if your target is worldwide, then provide an English version of the site: not only of the contents, but also of the links. See this for example:


which on the browser bar displays http://iraniantranslate.com/درباره-ما/, but if I use the browser option Copy link address then I get the encoded version which doesn't help to understand the meaning of the link. Also not all pages look complete.

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Sound advice

Google ignores the keywords meta tag since 2009 for ranking, so putting your keywords in their won't do anything already for a long time.

If you want to be found with for example 'web design jakarta' then you should include that phrase into you text on the page, in your meta title or in a heading. But your website is in Indonisian, so you might want to include the phrase in Indonisian (if there is one).

I do see you have these icons with English text (web design, web development, etc.) underneath, but this is an image which is useless for the google crawler or any screen reader unless you include better alt tag text then alt="AWS".
But preferably use real text for that in your HTML. Also because the text on that image is unreadable (way too small) on a phone.

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"I added meta tags." (Google) is now Schultz, "I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!"


Can you guys check this site: www.advance-web-studio.com

This is the site that I built. I am trying to make it the first 5 pages in google.com.

Browse using this key word: web design jakarta. I cannot even find it in the first 20 pages.

Well, I already type 9 seo meta keywords and register my site in google.com.

What other things that I missed ?

Thanks in advance.



I have a question: My web has an input box for seo. I wonder how long does google takes time for detecting my new update seo keyword?

For the first time registering a website in google usually takes 1 week correct? What about the seo update after registering? How long does it takes?


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Feel free to ask if you've any more questions, Happy to help :)