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Voice search, AMP, Featured snippets & Arificial Intelligence are SEO trends for 2018

SEO tips:

  1. Have web analytics in place at the start.
  2. We need to write relevant and unique meta descriptions for every page.
  3. We must use meaningful URLs only.
  4. We need to use the right keywords in the images

Google Webmaster Tool
Keyword Planner Tool
Google Analytics Tool
Google Trends
My suggession these tools are best SEO tools

SEO trends:

  1. Link worthy, Useful content
  2. Subdomain versus subdirectory
  3. Battle of the snippets
  4. SEO rich, long form content

The first main thing is Unique Content. Content is the king of SEO.
Build backlinks
User Friendly website
On Page & Off Page SEO factors used in your all web page

First you have make keyword research and use your AdSense channels to increase AdSense CPC.

Google releases the huge algorithm updates time to time.

Yes, Entire digital marketing rounding on backlink and for promotion every organisation focus on backlink.

Mostly people serach on english and one technique you can use it your answer reflect on another laungage mean those lanugae you want.

The common "pillars" in SEO apply: keywords, content and links. Every SEO is going to tell you something different for their magic approach to mix them in order to achieve your desired result.

The other thing is to have useful SEO tools (to gauge good keywords, competition levels, content ideas, backlinks, etc). One of the most useful tools is Ahrefs (for backlinks, especially). SEMrush is also good (for ranking keywords). You also want to monitor backlinks (as they might be toxic to your site) and setup ranking reports for monitoring keyword positions in search results -- useful for before and after you start your SEO campaign.

So what's the most important part: action, I guess. Before that, a solid strategic plan, and constant optimization.

You want to consider the relevancy. If a site is based in USA, though, has backlinks from an unrelated website in India, it likely will appear unnatural in the eyes of search engines, ya know?

Yes, for good backlinks. No, for lot's of backlinks (not minding where they come from or who provides them for you).

pty 867

I love how there's a discussion in one thread about how to save the platform/community and then there's this crap.

People left because the signal:noise is better on SO and Reddit.

This is clearly noise. Nobody will get anything useful from this and the thousand other threads like it.

The best SEO tools are Google PageSpeed Insights, Moz Local Listing score,, Google Analytics etc

Yes. Because, it increases the traffic of your website. The more number of backlinks you have, the more ranking your website gets.

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Make much more friends and keep on posting regularly that attracts your friends to increase your page likes.

You can find many forums on google but post relevant content in forums which will be helpful for the readers. Don't just do spamming.

yes. Backlinks are useful to increase traffic and achieve high ranking as well.

Best SEO tools are:

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMRush
  3. KWFinder
  4. Moz
  5. SpyFu
  6. SEOQuake
  7. Siteliner
  8. Fat Rank

Hello to you all guys,

There is a time to upgrade, and I believe that such moment has arrived to my company. To frame it properly: I went from running a small online shop just as a side hustle to working full-time on it, because it is my main income source now. I didn't have such a good job, so making the switch wasn't so hard, because I always wanted to gain full economic independence, and as it seems, I'm driving towards that!

Anyways, coming back to the main topic, I'm looking for a solid software solution that my Virtual Assistants can use to bring customer service support to my clients. I get requests from many different channels: live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter, and it is becoming a real mess to handle. I believe that I could save a lot of time with such software, and therefore, I'm willing to invest.

Now, I've not come here to expect you guys to solve my problems, because I've already been looking for a solution on my own. So far now, there is one that has caught my attention: Kayako. Because it seems to include the functions I'm looking for and I'm going to take their free trial to see how things go.

However, I'm also looking into Zendesk, because it also looks as another solid option. Anyways, I need your help guys to pick the right one. Feel free to comment on both options and also let me know what other ...

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What is your forum about ?

How do I get members on my site and forums



Try it once above forums

Please join some relevent groups as well as share your post with that groups

I'm in year eight since I changed my second home to LED. I have one failure out of 50ish lamps. About all I do is the usual dusting and remove cobwebs when we see them.

Does that help?

What will happen if a family went no maintainence rule for their lights for 5 years?

Guest blogging, Blogging and forum participation.

If toxic bad links occurs in website how will i solve this problem?

Yes, Guest blogging is the best way to get backlinks these days.
Here, i given below the way of do guest blogging

  1. First you have to contact the editor & wait for approval
  2. After get approval submit ypur guest post
  3. Finally publish your guest post