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I went with Android Studio. But what is this about a site? I would be guessing what you meant so tell more.

Hi all,

I decided to start developing applications for android and I can not choose a site for this. You can tell what to choose

I've started my b2b e-commerce website with Magento. Can anyone share with me popular Magento extension that you know or have tried for b2b ?
I've collected a list that I might need for my website.
Magento 2 Request For Quote - allows wholesale customers to request for quote when placing big orders
Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order - help wholesale customers save time by allowing import CSV file to choose desired items and put them into shopping cart by only one click.
There might be many other effective extensions that I don't know, so please help me. Thank you!

Now as the automated cms are coming in power for eg. wordpress. Is it leading to ending of web development career.?

I have found that my code is working fine on the local searches now but it is not showing correct results on global results. There is no mistake in my code but it is totally in the control of Google to show the expected results. I was talking about these results:

My first thought was this would no longer work on today's PC. So much has changed that my bet is this may only work in old PC emulators like QEMU. Sure enough that appears to be going on here.

Read priors to cover this again.

I can't guess if you write this from scratch or copied someone else's work but I don't expect it to work today unless you find some over 10 year old hardware.

The keyboard and monitor data is 'cooked', not raw, unless you turn on raw orocessing like with stty in UNIX. The enter key is a carriage return 0x0D or ctrl-M, but is cooked into carriage return and linefeed 0x0D0A ctrl-M ctrl-J. On the teletype, one makes the typehead go to the left end (slower, so a head start), the other makes the paper roller move (still slow).  A monitor emulates a tty printer. The real tty needed padding characters to allow time for the motions, too! See 'man stty'!

For masking, write the random numbers directly, not as ascii. Write with fwrite() so each number is buffered into large block writes. Note that RAND_MAX is just 31 bits:

/usr/include/stdlib.h:#define RAND_MAX 2147483647

You can write 3 bytes at a time to have pure randomness. Remember that the bytes you want are located at different ends on little-endian hosts like x86 and big-endian hosts like SPARC. The middle 2 bytes are safe!

I would think that, for masking old data, a random block of a handy size like 65536 would suffice, written over and over to make a large file. More masking on magnetic media takes more write passes with different random data.

Many write passes might shorten SSD life, but I do not think SSD data are possible to recover after a rewrite.

Depending on the file system, you may be limited to 4GB files, but just open a new file and keep on. Systems may get unstable if there is no space left on the primary disk partition, so automated deletes immediately at write error would be nice.

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Here is my code

bits 16
ORG 0x7c00
VIDEO_TEXT_ADDR     EQU 0xb8000 ; Hard code beginning of text video memory
ATTR_WHITE_ON_BLACK EQU 0x07    ; White on black attribute
CR                  EQU 0x0d    ; Carriage return
LF                  EQU 0x0a    ; Line feed
; Include a BPB (1.44MB floppy with FAT12) to be more comaptible with USB floppy media
%include ""
    xor ax, ax                  ; DS=SS=0. Real mode code below doesn't use ES
    mov ds, ax
    mov ss, ax                  ; Stack at 0x0000:0x7c00 below bootloader
    mov sp, 0x7c00
    cld                         ; Set string instructions to use forward movement
    mov si, boot_init_msg       ; Print boot initialization message
    call print_string_rm
    cli                         ; Disable interrupts
    in al, 0x92
    or al, 2
    out 0x92, al                ; Enable A20 using Fast Method
    mov si, load_gdt_msg        ; Print loading GDT message
    call print_string_rm
    lgdt [gdtr]                 ; Load our GDT
    mov si, enter_pm_msg        ; Print protected mode message
    call print_string_rm
    mov eax, cr0
    or eax, 1
    mov cr0, eax                ; Set protected mode flag
    jmp CODE32_SEL:start32      ; FAR JMP to set CS
bits 32
    mov ax, DATA32_SEL          ; Setup the segment registers with data selector
    mov ds, ax
    mov es, ax
    mov fs, ax
    mov gs, ax
    mov ss, ax
    mov esp, 0x9c000            ; Set the stack to grow down from area under
                                ;     EBDA/Video memory
    xor eax, eax                ; Clear EAX for the instructions below
    mov al, [0x450]             ; Byte at address 0x450 = last BIOS column position
    mov [cur_col], eax          ; Copy to current column
    mov al, [0x451] ...

I have three tables(table, table2,table3). From table1 i want to return three rows: Title, Desc,time,'products' AS type

From table2 i want to return three rows: group_title, group_desc, created,'groups' AS type

From table3 i want to return three rows: name, occupation,birth,'users' AS type

  $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT * 
        (SELECT table1.title, table1.desc, table1.time,'products' AS type
        FROM table1 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5) AS T
        (SELECT table2.group_name,table2.group_desc,table2.created,'groups' AS type
        FROM tabl2 
        JOIN table1 ON = 
         ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5)
        (SELECT,table3.occupation,table3.birth,'users' AS type
        FROM table3
        JOIN  table1 ON =
        ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5)";

am using Ionic to push those three parameters of an Array to the next page so if i use AS and put the same name. I set a parameter AS type that i need so i can work different types. it has to be 'products' AS type for table1, 'groups' AS type for table2, users as type for table3 i want to separate the objects from each table.

It cant use AS the for the rest of the columns because i want to push the original columns

 (SELECT table1.title AS title, table1.desc AS desc, table1.time AS time
    FROM table1 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 5) AS T
    (SELECT table2.group_name AS title,table2.group_desc AS desc,table2.created AS time.....

If i do that it displays the object parameters ok e.g. {{item.title}}

but i can not push or navctrl the parameter as title it has to be group_name. I hope i made ...

e-commerce app development for your e-commerce website would be a good idea.There are many ready-made eCommerce mobile apps available which are sure to convert your eCommerce business into reality.

Hi all,
i have userid ,username,password
now i want login using this query how;
select username,password from tablename where userid=userid;

It's been a day so what I did was pop your title question into google. I think it's a wee bit more complicated than one file to change and as such may be best to research this with your title question on a google search.

I defer on a full dissertation and leave it at that.

  1. Paypal. Folk know it and use it.
  2. Amazon. With a high percentage of users in N.A. Folk will have a little more trust if you use this one.

As you appear to work for ifour, this means they seem to employ folk that can't dig into basic web concepts and as a company should be avoided.

Now maybe you were really trying to get your tagline and company some SEO love but I really want you to think about what you've done here. Your attempt to SEO or such can work against you and your company by posting low value content.

In HTML how to create a image as link

Hello eddiekudzayi,
There are many systems or platforms which are best in ecommerce.
For example: BigCommerce,Shopify,3dcart,WooCommerce,Volusion,Prestashop,Weebly,Squarespace,Magento,Wix.
Hope this will help you. For more information do comment.

example of how to use Math.PI:

you don't even need to import the java.lang.Math.* thing.

I'm looking now for a payment gateway and I have read a lot of information about that. And this article I like the most,
What do you think about it? And which payment gateway do you prefer more and why?

This is one of those things that should NEVER be done. Or taught. Why? Read from:

If an index file is missing in a folder, apache uses its own file/files to list the contents of the folder.

Since I don’t want to create an index file in every folder in the file systems, I wonder where I can find the file/files that apache uses when there is no index file.

You can...
import static java.lang.Math.PI; and refer to it as PI
don't use an import and refer to it as java.lang.Math.PI in your code.


how can we use math .pi without using impot java.lang.Math*;


I am new to jsp. I have created a simple login page. Now i want to save/retrieve the password in textfile. The following is my code to save the username and password. I have save one user and password. Now i want to append new users in the same file. Can anyone please suggest me how to append the new users login details in same file. Also i would like to save the password and display some otherpage on buttonclick.

BufferedWriter objWriter = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("/home/gayathri/eclipse-workspace/Simplelogin/WebContent/WEB-INF/file.txt"));
 objWriter.write(username + "#" + password );

Break it down.

Obviously four structs contained in an array or vector.

You'll need to open each file, skip the first junk line, parse each line into your struct, then cross reference and display the info as needed.

That site should be your go to bible. You should be able to pratically copy paste most of the info from that site in the example snippets and get what you need. Because you need very little.

Haven't programmed in a long time. Last project was a GCODE pathway generator I wrote several years back. My compiler is obviously several years out of date.
Uses time(), itoa(), rand(). Current standard compliant compilers should have , , , and to_string() in suppliment to those more deprecated functions.

This is a very simple, high speed method of generatinga alot of randomized junk data onto your drive. Make sure you have about 300MB of RAM available for the overhead. An older non-SSD might croak.

Useful for making old files unrecoverable by overwriting the old space on a drive. Doesn't go about overwriting any file tables, partitions, etc. Only where the file system allows it to dump the files by defualt. So it's fairly safe, since you're not completely rewriting the disk.

nvm, my keys already are smooth enough XD
I am dumb, this is a dumb post, I facepalmed myself.

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validation is working fine for me but i cant submit please help me
here is my php

yes, that is the problem

If you start to press the next key before you have fully released the previous one then the release will override the press. Maybe that's part of the problem???