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I have a 2012R2 Server, it is currently on two GB NICs Teamed, one of the bespoke software is really old, more like a Btreive type flat DB and it is currently holding over 1 Million + records.
We have 30 workstations, and while we know the software is either badly written or it is generating a lot more traffics than a standard SQL, we need to find a way to ‘fix’ this.
The server is a Xeon 3.3GHz/16GB/4x1GB on Adaptec RAID10 (Avg read/Write is 250-350Mbps)
I added the second NIC to team few months ago after yet another software update that added even more weight to the already slow software, before anyone say change software, we simply can’t because this is a bespoke system with 20 years of data which the supplier said they can’t migrate to SQL yet, and may not be a few more years.
I can see the bottleneck coming from the traffics as during peak time (when users start to moan about snail pace speed), the CPU is at 15%, Memory at 20% and the server still responding to commands at normal speed, but the Sent traffics is around 30Mbps to 50Mbps but can peak to 140MBps for a short burst of time. The Recv traffics is normally around 15-30Mbp during peak and will die down around 2-5Mbps.
Before I added the second NIC to team, the system for most if not all users can be locked in a freeze state for a minute or ...

Dani 1,730

What is your algorithm? Maybe if you try to explain it to us we can be of better assistance?

Thank you, sorry for misunderstanding ..

The mindreading part is in your top post where you wrote "my proposed algorithm". There's the mindreading part.

Also, this forum tends to not implement for members. That's for you the author or programmer to do. Where do you find help? When you are stuck on a nugget and can't seem to crack it. There have been many that want to have the forum "implement" for them. That is, do the work. I'm sure you understand how this works now.

Thank you for your response, I am new with DaniWeb, I just registered today.
I believe for those who are specialist with my inquiry topic, it's clear enough
for them and no need to be mind reading yet!

You might want to be a little more specific in the problems you are having with this and the help you need. DaniWeb members are hugely experienced and skilled, but mindreading isn't usually one of their talents :-)

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Dear All,

I need help in implementation my proposed algorithm for MANETs Routing

either with NS2 or NS3 simulator or any other paossible simulator.


That's a rather broad brush question. What do you specifically want to know about MS Server 2016 support? Have you tried asking Microsoft?

I want to know about Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Support. Can Anyone Please tell me about this?


Just so you know, it's rare to find responders in 7+ year old discussions. You want the best help so here's how to get that.

  1. Use old or other discussions for ideas about your issue or problems.
  2. Create a new discussion so you get your discussion it's own platform.

In your new discussion you must supply the laptop make, model, age and the story or you just get asked for that rather than getting down to ideas.
If you can, for Windows PCs I like to check out the PC details with a Web Speccy report. How? Read

I have a similar problem. My laptop freezes when I'm at work. It will work while I'm actively using it, but once I walk away for 5 minutes it freezes and I have to manually shut it down or it will restart on it's own. I don't know much about computers, but if anyone can help me out that would so great.

Besides I looked and looked and it wasn't clear where your code read the itc-1 or itc-2 file. Maybe you left out some code.

Hello i have a problem in my UDP implementation in java. I supose to make the program read two files which is itc-1 and itc-2 but my program only read the itc-1 and function right actully but when i run it and read itc-2 file it crached i don't know where is the problem!! here is my code below:

import java.util.*;
import java.util.concurrent.ArrayBlockingQueue;
import java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue;
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;

public class Client {

    public static final String MESSAGETONODE = "message to node";
    public static final String CHECK = "checking message";
    public static final String ACK = "ACK message";
    public static final String CHECKMESSAGE = "Are you alive?";
    public static final String ACKMESSAGE = "I'm okay";
    public static final String DEATHNOTE = "Death note";
    public static final String BIRTHCERT = "Birth cert";

    public static ArrayList<Node> linkNode = new ArrayList<Node>();
    private static int sourceNode;
    static int destPort;
    static int destNode;
    private int neighborCounts;
    private static int sourcePort;
    static BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
    private static BlockingQueue<QueueMessage> blockingQueue;
    private static ArrayList<BlockingQueue<QueueMessage>> ACKQueue;

    private static NetworkLayer networkLayer;

    public Client(int nodeID, String itcFile) throws IOException {

        blockingQueue = new ArrayBlockingQueue<>(100);
        ACKQueue = new ArrayList<>();


        networkLayer = new NetworkLayer(itcFile, nodeID, linkNode);

        neighborCounts = networkLayer.getNeighborsCount();
        for (int i = 0; i < neighborCounts; ++i) ACKQueue.add(new ArrayBlockingQueue<>(100));

//        networkLayer.displayRoutingTable();
        System.out.println(nodeID + " " + itcFile);
        sourceNode = nodeID;

        // Gets the port number of the node you initially set
        for (Node n : linkNode) {
            if (n.getNodeID() == nodeID)
                sourcePort = n.getPortNumber();
        startServer(sourcePort); ...

Your PFSense could be doing odd things to the browse traffic and thus breaking craigslist's odd things about it and it's geo-fence PLUS OTHER things that keep out bots and more. I can't list all that is odd about CL, but yes, it is different and as I'm only aware of CL oddities but don't know them all my take is "it's your PFsense and Cl" breaking down. You convinced me of this with your success with Tor.

Thanks for the reply. It's unlikely that Craigslist is geo-blocking the USA and even if it were it wouldn't explain why one of the workstations can connect without issue using any browser.

I will also ask this over at the PfSense forum.

First, my choice would have been since that's where they discuss that.

The fact the TOR browser works does point to possible geo-fencing by their site. "It's no secret that several years ago Craigslist implemented geo-blocking at both a country and state level. If you don't know, geo-blocking" if you research this.

So I'm possibly wrong but right about Craigslist and geo-blocking.


Okay, so having an odd issue with a network at work. This is a fairly small LAN with about 30-50 workstations / devices / printers / etc. So the issue in essence is that only one of the workstation on the network can access craigslist. All others time out.

This is not a DNS issue as a ping to resolves correctly to on all workstations. Also a tracert completes on all workstations with nothing remarkable.

I have only seen this once before and the issue was never resolved.

This is not an ISP issue as one of the workstations can connect and browse Craigslist without issue. Also one of the workstations that is unable to connect from the LAN was able to connect when direclty linked to the ISP modem.

Okay, so that points to an issue with one of the routers or perhaps a switch.

And to add to the confusion.... All of the workstations that "time out" DO receive a cookie from Craigslist. The cookie, 'cl_b' is one of the same cookies that the workstation that CAN connect also receives.

Let me also add that this issue of timing out is ONLY happening with Craigslist. No other sites have this issue.

The basic topology of the network is: Cable Modem (in bridge mode) -> Bridged PFSENSE Router v2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 -> Zyxel Switch (GS1900) -> TPLink Router (TL-R470T+) -> HP Switch (Procurve 2824) -> Worstations / Printers / AP's / Etc.
The reason for the two routers ...

That's something I would google. It's also a common SHILL POST that we banned from another forum. The poster turned out to be selling cables. This and another post is word for word what we removed on CNET forums.

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How do Cat5 cables work? and what difference between cat5 and cat5e.

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You Shuold Try Opera

is it useful?

Some sites have VPN Blocker/Proxy Blocker and i try finding one that always buypasses them I don’t mind if it’s software/extensions/Apps can u recommend me one that is permanent working? Kinda every free VPN gets detected.

Just a thought. Both Apple and Android phones can randomize their MAC address. I can't guess how you or Linksys identifies the devices but if I turn on MAC address randomization then I can break through the first gen parental controls on most routers.

Maybe it's this simple issue that you have to get back to the maker to ask for a new system or how-to.

Dear folks

Simple task can't get it work

Tried to block internet access for one of my iPhone for testing purpose (it has dummy SIM means no cellular data)

Enable Parental Controls (i.e it is ON)

Choose a specific home device that I want to block then choose option : "Always" ,,,,,,,,,,,,my router screenshot same as the link above

Click Apply

But it didn't work !!!!

Tried another iphone same issue

I have latest firmware and I did restart the router as well

Am I missing something ?


pty 867

The difference between hardware and software is that you can touch hardware.

And yes, this is a hijacked thread.

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James cherrill I ain hijacking its not like i haven't gone through all answers given and still can't find one!

One is implemented in hardware, the other in software!

Other differences follow from that, eg one is probably faster, but the other may be easier to update or fix.

ps: Next time, please do not hijack someone else's old topic - start your own new topic with a suitable title.

My lecturer asked the difference between a hardware protocol and a software protocol please help i just can't the best way possible to phrase my answers

Yes, feel free to ask your questions here on DaniWeb, in the forum, where experienced members will be happy to help free of charge. No need to take it to chat with a 'consultant' who will no doubt charge for his services and where other members will not benefit from the solution.

Just saying...

I am Engr. Rodney KJnr. I am Mikrotik COnsultant. Feel free to chat if you are having any issue with your MikroTik RouterBoard and OS.