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You just need to think easier. You may do a lot even in instagram, check ideas here

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About Wikipedia, I wonder what it would look like without Steven Pruitt.

Maybe if there was no Steven, Funk & Wagnells, Encyclopedia Britannica or another would have had time to pivot and take this space. So thank you Steven.

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Mastodon does what a lot of other platforms, including DaniWeb, are now doing. They're basically saying, "OK, you don't want to be the product? We will let you be the customer then." They are very heavily sponsor based. In DaniWeb's case, we hide all advertising in exchange for being a sponsor. Yes, they are operating almost like a non-profit for now. Curious to see where they are in a few years.

That being said, not every social media company can, or should, operate like a non-profit, relying strictly on the generous and continuous donation of sponsors. Wikipedia is able to accomplish it with long term success, but they are not the norm. However, I don't think that the non-profit model is a good model for long term success in this space. In other words, I don't think it would be feasable for Google or Facebook or any venture-backed company to adopt this model. There can only ever be one Wikipedia. There can ever only be one non-profit per sector that's trying to accomplish the exact same thing.

Thank you Dani. I feel that I did the topic a disservice and should not have gone near privacy. There's more going on with the two companies going for essentially total world domination in their fields. Some may write that's OK as they have the superior product.

Moving on. I wanted to kick this out into the open and along the way comment there are other systems out there (Mastodon) and companies do push back when they can't have it all. I see that in the automotive and oil industries. They influence law makers to slow the change even if it's killing us.

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You're not going to like my answer here ...

I am not the one to weigh in on this topic because I do not have a problem with social networks and lack of privacy. As someone who has been neck deep in this world from the very beginning, I'm of the whole belief that, "If you're not the customer, you're the product." In other words, businesses exist to make money, and there's never a free lunch. Their advertisers are their customers. Your data and your eyeballs are the product they are selling to the advertisers. Creating an addictive social platform that's free and enticing to use is the method by which they manufacture their inventory.

However, it's a choice, right? You could choose not to use their platform in exchange for your privacy. However, each time you do use their platform, you're making the decision that the enjoyment or benefit you get outweighs what you lose.

You could choose to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google, but is it worth losing whatever you get from Google's superior product / featureset / algorithm? If it is, then DuckDuckGo it away! If not ... then, well, it's still your choice.

That being said, what is crossing the line? DaniWeb, for example, recently gave users the ability to unshare your location from within your profile. Like all other social platforms, we take privacy very seriously. Why, though? It's not because we care that you -- our product -- are ensured the benefit of your ...

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The current system of say Facebook, Google (YouTube, Search Engine Optimization) and just about no one else has lead to what I see as a possilbe break from these masters or owners. It will take time and effort by all and so far, just peeps (noise) from governments.

I'm hoping Dani Horiwitz will weigh in here since this is not my field. My thoughts on this go back years as privacy was something we all had a lot more of a few decades ago. But here we are and it's a new world but one controlled by the few as in the two companies (rule of two) it seems.

Some want us to capitulate to our new masters. But it does seems to be a new federation of networks is out there. By that I mean Mastodon and similar but for now it seems from my limited view it's Mastodon. Right now there are YouTube, Instagram and Twitter alternatives so some work is underway.

It's not as if they are working to kill off the younglings. Or are they as Adam Conover interviews and more at The title there is "Big Tech, Workism and Killing Companies in the Crib with Scott Galloway, Factually! with Adam Conover #6 July 2, 2019."

After that I get the feeling that "Evil Will Always Triumph Because Good is Dumb". Well maybe that's a bit much but here we are with only two(?) companies running the big show.

So with that I will, when ...

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Soooo it seems you have uncovered a problem with our mail server!

We restarted the service and it should be working now, so please try again.

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Sorry about that ... it seems our system hates you, because it flagged your message "ok" as spam :(

I've fixed that.


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Also, you should be able to work around the problem by adding to your whitelist.

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Oh, I see what the problem is. My apologies for this issue, but unfortunately we have a known issue with the ISP you are using where they delay email that we send to you for up to 72 hours. You’ll eventually receive the email.

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Does the new email address correctly update? And you haven’t gotten email to either the old or the new address?

Says: You are not receiving email from us because your email address has not yet been verified. Please update your email address to receive a new verification link.

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And the email address on file is correct? What error message do you get when you try to change your email address?

Says: You are not receiving email from us because your email address has not yet been verified. Please update your email address to receive a new verification link.

But Im not getting any emails from daniweb.

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I’m really sorry that you’re struggling. Can you please tell me what happens when you go to:

... and then change the email address and, for security purposes, also enter your existing password in the form.

Do you get any error messages? What happens?

I can't change my email address for my account. I've been trying all night. I can't recieve emails from you. I also can't find a way to contact/mssge a moderator on daniweb if i have this sort of problem.

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Or there’s also watched topics. You can click the little eye in the first post of any thread to watch/unwatch a topic.

From your member profile, you can choose whether to automatically watch topics you post in. You can also choose whether to receive an email when there is a new post in a topic you’re watching.

You can bookmark posts by using the bookmark tool at the lower right of every post, then reference them by Hamburger -> Topics and Posts -> Bookmarked Posts. Or you can use other items in the same menu to see a list of threads you have started, or posts you have written.


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Click the little hamburger icon to the left of the DaniWeb logo to open the sidebar.

In the Your Content Finder section, click Topics and Posts.

You can add your own tags as well, but you need to have more than a few posts to make up your own words to prevent spamming. Moderators may delete/retag if they don’t make sense for the benefit of the community.

Never mind. I didn't see how to get to my own posts, but I've seen it now. Apologies. You can delete this post if you want.

Is it allowed to put a lable on my own topics, so that I can find them easier? An example would be this very topic.

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I know it’s been a long time coming, but better late than never. In your control panel, you can now choose to hide your location from others in your member profile.

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BTW, I clicked on your twitter link and scrolled through to your post about Apple being the first $1T company.

If this whole trying to rebuild a dead forum business doesn’t work out for me, at least I’ll have my Apple engineer boyfriend to fall back on.

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Post comments are now sorted oldest to newest.

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That makes sense where there are lots and lots of comments although I don't recall ever having seen a post with that many.

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When I comment on a post that already has a comment I think my comment should go at the end of the list of comments, not at the beginning. Especially if my comment is referring to an already posted comment.

That makes sense. I'll look some more into it, and by that I mean see what our competition is doing (Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc.). As you know, right now we display comments in reverse chronological order (newest first). I understand your reasoning for them being in reverse order, but for the sake of having a user-friendly user interface for people new to the site, I'd like to stick with standards of what the other big sites are doing.

Our reason for doing it in reverse chronological order was the idea that if there were lots and lots of comments on a post, the most recent ones (and perhaps most relevant) would be shown first, while older ones would eventually fall off the page and require a 'See More' link to load them.

I don't see the benefit of collapsible comments, but while we are on the subject of comments, could we display comments in chronological order? When I comment on a post that already has a comment I think my comment should go at the end of the list of comments, not at the beginning. Especially if my comment is referring to an already posted comment.

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... sooooo where’s the thread about it? Interested to hear what others have to say. I have been making a lot of improvements to the homepage lately. If we’re not quite there yet, I’d like to get there.

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Just want to chime in ... We initially discussed the idea of a multi-threaded system where you could comment on comments of comments, etc. However, doing so would take a massive restructuring of our platform and I'm not so sure that it would result in immediate benefits that were worthy of the time it took. Basically deciding to go that route would require some type of proof of concept that there would be a return on my time investment.

In terms of having comments hidden by default, it wouldn't be a massive coding effort, but I'm not really sure I understand the benefits. Not enough people comment on posts to make discussions hard to read. I think that I can see the idea of comments posted by newbies or "untrustworthy" members being hidden by default, but I'm not so sure I see strong benefits to make all comments hidden by default.