Guest posts

You’ll have probably heard the debate on whether or not you should be doing guest posting but as long as you approach it in the right way and follow white-hat techniques, they’re a great way to build links to your site.

Guest posts happen when you write an article and contact an editor with the hopes of them publishing it on their site. If their guidelines permit, you can include a link within the content back to your site.

It’s worth noting that your sole objective for guest posting shouldn’t be to gain backlinks. Editors and publishers can spot link-thirsty companies from a mile away, so your main reason for the article should be to provide their readers with some value.

How to get them

Whilst there has been some debate recently about the best way to approach guest posting, you should always find a niche website that specialises in the topic you’re wanting to talk about.

In order to get the best results from your guest post, ensure that the blog has a substantial audience and engaged social media pages. Make your article interesting, long-form and relevant for the best chances of it getting accepted and provide value to the existing readers of the blog.


I think you meant toxic or bad backlinks pointing to your website.
The process is called link detox. First step would be to conduct a backlink audit to know from where these bad links are coming from. The best tool I would recommend you to use Google webmaster Tools but there are many to do so.
After signup, go to your Google Webmaster account.
Select your site > Traffic > Links to Your Site > More > Download latest links > Export to .CSV or Google Docs
After you have these links you can contact those website owners and can ask to remove those backlinks.
Its a process and needs commitment and expertise. If you are not sure how to do it, you can hire it from freelancer, upwork or Yooker.com.

Yooker is micro-job marketplace specially for seo and has many people you can rely to do the backlink audit. It won't cost you to join the site, and after you find a suitable freelancer, you can assign them with your requirements. I would suggest you to hire some one with good customer feedback or similar experience. You are going to need paypal to pay after your toxic backlinks are being removed.

Hope this would help someone.


In fairness, that intro is all mixed up. The guy says that he is both 'an SEO expert' and 'I want to be an SEO expert' so, given that he's studying EEE at college/uni, I'm assuming the latter rather than the former. Whatever, it would still be useful to expand upon his own own ideas rather than just throw the questions out. Whaddya say Bivhab, what are your thoughts on website ranking?


Not just the content but the over all usability of a website has been among to top criteria in the new age SEO. Search engines, especially Google, check all the websites from user perspective. If your site is user friendly, you get rewarded a good rank on search engine.

Another important criteria is the mobile perspective. Recently Google confirmed that it would index the mobile version of each website. Any website which is not mobile friendly is likely to lose its rankings.

Off page activities have evolved as well. It is not just about link submissions anymore. You need to be smart enough to identify the right sites to submit links. Content marketing is getting important.


SEO marketing is essential to the success of your marketing campaign and your business. And yet, it is often overlooked by entrepreneurs. For some, it seems like a huge technical task that is beyond their grasp. Other entrepreneurs focus their promoting on social networks

Whether you outsource or do it yourself, follow these tactics to make the most of your SEO marketing

  1. Don’t skip the ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags on images.
  2. Keep your content up-to-date
  3. When looking for keywords consider long-tail keywords for your blog posts.
  4. Guest Blogging for SEO
  5. Use readable and meaningful URLs only
  6. Use the right keywords in your images
  7. Create & publish unique content consistently to improve your rankings.

SEO stands for search engine optimization it is an organic techniques to rank an websites on search engines by doing some online activities like social bookmarking, image submission, directory submission, classified submission, business listing, forum submission, blog posting etc.

You can easily create your seo friendly website by keeping some important measures on your mind.

  1. Website should have proper content (Proper and Unique Content)
  2. Optimizing Heading tags
  3. By Using Image seo tags(Alt Tags)
  4. Your website should be lighting fast.
  5. Website title and description should be relevant to the website content.
  6. Use proper javascript sparingly
  7. Make your website url should be user friendly.
  8. Website design should be accesible.
  9. Don't forget to add social media icons on your website.
  10. And last but not the least all content should be indexable.

I hope you will create your best and amazing seo friendly website by applying these methods.


Analytics is unquestionably the next big thing in technology. It finds usage in all fields of life and provides solutions designed for the digital age. Tracking your own website analytics is a necessity for companies as well as personal sites, to figure out their metrics of performance and determining what they need to do. Google Analytics, launched in 2005, offers monitoring and reporting of website performance simply by integrating its script onto your pages


Here’s how to do a search on Google to find .edu and .gov blogs to comment on for high-quality backlinks.

site:.edu inurl:blog comment WordPress
site:.gov inurl:blog comment WordPress

Another way to search for .edu and .gov sites would be the following

blog site:.gov blog site:.edu
suggest url site:.gov suggest url site:.edu
add url site:.gov add url site:.edu

Be niche specific; if your site’s about WordPress, try searching for

WordPress blog site:.edu

Try to getting backlinks from different language sites is helpful, because these websites usually have fewer outbound links, so you get full authority from them