platform.

In your new discussion you must supply the laptop make, model, age and the story or you just get asked for that rather than getting down to ideas.
If you can, for Windows PCs I like to check out the PC details with a Web Speccy report. How? Read

I have a similar problem. My laptop freezes when I'm at work. It will work while I'm actively using it, but once I walk away for 5 minutes it freezes and I have to manually shut it down or it will restart on it's own. I don't know much about computers, but if anyone can help me out that would so great.

Besides I looked and looked and it wasn't clear where your code read the itc-1 or itc-2 file. Maybe you left out some code.

Hello i have a problem in my UDP implementation in java. I supose to make the program read two files which is itc-1 and itc-2 but my program only read the itc-1 and function right actully but when i run it and read itc-2 file it crached i don't know where is the problem!! here is my code below:

import java.util.*;
import java.util.concurrent.ArrayBlockingQueue;
import java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue;
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;

public class Client {

    public static final String MESSAGETONODE = "message to node";
    public static final String CHECK = "checking message";
    public static final String ACK = "ACK message";
    public static final String CHECKMESSAGE = "Are you alive?";
    public static final String ACKMESSAGE = "I'm okay";
    public static final String DEATHNOTE = "Death note";
    public static final String BIRTHCERT = "Birth cert";

    public static ArrayList<Node> linkNode = new ArrayList<Node>();
    private static int sourceNode;
    static int destPort;
    static int destNode;
    private int neighborCounts;
    private static int sourcePort;
    static BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
    private static BlockingQueue<QueueMessage> blockingQueue;
    private static ArrayList<BlockingQueue<QueueMessage>> ACKQueue;

    private static NetworkLayer networkLayer;

    public Client(int nodeID, String itcFile) throws IOException {

        blockingQueue = new ArrayBlockingQueue<>(100);
        ACKQueue = new ArrayList<>();


        networkLayer = new NetworkLayer(itcFile, nodeID, linkNode);

        neighborCounts = networkLayer.getNeighborsCount();
        for (int i = 0; i < neighborCounts; ++i) ACKQueue.add(new ArrayBlockingQueue<>(100));

//        networkLayer.displayRoutingTable();
        System.out.println(nodeID + " " + itcFile);
        sourceNode = nodeID;

        // Gets the port number of the node you initially set
        for (Node n : linkNode) {
            if (n.getNodeID() == nodeID)
                sourcePort = n.getPortNumber();
        startServer(sourcePort); ...