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The essential purpose of a software development contract is to improve the production of software. Very frequently, it will also contain permission allowing the client to use the software.

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Soooo it seems you have uncovered a problem with our mail server!

We restarted the service and it should be working now, so please try again.

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Sorry about that ... it seems our system hates you, because it flagged your message "ok" as spam :(

I've fixed that.


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Also, you should be able to work around the problem by adding to your whitelist.

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Oh, I see what the problem is. My apologies for this issue, but unfortunately we have a known issue with the ISP you are using where they delay email that we send to you for up to 72 hours. You’ll eventually receive the email.

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Does the new email address correctly update? And you haven’t gotten email to either the old or the new address?

Says: You are not receiving email from us because your email address has not yet been verified. Please update your email address to receive a new verification link.

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And the email address on file is correct? What error message do you get when you try to change your email address?

Says: You are not receiving email from us because your email address has not yet been verified. Please update your email address to receive a new verification link.

But Im not getting any emails from daniweb.

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I’m really sorry that you’re struggling. Can you please tell me what happens when you go to:

... and then change the email address and, for security purposes, also enter your existing password in the form.

Do you get any error messages? What happens?

I can't change my email address for my account. I've been trying all night. I can't recieve emails from you. I also can't find a way to contact/mssge a moderator on daniweb if i have this sort of problem.

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Or there’s also watched topics. You can click the little eye in the first post of any thread to watch/unwatch a topic.

From your member profile, you can choose whether to automatically watch topics you post in. You can also choose whether to receive an email when there is a new post in a topic you’re watching.

You can bookmark posts by using the bookmark tool at the lower right of every post, then reference them by Hamburger -> Topics and Posts -> Bookmarked Posts. Or you can use other items in the same menu to see a list of threads you have started, or posts you have written.


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Click the little hamburger icon to the left of the DaniWeb logo to open the sidebar.

In the Your Content Finder section, click Topics and Posts.

You can add your own tags as well, but you need to have more than a few posts to make up your own words to prevent spamming. Moderators may delete/retag if they don’t make sense for the benefit of the community.

Never mind. I didn't see how to get to my own posts, but I've seen it now. Apologies. You can delete this post if you want.

Is it allowed to put a lable on my own topics, so that I can find them easier? An example would be this very topic.

Another week and another impeachable offense. Trump threatened the Republican senators with “Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike.”

This is called jury tampering and it is a crime. Senators must take an oath to be impartial (even though many have already said they will operate in lock-step with the White House). This is also grounds to impeach senators.

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I know it’s been a long time coming, but better late than never. In your control panel, you can now choose to hide your location from others in your member profile.

@Dani. Story time. Years ago one company asked me how to get their products on a web store. At their scale (millions a year) GoDaddy was a good fit. Another consultant came along and talked them into a full custom site. This was pre-shopify. Three years passed and a few hundred thousand and no store online.

That group was sacked.

Now with "sunk costs" into this custom, not online, not done system they hired yet another company and incredibly another two years passed with another kilobuck plus invested.

Another consultant was called in and they asked "Why don't you use GoDaddy?"

The second group was sacked. The final consultant was asked to help bring the company store online which happened in the next 7 days.

Today I might add Amazon as an outlet as well. You can imagine having watched this for 5 years was painful. Full disclosure: A relative worked there for over 2 decades. While this story does repeat for others out there, this one is mine.

Dani 1,932

Shopify lets you get up and going quickly, but it costs $80/mo.

Alternatively you can use the most popular Ecommerce software I know of, Magento, which is written in PHP, but that’s going to take a bit of development work to get off the ground. I would say probably the equivalent of WordPress, if I had to guess. It’s popular enough that you can shop around for developers who specialize exclusively in Magento, And can get something up and going for you for a fixed price, so it shouldn’t be astronomical. The benefit here is that it will give you a lot more flexibility, customization, and be more future-proof than going with an out of the box solution like Shopify.

However, when starting a new eCommerce site, I would definitely recommend going to the Shopify route first and making sure there is a demand for what you have to sell before investing money in creating a custom eCommerce solution for it.

You'll have to share the scale of the work. Is this something on the scale of Amazon?
Why not use ready to run systems like GoDaddy offers? Then it's cheap, say 50 bucks.

Dani commented: GoDaddy online store is $30/mo +0

How much does it cost to develop ecommerce website?

Dani 1,932

BTW, I clicked on your twitter link and scrolled through to your post about Apple being the first $1T company.

If this whole trying to rebuild a dead forum business doesn’t work out for me, at least I’ll have my Apple engineer boyfriend to fall back on.

An independant agency would be composed of individuals, and these individuals all have political leanings. The judiciary is supposed to be apolitical but we've seen the GOP delay appointments under the Obama administration so they could pack the courts with right-wing judges.

Regardless of the rules, politicians will find a way to exploit them for their own end. We really need to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians and into an independent agency who's leader has to be approved by all major parties.

Hello and welcome @BidikouG.

Thank you for this warm welcome very dear friend

My name is Grace BIDIKOU, and I am primarily a student and intern. I have a mastery in IT and I am very happy to integrate this pleasant community. Even if I don't know how it goes here but over time it will be fine.

It seems that a further restriction would be that each district must have a population between two bounds. Densely populated urban areas would have smaller districts. Rural districts would have larger districts. At least my plan would eliminate the jigsaw districts. No plan is perfect but surely we can pick a plan that is fairer than what we have now.

You still have the problem of densely populated liberal cities surrounded by sparsely populated conservative ones. If the main goal is still to have equal numbers of people in each district do you make a donut around the city? Do you slice it up like a pie? Either of those will violate some of your rules.

Another simple solution is to say that the ratio of the perimeter of a district to its area must be below some value. Or that districts must be draw to minimize the total length of perimeter lines around the district.