Hi there,

Thank you for your suggestions. It's hard for me to comment right now because I'm just so busy working so hard behind the scenes to upgrade the site to the new version. Hopefully you guys won't be disappointed when we launch (hopefully next month).

At that time, I'll be super open to making changes and improvements to the platform itself.


So almost everyone who's been here for quite some time will relate to this nostalgic feeling like this once was an active populated city and now it's nearly a ghost town, it's somehow depressing for me to see old ruins and abandoned places and things, not sure about you.

Anyway, enough drama, so I wanted to give in some suggestions to bring more traffic here and increase our reach, I'm not expert in SEO and stuff so I'll leave that to its people.

  1. We can organize a coding contest and market it here and there. Probably writing some good tutorials on covered topics will attract many people as well.
  2. Writing technical blog posts and how-to articles, on Medium for example, and referring to DaniWeb in them or in the author's bio would be helpful too. These articles need to be shared on social media and need to be interesting as well.
  3. Hmmm...what else?! I think we can come up with a lot of ideas, but we mainly need to look out there and see what are people up to nowadays and what wins because many changes has occured, apart from search engine problems, that make these forums less popular and uninteresting.

What are your thoughts?


These are things I'd like to see available now that should be possible given current technology as opposed to pie-in-the sky things like "I really want a teleporter".

For example, I am getting very tired of watching TV shows where the (supposedly) background music is so loud that I can barely make out the dialog. In some cases the BG music is not even music; it is just a loud whining cacophany. The music/whining starts out quiet but gets louder and louder to build dramatic tension. This, I can only presume, is due to either the writers

  1. are so poor as to be unable to create actual dramatic tension through their writing
  2. assume the audience is too stupid to react appropriately without excessively loud music
  3. intentionally want to drown out bad dialog that they created

Surely, instead of developing even higher resolution screens, the industry could spend some money to implement separate audio channels for the BG music/score, and everything else. That way I/we could adjust the music to a level that would allow us to hear the actual dialog.


I am not sure if we could use C# (like we use Python) as the programming language for Machine Learning and Data Science. It perhaps, gets limited into areas like these. Moreover, there are services available on the Cloud and also, as multiple platforms/tools that could help the naive user to do things without even programming.


I always have brush up on this as well as Great Britain, England to avoid Very British Problems

<sarcasm>Yes, anybody from Great Britain who is not English loves it being called England </sarcasm>

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Not to worry I doubt those bits will stick around after Brexit.

We allow people into the political system who routinely distort facts, who twist laws in order to suit patrons who give them campaign money. Some of whom just plain lie. And we accept this. You people in the media do. You would not accept that sort of behavior in your own profession, would you? Or in medicine, or in science, or in business, or in law enforcement. There’s something wrong here. This is our country we’re talking about, and the standards of behavior we demand of our representatives shouldn’t be lower—they should be higher. We should demand intelligence and integrity.

  • President Jack Ryan, Executive Orders (Tom Clancy)

Sadly, Ancient Dragon died a while back. Several other members are nbow posting under other usernames. Dani is preparing to roll out some major (details unavailable) changes to try to revitalize Daniweb after taking a major hit from Google (their changes to the ranking system penalized forum-style sites).


You've been away for quite some time.

Yeah, six years. Lots have changed.

I used to be mostly on the C++ tag in the Programming section. It still has some activity, but many old contributers are no longer active since years ago. I remember Dragon or something, and Nauro too.

What are the current plans to revive this community? I have childhood memories here! xD


My favourite example of Canadian culture is a dinner I had in Toronto : A British-style pub serving Tai-spiced ribs with roasted potatoes and Korean kimchi. Though I've definitely experienced the Canadian dilemma of two people trying to hold the door for each other and neither going through, as well.

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Very Canadian Problems are pretty similar to Very British Problems.

And possibly apologetic. There is a joke about how two Canadians argue over a parking spot.

"You take it!"

"No. You take it!."

And in southern news, in Virginia, the mother of a 14-year-old girl says her child is facing assault and battery charges for throwing a baby carrot at her school teacher. The teacher was hit in the forehead. My guess is they will

  1. jail the student
  2. ban vegetables from the school
  3. issue the teacher an AK47

Because of the many different cultures in Canada it's hard to say what "Canadian" culture is. I guess the best word would be "inclusive". A few years ago, PM Harper did what he could to change that and make us more American. They started by changing the gun laws to scrap the long gun registry. That was also when Fox News made a foray north with (I think it was called) Sun Media. It was right wing propoganda and it didn't take long to go belly up.


Actually thinking about it some more, it's really hard quantify or even describe "culture". I've never been to Vancouver or any of the Prairie provinces, but I've now lived in the UK for 6 years, but still when I meet other Canadians over here even if they are from Vancouver or Edmonton I find I "feel" much closer to them than to most of the British people I meet. Trying to measure cultural homogeneity by trade or travel is definitely wrong headed - e.g. Canada does tons of trade with China does that mean we're becoming more culturally Chinese? I doubt anyone would make that argument.


+DavidB The general point of that article which is actually that Canada needs to make an effort to hold itself together is absolutely true but, historically at least, all the major parties have worked hard to do so. As a result Canada is far less divided than any other confederation of equal/comparable geographic size.

I'm now living in Europe and while the EU has certainly made travel and trade far easier in Europe than in Canada it has largely failed to create cultural cohesion. It is extremely easy to exchange goods or be a tourist for a few days and without actually learning anything of substance about another place/people (and for many it will serve to reinforce their pre-existing prejudice against the place). A point that Scott Gilmore seems to utterly misunderstand.

In my opinion a far better measure of cultural cohesion is regional accents/dialects, because they literally affect how easily a people can understand each other. In that respect Canada is one of the most cohesive federations on the planet (Australia is probably one of the few that would beat us). Italy, UK, Spain, India, etc... all have a much greater diversity of accent/dialect than Canada does.

ETA: Though probably the biggest glaring issue with Scott Gilmore's article is failing to realize that Canada is far from unique with respect to being a loose conglomeration of different regions. Nearly every country on the planet is such a federation. So by his definition there are probably only a dozen "real" ...