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For what it’s worth, I’m a Meraki customer and am very happy with them. I have two devices in my coworking space.

The owners are considering Meraki. Thanks Dani!

rproffitt, the chain forces them to pay hundreds of thousands in royalties and provides almost no support or assistance. I have actually tried to persuade them from leaving the chain since most of their business is repeat from large companies housing their staff here for the local plants and factories.

rproffitt commented: It's always sad to read stories like that. I have mine as well. +15

Thanks everyone.

I never use sync across machines. If I want to maintain consistency across machines I use Resilio Sync. It's a direct connection between machines (data never goes to an intermediate server), transmission is always across the shortest available path (on local machines all traffic never goes past my router), and all data is encrypted before being sent.

It's free for personal use. I find it especially useful to share very large files (too bit to email) with my son in the UK. Yes, Firefox Send will handle big files, but Resilio handles the encryption and will halt/resume as connections are made/broken.

@MickeyD and RJ.

Because I don't use the email login I completely forget about what is synced across the machines and that may be what some think is spying or leakage. Again, I don't use the email login but many do and it's going to sync (leak?) a lot of data.

Here's another one: Clipboard Sync. notes a few ways to disable that.

Ditto on local logins and cell phone. Although there is no way to stop Windows from sending my local userid/password (or anything else really) back to Microsoft other than turning off my modem.

OK so I'll share what I did about it.

  1. I use a local login on Windows. That email system looks fragile and leaky.
  2. When I travel I boot up TAILS.
  3. I don't do much with my smart phone other than demo our apps. Just talk, text, our apps and no email there.

"There are so many other reasons to not trust Microsoft".

Thank you

I focused on what I did because it was of interest to me. I hoped to open a dialogue pertaining to matters with which I have issues.

Cortana is only one problem. As my post title indicates, I am concerned that my privacy settings are changed with each new update and that my app settings are changed as well.

I was in hopes of hearing from others as to whether they had this problem, how they felt about it and what, if anything, they did about it.

Thanks Jim. If folk did want to move to something a bit private they'd have to pack up and leave the Internet as we know it.

Disclosure: I use Windows, TAILS (the OS), Android, and so many things that my leaks must be extra large.

Does that mean Microsoft is not to be trusted?

Why focus on just that? There are so many other reasons to not trust Microsoft. Aside from Cortana, I've noticed that OneDrive keeps coming back. Fortunately I can make it go away quickly by importing DisbleOneDrive.reg which contains








I also have one named turn-off-cortana.reg


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search]
MickeyD commented: "There are so many other reasons to not trust Microsoft". Thank you I focused on what I did because it was of interest to me. I hoped to open a dia +1

I'm sure the forum experts can give some very good feedback in response to this question. Due to the fact I'm beginning to feel somewhat paranoid over my privacy concerns, I'd like to hear from others as well. I need some assurance that I haven't gone off the deep end.

I've noticed in the past, and yet again today, that many of the privacy settings for Win 10 that I had turned off are on again. This happens with every new update. My question: Does that mean Microsoft is not to be trusted? (I don't expect many to stick their neck out on this one. That's OK).

And after all I did to remove Cortana, it's back. I will never want this app and one 'No' should be enough.

There are some wonderful third party apps out there that will, free of cost, help you undo much of the bovine excrement Microsoft loads to your computer. I'm so hoping someone is in the process of writing software that with one click will reset all your settings, particularly privacy settings, back to the way you had them.

...Or maybe someone knows of a way to save all settings and execute them after each update? I'm no programmer and may be asking for the impossible. I can dream, can't I?

And while I'm ranting.... I have chosen which apps I want to open all my files. After each update, I am asked which one I want to open them. I have to ...

Dani 1,932

Looks like Meraki now has a whole section of their site specifically catering to hotels:

Dani 1,932

I use Cisco Meraki for the coworking space that I own and it's super simple to set up and perfect for this use. Primary use cases are coworking spaces, hotels, cafes with public wifi, airports, etc.

Time to talk to the chain's IT department about an UTM (Unified Threat Management) device. I may be dated on this but names like Fortinet, Cyberoam (now Sophos), DELL Sonicwall come to mind. I do not offer support for these so your IT should draw up the usual RFQ or implement as they see fit.

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Looking for an efficient way to block p2p content on a hotel network.

If the default password has ever been changed you may have to reset the router to factory. I find that a cable connection is best when setting initial security.

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If you have a Linksys router, the default address to load the config settings is With default username being admin.

You may have changed these settings. Also, other routers may be different. This is just a common scenario.

You can do that by entering the configuration of your router. Please see the manual for your specific brand and type.

How can I resset my wifi password

With the release of semi-annual Windows Server feeds, new operating system features are faster. A new issue is issued every six months and lasts for 18 months.

DHCP operates a pool of IPs for clients that need them. Usage is a bit worthless unless they stay assigned a long time. As noted, the mac from the ethernet layer is a better id.

Too vague a question. But let's try this. Forget the IP for a moment and if you want to know the unique PC or device, look up it's MAC address which for most setups is static.

Now if some newbie IT staff thinks this is a solid solution to tracking a PC or device I turn on MAC randomization and see them lose the rest of their hair.

-> Again, what are you trying to measure or find out?

I am very new to Networking. When I was learning on, and configuring, a router as DHCP for practice...I stumbled over which ip address should I choose amongst many ! So, could someone clarify this confusion of differenciating addresses in general, (be it ip or else) ?

Windows Server 2016 support. Hi, Windows Server (2016) OS is frequently used for session-based virtual desktops. (e.g. Citrix or RDS); Compared to Windows 7 (EOES in 2020) server-based computers will live with us way longer

If you are like me and tired of going to sites and having either a Snap shots, intelliTXT, Contentlink or the like pop up just because I move the mouse pointer over a word that has been associated with one of the contextual ad service. Well if you are using the browser Opera they have built in a quick and easy way to accomplish this.

operaWhat you need to do is download this .ini file. Then you will need to replace the one that is currently installed in your system for Opera. Chances are if you check your blocked content list you will find nothing in it currently. Here is how you check your blocked content.

  • With Opera open click the “Ctrl” button and the “F12″.
  • Choose the “Advanced” tab
  • Choose “Content” on the left
  • Click on the “Blocked content” button
  • This will bring you the list of current sites that are being blocked

If you have not added a lot of items to this list already then this fix is for you. What you need to do is this to accomplish it:

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Windows Server 2012 and 2016 have been replaced by 2019. Here is a link you could check out Click Here

Thanks Dani. I recall this or all too similar posting on that other forum and they were banned for this. I did not look at their tagline. I looked at their profile.

The question is a form of shilling and as such I have no problem with a little shaming.

PS. We used to let this slide in the past but 99.99% of the time the shill gets answers leading to their own company. As I wrote, we used to let posts like this slide but as all turned into shill posts, the rules changed and they get knocked out immediately as disingenuous and shilling.

Dani 1,932


I presume that you are trying to shame the poster for what might be a "shill" posting due to their forum signature.

However, that's not the way that marketing and SEO works. Forum signatures do not show up when you're not logged in, and therefore they do not show up to Google. Had you left it alone, they would have gotten absolutely zero credit for their forum signature in the world of SEO.

However, Google is able to understand when brands are mentioned or discussed, even if they are not linked to. For example, if there were a post where I referred to Yahoo!, it would be very clear what I was talking about without there having to be a link to Additionally, Google understands that this is a Q&A page, and that you are a trustworthy member with a high reputation.

What I'm getting at is that what Google sees right now is a question asking for whose cables are best and iTechCables being mentioned as the first response by a highly trustworthy member of the Q&A site. As a result, because Google recognizes that brand as a cable brand, and the question is asking about cable brands, will begin ranking higher if someone looks for best cables in Google. Yes, the amount that you influence Google's rank does have to do with your DaniWeb reputation. Google understands member profiles in Q&A sites. If it were an actual shill post where the original poster created a ...

Wait a second. You sell these and you don't know? iTechCables or such must be an awful source for you and others.

That aside, I use AmazonBasics all the time. Zero problems.

Any one Some Tell me Who Cable is Best Category 6 and 6A