Back links are very important for generating the good audience. Many sites can prove helpful for you to generate good audience. You can post on different SEO related forums and writing, blogging related forums. You can also post on social sites. Best method into right guest posts on different sites .it the best way to promote site and generate good audience. Besides all this first focus on your content. Write good content by self or with the help of some content generating sites like contentmart.com.


I agree with the above comments, Moz is very great to start.
Also want to add
Webmaster World
Search Engine Journal
Point Blank SEO Blog
Then start working on a website, or a couple of websites.
Experiment with them by changing the title tag, adding more content to some of the pages, reoptimizing.
As you work on them, keep an SEO Log and write down the changes that you make and the dates that you make them. Watch how it influences rankings. If you do this diligently you will learn more from this than any reading.
Install google analytics on these websites and become a student of the sources of traffic and the queries that people type in.


I think you're not starting it right. You don't need a list. You need good research skills for understanding which niche your website has, and then trying to find relevant websites that might link to you. Always remember, this is not an automated process. It requires hard working and research skills.

I will add bellow some links, which will guide you to build right links :)


Don't try to do something that is automated.

Good luck.


There are so many ways to hunt good websites for blogs to comment on. The only thing is that it takes time, but for the benefits of all of us, I hope you will find useful thing on the so-called "DropMyLink" tool. Free to sign up and start hunting good websites which is do-follow.



If you want your website to genreate business or achieve the business goal it is not enough to optimize the website technically for on page seo only by adding some seo elements. But you need to audit your website for all aspect like website design, marketing features, User interface and finally for seo. Check your website for:

  1. If your website design is attractive.
  2. If website is easy to use.
  3. If Website content is that user want to read.
  4. Proper use of CTA (call to action button) like Sign up, contact us, booking, call button.
  5. A blog section that have blogs that really helps to users in any way.
  6. On page SEO improvements : Audit your website through any online SEO tool. Like nibble seo tool or seo site checkup to find the missing seo elements. Fix the issues on the website and start to promote website on different website related to your industry.

I think it will really help you.



I have about 15,000 emails in google that were sent from a wordpress webform. I need to be able to extract data from that email and export to excel. Are there any suggestions? I have started using Parseur. But I need to be able to foward all 15,000 emails but Google is only allowing 100 per day. Also Parseur has a fee.