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Dani 1,857
Dani 1,857

Yes, breadcrumbs are important for Google to understand your site's navigation. They may also display your breadcrumbs within their SERPs. Use breadcrumb markup.

All browsers are good but I think Mozilla Firefox is a best and useful browser for SEO because it has many tools and add-ons that useful for SEO and very faster than other.

Dani 1,857

There’s thousands of them. Focus first on EAT. Everything else will follow.

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Absolutely it will benefit! Anything you can do to get Google to understand your content better is great. SEO is a combination of doing lots of different things. Just because you fall short in one place right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you can with other things.

Hello Guy's I m learning schema from schema . org but I have a doubt my website is new and not having good DA PA then it will be any benefit from schema to site like mine

Chrome is the best Web Browser around the globe with 62% popularity. It's been very long time I moved to Google Chrome and specially BETA Channel. While working on Chrome I've found some very useful SEO extensions which I want to share with you. Search Engine Optimization is very big topic.

What Qualifies As Artificial Intelligence?

Ranking on google's 1st page became difficult in recent days as the complexity of algorithm increases for search engines. You have to beat your competitors, a proper onpage and offpage link building helps your site rank in google search engines.

What are the important Google Rank Factors?

What is the use of submitting our ppt to the ppt submission sites?

SEO is not measured and done according to any browser. Might be the browser is to support the SEO tools.

Hi, Dani hope you will all fine. I have also noticed about Google Bert and due to this update of Google my own side ranking has been disturdbed.
I also worried about it.

Link building is a strategy that that gets web pages to link to each other by acquiring hyperlinks from other websites and apply them to your own site. It helps users navigate between different pages on the Internet. They also help search engines crawl between the pages on your website.

Include your main keyword in your page's title tag as well as other important places.
Write smart titles that will capture searchers attention and get more clicks.
Avoid meta tag truncation to increase CTR.
Promote your content in your meta description.
Give your content a priority.

End Google Analytics versus Adobe Analytics

You can pick both of them dependent on your hierarchical needs and usefulness. In the event that you are searching for essential and free highlights, Google Analytics is a superior alternative while on the off chance that you are intending to drive further into the business Adobe Analytics is the choice.

Include relevant and high volumed keywords in your blog.
An interesting title helps a lot.
Share your blog in social media.
Use LSI keywords in header tags.
Make your blog mobile responsive.

Web page seizing is a type of search engine record spamming. It is finished by creation a duplicate of a prevalent website which shows substance fundamentally the same as the first web pages. In any case, it diverts you to the web that is inconsequential to website. Web page capturing is goes under dark cap search engine optimization technique.

The very important on-page factors for a website are:
Meta tags
Header tags
canonical tags
sitemaps, robots.txt
content optimization
keyword analysis
Url structure
internal nd external links

Google Analytics is very popular and easy to use, and the best thing is, it is free. However, Adobe Analytics is a premium tool that can offer you deep analytics.

Because google ask about breadcrumbs in google webmaster of your website.

You can choose either of them based on your organizational needs and functionality. If you are looking for basic and free features, Google Analytics is a better option while if you are planning to drive deeper into the business Adobe Analytics is the option.

don't follow the colors. just work for Quality SEO.

SEO gives you organic traffic and also better user experience, builds brand awareness, higher conversion rates, visibility of your website.

my suggestion is first complete short term course and then read seo blogs regularly and watch seo forums. practical knowledge is too important so try to implement learned things in your site. through this way you can learn better. practical knowledge so important.

Dani 1,857

Any experience with Ahrefs or Moz? You have to pay for Moz but I believe it's the best out there.

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It's a colloquial term for how much power / influence a particular webpage has over the backlink portfolio of URLs it links out to.

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I'm confused by your question. Do you mean that Google is indexing a page on your site that doesn't exist? If so, as long as your server is correctly set to return an HTTP 404 error, Google will deindex the page.

Or do you mean that you have a webpage that is linking to another webpage that is broken? How can we help you in removing the link?

Dani 1,857

My question was directed at other site owners who have insight into their analytics. :)

BERT supposedly is a big update, yet it's not triggering as such via all the top SEO tools out there (Moz, etc.). However, there seems to be some more insight into that. Apparently BERT mostly affects long tail traffic (which of course is 90% of DaniWeb's traffic), while most SEO tools and small business websites out there typically just focus on short tail. That's why it's not noticable by most people. <sarcastic>Yay us.</sarcastic>