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Thanks for your article buddy. Google analytics is important for SEO purpose no doubt. This one helps to get all the details in a short period of time. But in the recent days there are some others tools which also offer same kind of service like google analytics did. Thank you!

Both of them (google analytics and ahref) are most important tools for SEO. But according to the experience people used google analytics before. But nowadays ahref used a lot by the SEO users. Besides, there some others important tools like- semrush, majestic, smallseotools, moz are most important. Different SEO expert use different tools for the SEO purpose.

That's good guidelines. Nowadays lots of people are doing blackhat SEO in order to rank their website soon. They also using some kind of tools like GSR.

Twitter and Instagram is another top social media platforms other than facebook as most of the people are active on these too.

I used to use Keyword Everywhere but it has become primium since october 1, 2019. Now i am looking for an alternative.

Any suggestion ?

Ahrefs is the best

I just do Quality Article and Guest posting. BOOM ......!

i have noticed significate rank improvement after google core update.

Without linkbuilding. All articles are 3000+ word long

In this modern and complex World Wide Web, a well planned SEO strategy is essential. An appropriate digital marketing strategy can help you to establish your reach to your targeted audience and exploit the untapped market. Google algorithms are improving and advancing with each passing day which means that a few well known strategies of past are becoming obsolete while new strategies are now taking their place. There are also few strategies which are rewarded by Google in terms of ranking while there are some for which you could be penalized. Here are a few of the strategies which can help you to get rewarded by Google by ranking your website higher.

• Building mobile friendly websites.
• Republishing is one of the most underutilized and a rewarded technique by Google.
• High-Quality content will always help you to rank higher.
• HTTPS encryption will assure your customers of a safe environment and will help you increase your organic traffic.
• It is always important to have a strong and relevant backlink.

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SEO is a continuous Job. You have to continue to make backlinks for your website, untill and ever your website is Live.

It is Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

The latest Digital Marketing technology is Whiteboard and animations which are very helpful to grab the attention immediately.

This is one of the major tool for tracking your website by which we able to know whats going on that.

some of the Linkbuilding strategies are

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Forum Submissions
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Image sharing
  6. Directory submissions
  7. article submissions etc...

as you said SEO is continuous process..if you stop doing SEO to your site your competitors will beat you. according to me SEO is a never ending process untill and unless closing the business.

first you need choose right keywords with high search volume and low competition. then optimize your content with those keywords and try to get backlinks for your blog and share your content in Social media platforms with interesting titles.

Web 2.0 still works. But it is not as effective as your are making Blogs on different Web 2.0 Sites. And these Blogs have zero domain authority. So these type of Backlinks are not so worthful.

These are some latest Digital Marketing Trends.

Shoppable Posts
Interactive Content
Smart Bidding in Google Ads
Social Messaging Apps
Content Marketing

Google Analytics is best option for you. It shows reliable traffic data.

There are various ways in which you would be able to improve the ranking.
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
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Seo plays an important role in digital marketing. Seo improves the google ranking if google ranking will not improve how will shown your serp stats.

Perform Site Audit and clear the issues.
Perform On page SEO
Provide readable content
share your content in social media and other public platforms
Perform off page techniques like Guest posting, social bookmarking and forum submissions.
optimize your site based on Google analytics and Search console reports. etc...

Some benifits of Google Analytics.

  1. It is a Free tool.
  2. here we can track our website traffic
  3. here we can understand where your traffic come from
  4. here you can find landing page details
  5. here we can create custom reports
  6. here we know our target audience etc...

Both are analytical tools, Google Analytics helps to track our website traffic like organic traffic, social traffic and refferel traffic and also bounce rate, sessions details and it is a free tool, Ahrefs helps to find competitor traffic sources and backlinks and it is a paid tool.

Over time, if SEO is not maintained then rankings and traffic will slip. If you are not creating new content and you do not have new links coming to your site from other web pages, your site will be deemed. In order to maintain and grow your search engine results, you have to maintain SEO constantly.

FB ads are better option compared to other options. here you can target the audience and Area. most importantly fb ads are cheaper compared to other Social media platform ads.

some of latest Digital marketing trends are Live video Sessions, Email Marketing and blog.

according to me Google Analytics is the best website tracking tool. we can optimize our website based on the analytics report. and also it is easy to use.

Without SEO it is difficult to achieve success in online business

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is one of the most commonly used methods of advertising to drive traffic to the website. They are more prevalent with search engines of first-tier. They are widely preferred as the advertiser pays the publisher only on the actual clicking of the ad. As it is an essential component of digital marketing, hence we should exploit its benefits which help to maximize the profit margins.