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The cost to develop a food delivery app on Android platforms is depend of project scoop, Normally you must have around 3 to 4 k usd budget.

Hello i am using Ionic 3 and Angular 5. Does anyone has an example for displaying items in different ion-cols (col-6, col-8,col-12)? Pinterest wise?

app deveopment cost..depends upon location and clients requirements
it varies with services also ...if you want more info and services at affordable price
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Thanks very helpful thread, and for those who are new to Android System WebView App which offer web environment integration, see: What Is Android System WebView App? I hope this helps. Thanks

The food delivery app development cost mostly depends on the type of functionality you want to in your app. However, to provide an estimated value, a simple food delivery app may cost around $11,000 – $25,000, whereas a more advanced solution may go beyond $40,000.

U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour
Eastern Europe based developers: – $30 to $150 per hour
India based developers: – $10 to $80 per hour

rproffitt commented: Are you saying all outsourcing should go to the cheapest country? No mention of disasters I've seen in outsourcing or Elbonia. -3

Sadly the app appears to have fake reviews. Why are you endorsing this?

I have developed a game for android mobiles "Rise Up Air Balloon". I want to updatte it. Kindly suggest me something if it is better to update

the app development companies charges on per hour basis and the charges may vary from location to location. It can be different for various countries. In general, US-based developers charges between $200 to $300 while European developers charge at $100 to $200.

rproffitt commented: Bull. The rates vary widely in each country. Also, why resurrect this old post? -3

Hi there, I'm not sure what you mean by "what site to choose" but, for what it's worth, I'm halfway through
the Udemy course "Developing Apps with Kotlin" and can highly recommend it!

Thanks for the answer, I made the choice

I'll be honest with you. Long ago we tried going down that road (something akin to Xamarin) and after years had to rip it all up to move it to the mainstream dev kit. This is not an offer to write a treatise about all that. Just a nod why and what we went with this round. Android Studio.

I do know that many of today's programmers are looking for an easy way to avoid learning what needs to be learned but when they do that they often learn other lessons.

Sorry, that was a typo. I did not mean a site, but a platform for developing an application.

I went with Android Studio. But what is this about a site? I would be guessing what you meant so tell more.

Hi all,

I decided to start developing applications for android and I can not choose a site for this. You can tell what to choose

I have three tables(table, table2,table3). From table1 i want to return three rows: Title, Desc,time,'products' AS type

From table2 i want to return three rows: group_title, group_desc, created,'groups' AS type

From table3 i want to return three rows: name, occupation,birth,'users' AS type

  $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT * 
        (SELECT table1.title, table1.desc, table1.time,'products' AS type
        FROM table1 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5) AS T
        (SELECT table2.group_name,table2.group_desc,table2.created,'groups' AS type
        FROM tabl2 
        JOIN table1 ON = 
         ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5)
        (SELECT,table3.occupation,table3.birth,'users' AS type
        FROM table3
        JOIN  table1 ON =
        ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5)";

am using Ionic to push those three parameters of an Array to the next page so if i use AS and put the same name. I set a parameter AS type that i need so i can work different types. it has to be 'products' AS type for table1, 'groups' AS type for table2, users as type for table3 i want to separate the objects from each table.

It cant use AS the for the rest of the columns because i want to push the original columns

 (SELECT table1.title AS title, table1.desc AS desc, table1.time AS time
    FROM table1 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5) AS T
    (SELECT table2.group_name AS title,table2.group_desc AS desc,table2.created AS time.....

If i do that it displays the object parameters ok e.g. {{item.title}}

but i can not push or navctrl the parameter as title it has to be group_name. I hope i made ...

Freelance marketplace beating dominated agency, which exploitation of thier employess. I have been signup and clients are connecting me talking me, and we are making deals.

Kind of vague there. English being what it is, I could read that as your app needs to download more or you want more folk to download and use your app.

I checked your profile and see no mention of an app so I'll write that there is a problem in the app world which is being covered in some media. Folk are resistant to installing more and more apps so your app has to be really compelling or necessary.

Too many apps have built in ads which create troubles like lower battery times to just plain annoying. This is why I have so few apps on my phone.

i need some helps about app Downloads. How to increase my app downloads please help me.

You have a complete path for the file, but you discard everything apart from the file name. So it will look for that file in the default directory. In all probablility the default directory is not the same as the one in the original path, so the it's looking in the wrong place.

You can print all that out to confirm.

   i have define code  File selectedFile = new File(selectedFilePath); when run and test is it file or not  
 if (!selectedFile.isFile()){

        runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                tvFileName.setText("Source File Doesn't Exist: " + selectedFilePath);
        return 0;

        it give message source file does't exist; why give this message, i have allready convert

        full code 
         public int uploadFile(final String selectedFilePath) {

    int serverResponseCode = 0;

    String file_name = selectedFilePath;

    HttpURLConnection connection;
    DataOutputStream dataOutputStream;
    String lineEnd = "\r\n";
    String twoHyphens = "--";
    String boundary = "*****";

    int bytesRead,bytesAvailable,bufferSize;
    byte[] buffer;
    int maxBufferSize = 1 * 1024 * 1024;
    File selectedFile = new File(selectedFilePath);

    String[] parts = selectedFilePath.split("/");
    final String fileName = parts[parts.length-1];

    if (!selectedFile.isFile()){
      //  dialog.dismiss();

        runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                tvFileName.setText("Source File Doesn't Exist: " + selectedFilePath);
        return 0;
            FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(selectedFile);
            URL url = new URL(SERVER_URL);
            connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
            connection.setDoInput(true);//Allow Inputs
            connection.setDoOutput(true);//Allow Outputs
            connection.setUseCaches(false);//Don't use a cached Copy
            connection.setRequestProperty("Connection", "Keep-Alive");
            connection.setRequestProperty("ENCTYPE", "multipart/form-data");
            connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "multipart/form-data;boundary=" + boundary);

            //creating new dataoutputstream
            dataOutputStream = new DataOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream());

            //writing bytes to data outputstream
            dataOutputStream.writeBytes(twoHyphens + boundary + lineEnd);
            dataOutputStream.writeBytes("Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"uploaded_file\";filename=\""
                    + selectedFilePath + "\"" + lineEnd);


            //returns no. of bytes present in fileInputStream
            bytesAvailable = fileInputStream.available();
            //selecting the buffer size as minimum of available bytes or 1 MB
            bufferSize = Math.min(bytesAvailable,maxBufferSize);
            //setting the buffer as byte array of size of bufferSize
            buffer = new byte[bufferSize];

            //reads bytes from FileInputStream(from 0th index of buffer to buffersize)
            bytesRead =,0,bufferSize);

            //loop ...

Make your list static and then populate it in Mange class. Now you will be able to access this List in your scan class.

JamesCherrill commented: Just make everything static public, none of that OO nonsense -3

Hello to all! Hope you are fine. I am developing an e-commerce android app and integrating Stripe payment gateway in it and using Google Fire base as real time database.

I browsed the official website of stripe and took the source code from there. I used my test key from there. I successfully generated Stripe Token and saved it on my server (i-e Fire base). But I am unable to make an actual charge by using that token. That means no transaction shows on my stripe account. I am pasting my code, guide me what should i do to create/make charge?

Card cardToSave = cardInputWidget.getCard();
               if (cardToSave == null) {
                  Toast.makeText(getActivity(),"Invalid Card Data",Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


                   Stripe stripe = new Stripe(MainActivity.mcont,

                           new TokenCallback() {
                               public void onSuccess(final Token token) {
                                   // Send token to your server
                                   customer_ref =
                                    final String tokenid = token.getId();

                                             //saving the tokenID on my server(i-e fiebase)

                                           final Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();
                                           params.put("amount", paid);
                                           params.put("currency", "usd");
                                           params.put("description", "Example charge");
                                           params.put("source", tokenid);

                                           HashMap map = new HashMap();

                                           try {
                                               // creating charge object
                                               Charge charge = Charge.create(params);

                                           } catch (AuthenticationException e) {
                                           } catch (InvalidRequestException e) {
                                           } catch (APIConnectionException e) {
                                           } catch (CardException e) {
                                           } catch (APIException e) {

This just in. Zillow is making inroads to change in the real estate market with their ibuyer program.
Pick up more with

The RE industry strikes back (cue The Imperial March or Darth Vader's Theme) with counterclaims that you don't get as much for your home. It's easy to see it did cut out one side of the real estate marketplace but it does look like a way to offload some of the usual headaches of selling your home. That is, you can opt for your home to be sold as-is and the ibuyer system does the repairs and you get a price and you are done without entertaining offers, counter offers and more.

API First and called by other names are an attempt to prevent lock in to a particular developer. Blockchain for the database is one of the key tools to break free of the vendor.

For example a company I work with has a tracking system and it's data lives in the usual SQL type system. Since the company has the services under their roof in every way, those that use this can't walk to another developer or house so easily. Blockchain for the data is one of the ideas to break that lock.

The Real Estate industry is FIGHTING CHANGE. At least in the USA. is a recent read on this. I did speak to a few RE folk and the battlelines are drawn so MK's view of the future remains to be just that.

Real Estate transactions are steeped in legal code that changes from US state to state. I don't know how much we need to cover here but MK really would do well to point out the lawsuits and how state laws would have to change. This is not going to happen overnight but MK and others are pinned to the sidelines until someone slays the current industry.

Redfin tried to refund some of the usual 6% but (see article) the beast rose up and beat them back into place.

There's so much more to be written here but blockchain isn't going to solve this one. For now it's courts and our legislation that needs to make the change happne.

Dani 1,760

If MK had been more forthcoming I may have not written a word.

Oh, but he was forthcoming, no? His username is mike@fueled.

Additionally, he had a "fake signature" at the bottom of the editorial that said that he is a representative of Fueled. It was snipped when this was published and he was urged via PM to contribute a proper About the Author blurb instead.

What are API First systems?

Michael Kelley has some association with which could explain a lot. This does not read like a blog or op-ed. It does read like their other pieces which appear to be fishing for If MK had been more forthcoming I may have not written a word. Instead I did a google and found a prior piece which was interesting to compare.

What would be very interesting is to see an article about API First systems.

Dani 1,760

Well we call these Op-Ed, which pretty much means blog post, opinion piece, long-form post, or other such contribution. The primary reason people take the time to write and contribute these for free is to promote their expertise for their own self-interests, etc., which I'm perfectly fine with as long as they limit their self-promotion to their signature or About the Author blurb. When I first read the article, I learned something I didn't previusly know, and as readers, that's our goal, right?

I used google as you may suspect. Contributions would be great but this reads like a press release or advertisement and not an editorial. Maybe there needs to be a different system for press releases so they don't get called out like this.

Dani 1,760

How did you find that article, rproffitt? Just a regular ole Google search based on article title? I actually had never heard of dApps before reading this article so I found it interesting. I agree they're very similar but this one focuses on benefits to the real estate industry and that one doesn't mention it. Also, we should be encouraging contributions, no?