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Social Media's are good platforms for generate more traffic. Some social media strategy tips to you

  1. Be active in Social Media Sites
  2. Analyse your audience needs
  3. Do regular post
  4. Use unique relevent content in your post
    SEO Activities are also helps to drive more traffic
  5. Guest Blogging
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Article Submission

Black hat technique is used to improve page rankings but spamming is done. It is illegal practice and is not recommended. The results in this page are temporary and long term investment is not possible.
White hat technique is recommended as a part of good design. We can expect long term investment in white hat technique as the results last a long time.

  1. According to the location of the website: that is to say, locate the keywords of the website, so that others can find our website better.
  2. Update website content: the website needs to update some new contents every day, so as to improve user experience and search engines to capture more pages.
  3. Station anchor text: through the station anchor text to link the links between web pages, this can enhance the weight of long tail words.
  4. Link exchange: we need to constantly find some websites that share the same web site and have the same weight.
    5: External chain release: every day some external chain can be released to the website drainage. The premise is the high quality of the outer chain.

First of all, keep your content interesting and unique. This should pass through copyscape. Keep regularly update your website. There should be feed or tool to send website update top socila bookmarking website and subscriber. As well Link building with directory, similar blog or website and forum linking.