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For article submission you have select proper category according to your niche.
Unique content is needed.

It might be easier if you tell us what you have tried so far, that way people won't be telling you to do stuff that already isn't working for you.

Hello guys,
I am a service provider, but my sales is going down. Please suggest some method so that I can enhence my sales.

The main difference is the ease of deployment of Google Analytics compared to Adobe Analytics. In addition, Adobe Analytics has the concept of traffic variables, conversion variables which can be a difficult concept to fully grasp.

Social Media Optimization is the best Marketing Promotion tools. In Social Media FB Ads and Google Adwords are the best platform.

I used Magento and I have very great experience with that

If you want to make the quality backlinks then you need to article sharing websites.
So these are the best article sharing websites:

Guest Posting
Question & Answers
Buisness Listing

Rank Brain is a machine learning technique which helps google to monitor search result and show results on search engine.


Anchor Text defines the beginning and ending of the hypertest link, In seo this tag is used to determine the destination URL of the particular subject.

Just a litle update. The CSS for .col:last-child in the media query could be simplified to this:

.col:last-child {
    align-self: flex-end;

The need of ALT text is to define the description of the content of the file & this tag provide a text alternative for the search engine.

Best SEO tools are:
Webmaster tools
Google Analytics
Sitemap Generator
TAg Manager

CTR termed as Click Through Rate , it can be defined number of times an advertisemts click should be divided by number of ad is viewed.

Content should be unique,Error free, relevant information.

Improtance of SEo are
To promote your buisness at any search engine.
To increase the traffic, page rank.

Different hyperlinks for separate internet site pages can be created
Keywords and content this is used is information this is applicable to a internet site visitor
Inbound hyperlinks (links within a website) may be created. These can be useful if marketing thru a social media internet site.
Websites may be up to date frequently with relevant facts. These can take the shape of press releases, articles and / or blogs.

No,I do not agree..ya for ranking your site should be popular but for this you have to do SEO..You have to go through all SEO techniques then may be your thoughts get changed

Like I said it's not recommended to use position: absolute and its top and left properties set to percentages to layout elements such as your divs with the input elements. You get into trouble as you've noticed with the overlapping. Anyway don't use position absolute at all for these kind of things

As of in my example wher I've used flexbox to layout the divs, I would stack the divs on smaller screens on top of eachother by setting a flex-direction: column on the form element. And when the screen get's wide enough to layout the divs next to eachother I use a media query (on 500px in this case) to change and set a flex-direction: row on the form element.

So full CSS code would be then:

form {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;
    justify-content: center;

label, input {
    display: block;

.col:not(:last-child) {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

@media screen and (min-width: 500px) {

    form {
        flex-direction: row;

    .col:last-child {
        display: flex;
        align-items: flex-end;

    .col:not(:last-child) {
        margin: 0 5px 0;


I've updated the pen, so just resize the browser window to small to see the result.

All DIVs have top and left parameters. This is because, these DIVs are resiziable and moveable. After DIV size and position (left & top) are set, above html code is applied to newly created html page.

Your solution excellent and works without top and left position parameters. Can you suggest somthing that automatically reposition DIVs (with top & left positions) when browser is resized.

A successful link building strategy in 4 easy steps
Link building as part of your growth strategy
Step 1: Get to know your audience
Step 2: Make a list of websites that appeal to your desired audience.
Step 3: Write amazing content
Step 4: Match content to websites

It's not a real screen capture though. It seems to be an animated wireframe style. I found some results for similar things when Googling for UI wireframe animation, animated wireframe video, and build wireframe mockup video.

Here are some links I found that may help:


Hope this helps.

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You can get traffic through Article Submission if you make the backlinks High authority sites mean High DA PA websites.
Then you got the link juice.

You can improve traffic through SEO (search engine optimization). In SEO, we make the quality backlinks of your site and do the traffic throug organic serach and the social media optimization. Then you got traffic to your site.

In the field of digital marketing, every category has a own trend without any category can not improve any task. Therefore, Social Media Optimization and PPC (Pay Per Click) are the latest trend of digital marketing.

Search Engine Bot List

  • Bingbot
  • Slurp Bot
  • DuckDuckBot
  • Baiduspider
  • Yandex Bot
  • Sogou Spider
  • Exabot

That doesn't seem to be too special. Some video editor (what is and how to use all over the web.)

You screen capture what you are making a tutorial of (again, screen capture discussions are well done.)

Then those video snippets are pulled into your video editor, you add your voice and done. Once in a while someone thinks it's done all with one app. My son's college major was Film production so nope, anyone thinking they can avoid choosing and learning their tools is in for a rude awakening.

So I need to create a how-to video like this one, I dont know what they're called I tried a few terms on google but got nothing, if anyone knows do share. CREDITS: Biteable Thanks

In Sector of digital marketinglatest trend right now is artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms uses for conmtent optimization and internal link optimization, Google adword being considered AI algorithms. In search engine optimization activites will workaccording to the google updates will work accordinly. If i Talking about Activites of on page and off page activites not enough changes in submissions and Bookmarking, Articles, blogs, press releases.

In Search Engine optimization all three things are important for the gaining the traffic. i.e. Blogs, Aritcle and Press realeses. Here i mentioned difference among theses three things.
Blog is the domain like a website which customize the domain name own basis and we can affix the image accordingly, we can choose the featued image in blogs. In term of article we can not choose the domain name of the article, article does not approve the image a lot of more. we can upload the content on a article websites. In terms of Press releases We can not use hyperlinks and images in particuler press releases would not even uploaded in the press releases