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There's no way to do this only with HTML & CSS. You'll need to throw some JS into the mix. There are loads of plugins (jQuery or pure JS) that you can find with a Google search.
Here's for example one made with pure JS. It's a modern one which is therefore also responsive and it has touch support.

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You supplied your example. It looks to me to be exactly this:

Seems you have a match.

How do you make the whole image with black transperent and the selected part has no opacity?

I am working on an image cropper. And I am on the first stages. I want to know how to create the the two divs over the image, one is transperent while the other acts as a mask.

Can this be done with CSS? Or should I consider jQuery?

This is what I want to accomplish ...


I just want to know how to create this overlay image feature.

Somebody help me. I have plan cricket scoreboard project. So I need to know for how to fetch cricket score board to mysql database automatically for customization using php.

I don't think I can add a lot to the technology discussion, but maybe this will help put the task in perspective.

VistaPrint trades under the market symbol CMPR

It is a multi-billion dollar company with numerous subsidiaries and international reach. The key executives make more than $8,000,000 per year, on revenues over $2,5 billion. They have 10,000+ employees. They will crush you like a cockroach if you, even accidentally, infringe their patents. Recommend you respectfully decline this one.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for adding that. I find many (newbies) disregard patent and copyright law. Using their site as a template would be a bad idea. +15

That's a tough question as for each extension there could be a license duration. Also if the extension relies on import or code from some cloud you don't know how long that access will be granted. So for each extension you have to know how it works and the agreement in order to ask this question.

Can I use the extensions forever or one year?

Try asking to a freelance web developer at "upwork". There is incredible people doing anything on the web, for cheap. Many developers are from Bangladesh or India, their fares are low. Or search "online printing" in the marketplace of "warriorforum". Or there are many customizable wordpress themes, pick one of them and ask a freelance to customize it. Finally check ready made websites at "mobirise" or at the bootstrap 4 website. Good luck

Hi fellas,

I hope my first message here comes across more helpful than bothering.

I’ve recently launched a WordPress backup plugin - WPvivid Backup/Restore. It contains pretty all basic features that you’ll need to backup/restore you site and is fairly easy to use. And most important, it’s completely free(free update and support).

I made it because I realized that there’s still a growing need for the easier and more affordable backup solutions in WordPress community, we hope our plugin can give people a hand.

Please check it out at WordPress’ plugin repository:

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Please, don't worry. You need to think clearly and getting worried is the first step to fail.
Take a little time to talk with him and clarify the requirements, ask him about what the functionalities he would like to have in the website.
But, about the implementation of the project, you could suggest him to start with something simple, using vista print or rock design which are pretty complex tools with a lot of functionalities as the final achievement.
Finally answering your question, Wordpress with some plugins like WooCommerce would be a good start.

I don't know what you didn't understand in that sentence. But in short you try the SQL change manually. It's best to use the SQL submission string you created in your code. So you use a debugger or just echo that string to a file for you to pick up later.

Thanks for your insight. No error message is displayed. I opened php.ini to ascertain that error_reporting is set to E_ALL, set display_errors to ON, and output_buffering is set to OFF, and those are the settings I found there. I've checked the database table row manuanally and the update didn't take place.

Sorry, I don't understand what you meant by saying:

They log the SQL submission string for the change then try it by hand if they don't see a syntax error.

Welcome aboard EVOdev. As the Rev says, pick the right place for your questions, but other than that my advice is to not feel worried about asking 'stupid' questions because truth be told there are only stupid answers :-) Everyone here was a newbie in their area of expertise at one stage, and everyone here is happy to help others starting on their path...

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But it's better if you post in an approprite section. For example, programming questions should be asked in the programming section, etc.

Dani 1,700

You can post in our Community Center :)

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Hi! Yes lots and lots of google searching lol. I was looking for a good place for guidance on beginning my new endevour without being critisized for beiing so far behind so many others.

someone , i forgot who mentioned your site. ill def poke around and see what i find in here.

btw sorry i posted this there perhaps a newbie area? or do you just post and coding questions ect?

thanks for the welcome

Dani 1,700

Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb! You’re definitely in the right place. :)thanks for joining. May I ask how you found out about us?

Hi everyone, new to the message board. I saw online that this is a good place for info. Im currently new to the web dev scene. I started coding and am looking for relavant info and such regarding anything i need to know. Currently working on CSS, been taking awhile due to my full time job. Just wanted to make sure im in the right place!

never mind, I got it, it was I needed:
<?php echo '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'. base64_encode($image) .'" width="200" height="200"/>';?>

Hi All,

My first post in a LONG time (got a prompt from admin).

I have a fully working ASP.Net website that handles dimensions in metric.
The customer now wants to extend the website to allow Americans to use it using imperial measurements!!!?? (Yes, I have tried to talk them out of it!).

I think the way to do this would be to keep everything in metric as far as possible and convert to imperial (feet & inches instead of metres) on the fly.
So, when displaying the values I convert from metres to feet/inches
After accepting input I convert to metres and store as usual (in metres)

I display results in a FormView with

<%#Eval("Width", "{0:n3} m")%>

I get input in the FormView with

                            <asp:TextBox id="txtWidth" Text='<%# Bind("Width") %>' Width="50px" Runat="server" />m

So the question is how do I do it?

Any suggestions/alternative approaches welcome


I advise you to check the speed of loading pages on your site using this tool This will allow to detect individual problems that could cause a slow download speed of the site. There is also a tool that shows the packets following from user to server, check this indicator.

Java is more promising in all directions.

I'm using the free website builder Mobirise application. Is it possible to remove all the links to Mobirise from the code? It's really annoying. I don't want to do it manually.


When I was trying to create the IT Request Form and testing it out, I got some problems during the testing.

The home page (index.blade.php) ended up getting an error called "Undefined offset: 1", maybe due to the table database problem.


The checkboxes in the Request Form (requestForm.blade.php) should not be all checked, instead the user has to select a checkbox option.


Is there a way to fix the form?

My IT Request Form project:

*Please note that the data I entered when testing is fictional (not real).

Tun712. This whole project sounds like a nightmare. One you should decline, in my opinion. A three month job for a highly experienced one man band is very ambitious. Also for this type of work with a custom built interactive shop, I would expect a fee in excess of £15k. If I was a serious company wanting this type of functionality, I would not be trying to recruit an inexperienced programmer. This is not a trivial site. You may find third party software that has some of this functionality, either paid-for or free, but even then the testing and implementation can take weeks

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In case no one sees what's going on my web master does the following when that happens. They log the SQL submission string for the change then try it by hand if they don't see a syntax error. Also, they check the SQL database manually to see if the update took but the result isn't displayed.

Let's be clear here. You want to create something like ?
Also, this site isn't about "gimme the code." You share where you are stuck such as "foo is undefined at line 42" and share what line 42 is and members may troubleshoot that. This site is also about many other things but your post has no question and sounds like a gimme the code/solution post.

I would like help with creating a form that when submitted, creates a webpage which is able to be edited by whomever submits the form; I would also like this url/link to be added to a database.