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That's something I would google. It's also a common SHILL POST that we banned from another forum. The poster turned out to be selling cables. This and another post is word for word what we removed on CNET forums.

commented: He's already had one post deleted for advertising cables as well +16

How do Cat5 cables work? and what difference between cat5 and cat5e.

commented: As a cable seller I'd expect you to know already -4

You Shuold Try Opera

is it useful?

Some sites have VPN Blocker/Proxy Blocker and i try finding one that always buypasses them I don’t mind if it’s software/extensions/Apps can u recommend me one that is permanent working? Kinda every free VPN gets detected.

Just a thought. Both Apple and Android phones can randomize their MAC address. I can't guess how you or Linksys identifies the devices but if I turn on MAC address randomization then I can break through the first gen parental controls on most routers.

Maybe it's this simple issue that you have to get back to the maker to ask for a new system or how-to.

Dear folks

Simple task can't get it work

Tried to block internet access for one of my iPhone for testing purpose (it has dummy SIM means no cellular data)

Enable Parental Controls (i.e it is ON)

Choose a specific home device that I want to block then choose option : "Always" ,,,,,,,,,,,,my router screenshot same as the link above

Click Apply

But it didn't work !!!!

Tried another iphone same issue

I have latest firmware and I did restart the router as well

Am I missing something ?


The difference between hardware and software is that you can touch hardware.

And yes, this is a hijacked thread.

James cherrill I ain hijacking its not like i haven't gone through all answers given and still can't find one!

One is implemented in hardware, the other in software!

Other differences follow from that, eg one is probably faster, but the other may be easier to update or fix.

ps: Next time, please do not hijack someone else's old topic - start your own new topic with a suitable title.

My lecturer asked the difference between a hardware protocol and a software protocol please help i just can't the best way possible to phrase my answers

Yes, feel free to ask your questions here on DaniWeb, in the forum, where experienced members will be happy to help free of charge. No need to take it to chat with a 'consultant' who will no doubt charge for his services and where other members will not benefit from the solution.

Just saying...

I am Engr. Rodney KJnr. I am Mikrotik COnsultant. Feel free to chat if you are having any issue with your MikroTik RouterBoard and OS.

@pty. It's a solid answer. And as you noted can be used for other industries and services.

Having an off day pty?

It's a solid idea. The users don't need to be adult workers, it could just as easily apply to counsellors or support staff. If you want to make money then adult services are the obvious answer though.

Given Canada's change today you may want to do something in agriculture.

Having an off day pty?

WebRTC video chat with integrated payments for adult performers and smut peddlers, perhaps?

commented: Brill. May as well get in on what the internet is all about. +15

hello everyone.. i am a final year student. we are asked to do a project in networking.. what kind of project in networking should i do.. i confuse what kind of project should i do.. i am in need of a project topic which is feasible and can be finished within 2 months duration..

i'll be very thankful if u can suggest me a good topic..
thanks in advance..

No Apple Company folk here. Just a note, BEWARE the FAKE SUPPORT SCAMS going on. These folk are out for not only your money but are known to take over your Apple and other accounts.

I don't think there's anyone here who can do that for you. You should contact Apple directly.

I request to reset my apple ID

Go for the Browsec extension for chrome if that ain't restricted either. Alternatively you can always go through a proxy site. Look them up on google ...

second what rproffitt said, its definitely down to the ones managing the network.

The question is "could I" and not "will it work?" The answer is you could. And in fact given the wide variations of such schemes it may or may not work. No one will be able to tell you except the department that runs the network. But could you connect such a thing? Yes.

I don't undarstend.

I use raj net but i don't youtube videos or facebook.
please solve this.
how to unblock youtube or facebook site.

My dorm wifi is very bad, and it runs over a network that is supplies online through my Campus net where you put your MAC Addresses of your devices in order to connect, could I connect a MAC address of a WiFI router in order to establish a connection for it

You do realise that WHO (and countless other bodies) have found no link between WiFi signals and bad effects on health

Could it be that the wifi is possibly interfering with a medical device? Other than that (and I don't know if it is even possible) I can't imagine that there are any health effects from non-ionizing radiation.

Off topic but I have to ask:-

My wife's health is such that she would like to remove the presence of WiFi signals in the house if possible. This isn't as ludicrous as it sounds

You do realise that WHO (and countless other bodies) have found no link between WiFi signals and bad effects on health, unless the wifi switch you are using is not compliant with the local standards.